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Radiohead reveal cities for North American tour

Radiohead have revealed the cities the band will play on their North American tour.

As reported earlier, Radiohead have indicated to start their tour in May this year with the first dates in North America. Dates and venues are still to be confirmed. The tour will take place in two segments, one prior to and one following the recently announced summer tour of the UK and Europe.

In the meantime Michael Eavis confirmed that Radiohead will not be making an appearance at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

But here are the cities in the USA and Canda in alphabetical order:

Los Angeles
New York
San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Barbara
St Louis
Washington DC

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  • Amazing! *stakes out tickets page*

  • what about fuckin South America????????????????????

  • i am sure south america will come, that’s why the ticket sales haven’t come up, i am thinking since they are splitting up North America before and after the European tour, South America will probably be in August…they will keep their word i am sure..

    but thank god they are going to CHARLOTTE BABY!!! yayayayay

  • Where the fuck is canda!? lol

  • Woohoo! They’re coming to Dallas!

  • WOOHOO San Francisco!

  • And Detroit gets screwed again… thanks a lot guys.

  • Seattle!!!!

    Thank you guys!

  • Aww… no Ottawa.


    … Ah well, I’ll just have to make the 2-hour drive to MTL. I hate Ottawa anyway.

  • Thank you Radiohead for coming to Indianapolis!!!!
    Dream Come True!!!!

  • Anyone have any guesses on ticket prices? I’ve never seen the band live before…

  • When will these go on sale?

  • the radiohead tour anxiety has
    officially begun…

  • miami and tampa ?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    uffff – i can ‘t believe that – a miracle happened in my life hahaha i ll be both places of course !!!!!!

    such nice great fantastic news !!!!

  • Too bad they never come to Edmonton or Calgary anymore. Hopefully I can see them in Toronto cause planning to take a trip there this summer anyway. 🙂

  • Where the fuck is the Colorado Dates?

  • bonnaroo??

    hmm i wonder…

  • TAMPA!!!!!!!!

  • think they’ll do 2 or more nights in each city??

    tix soon please!!!

  • So much for Denver and the entire Mountain Time zone. Looks like I’ll have to fly… I was hoping to not use so much fossil fuel to go see them this time around.

  • MIAMI, YES! 🙂

  • yayyyyyyy!! washington DC baby!!!

  • WTF they skip the rockies. RETARDED. Im gonna have to travel really far.. ARG. im so pissed


  • YAY SAN DIEGO!!! WHEEEEE!!! I screamed when I saw that!

  • Chicago!

    they better come for two dates

  • Tampa, yes!
    And the dates?

  • that seems like an awful lot of cities to be hitting, esp. if they play 2 shows at each place… where is this info from? couldnt find anything on das…

  • ATLANTA!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY

  • They won’t play 2 shows at each place. May has only 31 days.

  • new york city!!!!! (just cause no one has mentioned over here yet)


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  • Canada is spelt wrong

  • what about coachella?

  • Good Stuff




    See ya in Seattle!
    (I have been waiting for this forever, it feels like! It’s been too long! I AM SO EXCITED OMG)

  • Toronto Toronto

  • seattle again! hopefully not in white river, the key arena nor the expo center (not sure where that would be)…

  • AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • what about Portland??

  • TORONTO!!! MONTREAL!!! TORONTO!!! TORONTO!!! TORONTO!!! I may even try to make a trip over the border and go to the New York show. If my credit card will allow it… lol… God I hope I can get tickets. Ah well… Always ebay… God I hope not. Yeay!!!!!!!

  • Dallas 10 years later no more Houston trips


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  • so does that mean they’re doing each city before and after the euro tour, or splitting them up? probably splitting them up right?

  • Montréal baby… Can’t wait!

  • Tampa and Miami! OMG

  • i know we’re always last on tour schedules and bla bla….
    but please, in the next few weeks RADIOHEAD – please announce an Australia tour!!!! it would make waiting for even a year so much better!!!

  • No Red Rocks?!?!?!?!!!?!!!

  • OH MY GOD TORONTO!!!!! I hope the tix arent toooooo expensive


  • Cleveland and Indy here I come!!!
    Very pleased about Indy because it’s a straight shot down I-70 from me (Columbus, OH) and just close enough not to have to incur any overnight expenses. W00T!

  • HOLY SHIT, Miami and Tampa. see you at both shows!

  • is not fair, they will be bored by the time they
    visit other countries 🙁

  • This is the best thing I’ve heard in months. VANCOUVER!!!!! So bloody awesome. The last time I saw ’em there, was the best night of my life.

    I wouldn’t count on Bonnaroo, as they’ll be in Spain and France then (shit!).

  • That’s a crap list of cities. I am in Denver and am really bummed they’re not coming here. We haven’t seen them since 2003. Makes it worse that they’re repeating cities that got to see them on the mini tour. And Santa Barbara? Are you kidding me?

  • what about the middle east? cairo, beirut or dubai. come on radiohead, you’ve got tons of fans here!

  • Seeing them in Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, and Cleveland this year. Cant fucking wait!!!!

    Congrats to JG on this Critics Choice Award.

  • Who the fuck is knocking on Santa Barbara? That is a beautiful place.

  • You’re right ‘anonymous’, it IS beautiful. And all 150 people that live there can get tickets.

  • It’s only like two hours from LA. I have to fly to see them but the LA people can drive to San Diego and Santa Barbara and see em three times this tour. So much for cutting down on emissions.

  • I hope they include Mexico City too…

  • i’m starting to think they’re not going
    to come to australia… but i’m still
    clinging blindly to the hope they do!

  • denver why no denver instead they go to dallas AND houston

  • Let’s hope it’s an list that is still in progress. It seems fairly short. It’s been 5 years since thier last true tour. This seems more like their mintour than a full fledged north american tour.

  • VANCOUVER!!!!!

  • wowzers. im goin nuts here…

  • Fuck yeah Atlanta!!!!! This is the day I have been waiting for since that wonderful summer evening in the fields of Manchester back in 2006.

  • Hawaii? You guys are going to play inrainbows right? Well…..

  • ERRATUM: Canada is written with THR33 As. Please and thank you!

  • I think it’s pretty lame how they have multiple shows in some states and yet here I am in Minnesota, and the closest place is Chicago. WTF? The tour planner needs to be fired.

  • Please, please, please DO NOT make those Chicago dates coincide with Lollapalooza. Oh god, anything – ANYTHING but that.

  • i’m not sure why it’s so hard for people to drive/carpool/travel to see their “favorite” band. quit bitching, people like Marc

  • PLEASE don’t play lollapalooza. or the united center.

    PLEASE play at a real music venue in chicago.

  • where did this info come from? i’m confused….

  • Montreal show will take on august.

    (in french)

  • For those of you complaining about Santa Barbara well they’re playing there because they know what a great venue it is…I just hope I have a snowballs chance in Hell of getting tickets!

  • Source? Source? Source? BESIDES this website?

    Come to the mountains in Utah..or anywhere close. Or anywhere with mountains or touches a state that has them. CO, AZ, Vegas?? Where are these shows!?!?!

  • Does Radiohead realise how big Phoenix is? It is now the 4th largest city in the country! And what about Denver & Minneapolis? All three of these cities are bigger than Santa Barbara last time I checked, and California already has 3 other shows.

  • For those of us about to rock in Indianapolis; Radiohead, WE SALUTE YOU!!!!

  • The thing is MAC is that you can drive yourself to LA in about two hours to see them there. I have to spend a few hundred dollars plus hotel to see them. They were in CA enough during the mini-tour. Do LA and San Diego and then add a show in Colorado or Utah. It would be like doing a show in Denver but then also Aspen. It’s nice there but doesn’t make alot of logistical sense.

  • what is the source of this?

  • What about Minneapolis?!?!

  • So glad St. Louis is on there. Please do come.

  • How hard is it to get Radiohead tickets?

    Yay for L.A.

  • I hope they play the county bowl in Santa Barbara. Awesome venue.

  • They should play in Costa Rica, but as we all know , they wont come here, so pleeaaseeee go to mexico, at least its a short flight for all of us forgotten CentraL “Americans”

  • YEAH YEAH YEAH toronto =)

  • Play Lollapalooza! It’ll be great and we’ll get tickets for a change.

  • come to calgary, alberta

  • I hope they come to New Zealand…

  • What a bummer no Colorado dates. I’ve seen Tool 4 times in the last year here…now that’s a band that cares for it’s fan base. When they know there will be 5+ years in between releases (and tours) they try to get to as many places as possible.

  • Yippee Vancouver! But when?

  • No Minnneapolis AGAIN!

    Last time they were here was for OK Computer.

  • *sigh*
    Skipping Phoenix Arizona, the 5th largest city in the states; of course the other top 4 have tour dates.
    Which means all of us in Arizona have to drive to one of the FOUR shows in California. Once again, I’ll have to drive to Cali just to see the band I love.

  • oh… and lets not forget the cursed scalpers who charge an arm and a leg for nosebleeds.

  • i agree with you david, i am from denver too so maybe i a biased, but three shows between san diego, la and santa barara is really excessive. so i’m trying to decide if i want to drive all the way to lovely st. louis (carbon footprint the bad is talkin about) or buy a plane ticket to visit friends elsewhere in the country where they will be. and i don’t a city’s venues mattered much, or they’d be coming to red rocks.

  • I’m still pissed that they’re not playing anywhere in the upper north. I guess it’s now just a decision of where I want to take my mini vacation since I’m gonna have to gly regardless. Looks like their whole “carbon footprint” reduction thing failed miserably.

  • haha i love the radiohead buzz at the start of a tour,only the greatest band in the world could provoke such a response.

    wellll…….have me two tickets to the Dublin dates…plus i can get to the venue by train!

    **like me thom,please like me**

  • I assume that’s probably Vancouver, Canada, and not Washington (which is right across the border from Portland)? If not, there’s no where close to where I live. 🙁

  • Is it true about Coachella?

  • Please bring Video cameras for Youtube!Please bring Video cameras for Youtube!Please bring Video cameras for Youtube!Please bring Video cameras for Youtube!Please bring Video cameras for Youtube! FREE CONCERTS!!!

  • Thank god… I’ll be hitting up a few of these!!!!!

    No Calgary though… a shame, I thought they may actually come this time around seeing as we are ever a million… the third largest city in Canada (not metro, give me a break Vancouver and Ottawa… lol).

  • yeeeeeeesss!!! TAMPA AND MIAMI!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

  • Get over the fact that your city isnt on there. They could play in any city and sell out. Why not go to louisville? It doesnt matter. South America, get over it. They will come. The US states are the size of some countries. It is a lot of people and a lot of ground to cover. It has a lot to do with travel, venue size, etc. Get over it. Enjoy the fact they are coming. Start saving and make it out.

  • Indianapolis, Tampa, and Charlotte, NC
    over Minneapolis!! Is this some kind of
    a joke? Seriously, the Minneapolis area
    is a lot bigger and has a far better
    music scene. How many radio stations in
    Charlotte have been giving the new
    Radiohead air time? They’ve been
    getting plenty in Minneapolis (89.3 the
    Current) and for what?

    I’m officially giving up on Radiohead.
    F**k em.


  • well no az on there but if anyone from here would like to rideshare to socal.. then hit me up..

  • be graceful or see them on youtube, boys.

  • Indianapolis has nearly twice the population of Minneapolis and Saint Paul combined, TwinCities, and it has a great music scene.

    Sorry you got the shaft, though.

  • I’m so pumped about this. Yeah, truly though, if they’re not playing in your city/state/province, well, you’re not alone. They’re not gonna play everywhere. Though I agree with some others, they’re coverage isn’t all that even. Just save up and make it happen, it’ll be better than anything else you spend your money on this year! Remember too that they only specific, good-sounding (often outdoor) venues – seldom do they play arenas. Having said that, I’m also surprised they’re not doing Red Rocks.

    I hope to see them in Vancouver and Montréal!

  • wheres the love for SC? looks like ill be having a roadtrip to atlanta or charlotte… depending on which one i can get tickets for

  • Um, Minneapolis?

  • Wuh duh fuh? I thought they were coming to Miami but they’re just coming to West Palm Beach?

  • This is so dumb. For real, the ROCKY MOUNTAIN AREA (which they’ve played at twice before) gets the shaft, yet they go to four different places in California and stick to only clusters of big areas on the east coast as well. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS? Red Rocks is just as good as those venues and something that could easily sell VERY well. Denver’s the only major city (it has a MUCH bigger population than Salt Lake City)until about Phoenix or Albequerque, yet we’re no less than 12 hours away from any venue that has been chosen to be played at. WHY CAN’T RADIOHEAD SEE THIS? I’m just praying that after this official big tour they’re gonna have a series of one-off shows that aren’t completely away from a good chunk of their fans up my alley.

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  • Red Rocks please!!!!!!!

  • Eh, I suppose it’s not really that big of a deal anymore. It would have been killer to see them at Red Rocks but oh well if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. My only regret is not jumping at the chance to see them anywhere in the U.S. and now I really can’t do that. Really your show needed to be spread out more but that’s ok, I still heart you guys! Just get a better manager next tour haha!

  • Indianapolis has nearly twice the population of Minneapolis and Saint Paul combined, TwinCities, and it has a great music scene.
    – Tom
    What are you talking about? The city of Indianapolis has a population of almost 800,000 and a metro area population of 1.7 million. Minneapolis-St. Paul combined is well over 600,000 and has a metropolitan area of over 3 million. So no, it doesn’t make any sense that Radiohead is skipping an area that is twice the size or larger than some of those announced.

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