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‘Scotch_Mist’ broadcast on MTV2 UK

Radiohead’s new years webcast, Scotch_Mist is getting it’s UK TV premiere on MTV TWO this Sunday as part of a night devoted to the band.

The webcast features all songs from Radiohead’s 7th album ‘In Rainbows’. In the US, Current TV will rebroadcast the show tonight and tomorrow:
Friday 1/11/08 8PM EST / 5PM PST
Saturday 1/12/0810PM EST / 7PM PST.

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  • interesting..


  • Is this the third broadcast on Current TV?

  • It’s on The Wedge tonight on MuchMusic in Canada as well!

  • I need this. They better not take breaks

  • It’ll be on MTV2 Sunday 9pm (I guess UK time)

  • corpse

  • So I won’t be able to see this in the USA on MTV2? Damn. I hope someone rips a nice avi of this – nice hi-fi flac audio rips too.

  • please – PLEASE – make a nice vid from this so we all can burn it on DVD and save it to watch forever in High Quality as it is a High Quality show. Either that or the band should put this out on a DVD themselves and I will buy the discbox version of that as well…

  • Hi! There! I’m from POrtugal, and I receive via cable the MTV2 broadcasted in UK …. and I can’t see anything schedule on MTV2 about radiohead for tonight!!!… is it today? (Sunday?)
    If I found it, I won’t mind to do a dvd from it… but I can’t see anything!!!…

    By the way I still haven’t received my “In Rainbows discbox” and they continue sending me automatic answers to my e-mails… anyone knows a way to talk with waste about this? Thanks

    Rui from POrtugal


  • I am also from Portugal, and I also have not received my discbox (I ordered it on 11th December, and on the 13th December I received an email saying that my order had been shipped)

    So far, I haven’t seen a trace of the discbox, and I haven’t received any message from W.A.S.T.E since then…

    I think in a few days I will send a mail to WASTE, if the discbox doesn’t arrive. They have a mail address for inquiries and informations, if you check

    All I can do is assume that the discbox is being shipped by boat, to save shipping costs.
    I remember I had to wait more than 3 months from an order that came form Japan because it came by ship, not by airplane…

  • Hi! Bebio
    Funny we’re talking in English… I set more than 5 e-mails to WASTE! Finally they answered me, saying that they don’t understand what’s happening and that I have to wait 3 more weeks, then I should talk to them, for another discbox be sent to me …
    I’ve done my order one day after they had put it on sale … a friend of mine, also from POrtugal, ordered at the same time, and he received December 21th .. I guess my area mailman is a radiohead fan too … grrrrr…

    Rui from Portugal

    By the way … the “Scoth_Mist” aired las sunday… and it was amazing!!! 😉

  • What a great post. I love it!

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