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‘In Rainbows’ takes lead in the charts

Radiohead’s In Rainbows is leading the first albums market of 2008 in the UK. In the most recent updates of the charts the album is only experiencing a narrow lead over Take That’s Beautiful World.

Music Week reports that ‘In Rainbows’ is presently around 4,000 sales ahead of the Take That album following its Monday (December 31) physical release, according to newly-issued retail figures. If ‘In Rainbows’ does finish at number one by week’s end, it will be the Oxford band’s fifth UK albums chart-topper this Sunday. In what is traditionally a very quiet time of year for new releases, ‘In Rainbows’ is poised to be the only brand new entry to the Top 75 this weekend, although several albums will make sharp chart gains in and around the Top 20. In the US ‘In Rainbows’ debuts prematurely due to street date violations at No. 157, with 9,000 copies sold, according to Billboard, which was released a day later (January 1).

Online retailers have the new Radiohead on top of all the charts. ‘In Rainbows’ tops the overall music categories at, and Radiohead’s seventh album is also number 1 at the French version of the store, 2nd at the German, 26th in Japan and not to be found in the Chinese Amazon store.

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  • take that lol hope they beaat that poor excuse of a band


  • of course.

  • When music and is to envoke a response from its listener, its hard to knock the fact that this band STILL wants to bring their souls to the strings and their fans to the Heavens. Thank you for showing me the beautiful angels up here Radiohead.

  • Bias aside~

    I can’t think of a more deserving band that not only does what it does for music, but this band actually gives a shit about the condition of the earth and the crazies running around in it. Good for them.

  • my fucking local record shop didn’t have it on sale yet, 🙁 , the clerk actually made fun of me for coming in on the 1st, if it wasnt so early in the morning i would have kicked his ass

  • @ imatumbler

    I hope you responded by pointing out the fact that he’s a clerk at a record shop.

    (Not to mention, what kind of record shop doesn’t carry the new album of one of the biggest bands in the world?! What a joke.)

  • Mmmm.Such a perfect conclusion to a perect band making the biggest comeback ever. How I love them…

  • I keep hearing “…and Radiohead in the music section” through the loudspeakers every time I go in Barnes & Noble!

  • Go Radiohead, Go! … Particularly in the US, where it seems there’s a lot of going still to be done.

  • well if the US itunes says anything, i think radiohead will somehow be on top of the charts

  • Radiohead is too good for Communism. Stupid China.

  • Gosh, Radiohead’s new release is slightly outselling a Take That album that has been available since __2006__.

    What’s it sold – 3 copies?

  • hey like you said its outselling. This message board is for fans who the fuck are you? Go put some rocks in your pockets and jump in a canal.

  • Good Karma…

    Radiohead willingly gave their album away for free – as we all know. They deserve the strong sales. Just goes to show: You DO indeed get back what you give!

    Good on you all!

  • Let me just say that my Discbox finally arrived and it’s INCREDIBLE!

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