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Radiohead hits US chart at number 1

Following the number 1 position in the UK and many other countries, Radiohead has moved up to the number one position in the USA as well.

The band’s seventh album ‘In Rainbows’ actually debuted at number 156 last week after many stores sold the album before the release date (January 1st).

According to Nielsen SoundScan ‘In Raibows’Β  sold 122,000 copies in the USA, while Radiohead’s previous album sold 300,000 copies in the first week.

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  • Man . . . thats insane. I saw “In Rainbows” at Starbucks the other day and just laughed. Its just all a bit insane.

  • oh yeah!!!!

    glad they did good when no one thought they would

  • all is right with the world. sort of. πŸ™‚

  • and it was given away FOR FREE.

    this proves everything – everyone knows the majors are in trouble because they release shit music. they blame it on piracy.

    you can’t even argue with it now.

  • where is my discbox ? πŸ™

  • Hey TripF you hit the nail on the head. Cant wait for this summers tour!!

  • Wow. It’s amazing how many people know Radiohead’s name now everywhere. Crazy. And is plastered with all of these ads. Love the Radiohead.

  • Congrats boys.

  • I’m very happy for the lads.They probably don’t care much about chart placings though.Still,take that record industry!A great album at number one.?When was the last time that happened?

  • I live in Oxford and have just seen Thom and Jonny enjoying what must be a elebratory meal with their espective wives. Very low key-very Radiohead.

    Bless ’em.


  • no one deserves it more than radiohead.
    thank you so much for everything.

  • All there’s left is to stay there for, like, twenty weeks until everybody in the world gets a copy of In Rainbows.

  • great news – these are truly high times for Radiohead, I hope they stay at the top for more than 1 week, this album deserves to do better than Kid A

  • Hey man, you might want to change In Raibows’ into “In Rainbows”. missing the letter n. But it’s all good…cause Radiohead’s number one! Huyah!

  • I’m a little upset that stores sold it
    before its release date. But I’m still
    really happy for my boys. πŸ™‚ I can’t
    wait to see them in San Diego and L.A.

  • Can anyone tell me why it was on shelves before 1 Jan? Is that even allowed?

  • wher is my dscbx? πŸ™

  • Love the album and the EP, but i like d it when not many knew of radiohead.. i just hope this doesn’t make them overplayed on the radio.. like all those other shit bands.

  • Why would you be upset that people got it early?
    You do realize that Radiohead was the only big thing released on 1/1 and they sold half as many In Rainbows as HTTT in the first week???

  • OKC-like sales will still never happen, sadly.

  • @NSFW I never said I was upset it was released early in some stores. I just wondered why and if it was allowed as its a very irregular practice. I really dont care how or wen fans got hold of it.

  • 122,000 doesn’t seem like a lot.
    But keep in mind…

    This album was given away, for FREE.
    And many people don’t buy physical albums.
    Billboard doesn’t take iTunes into account.

    If you add in downloads, discboxes, and physical cds, In Rainbows is probably close to 1.75 million

  • where is my discbox?:(

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