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The Karma Police play ‘In Rainbows’ in NYC

Not only Wordless Music are paying tribute to Jonny Greenwood. For a full band tribute you can check out The Karma Police who will be doing another show in New York City this week. 

The band will play the BB King Blues Club this Friday (January 18), where you can expect a number of songs from Radiohead’s new album album ‘In Rainbows’ performed live.

BB King Blues Club is at 237 W. 42nd NY, NY 10036. Show starts at 11pm. A $5 pre-sale is available at the club’s website. Listen to some music at The Karma Police MySpace.

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  • The alternate Radiohead where Thom is the tallest.

  • haha!

  • They are coming to my city, Albany NY this thursday, I cant wait!

  • arrgh, i need some of that down here in LA.

  • That band sounds like shit.

  • yeah, utter shite.

  • If by shite you mean a band that isn’t Radiohead playign Radiohead songs then you are absolutely correct!!

    I think they sound pretty good. Cheers to anyone who appreciates the band’s music.

  • I’ll be attending the NYC show, just got tickets for my girl and I. I saw them in Syracuse, NY last year and was pleasantly surprised… their rendition of Exit Music gave me chills… not quite as much as the real deal, but hey for the ungodly amount of money I’m going to have to pay for a ticket this summer , if I can get one.. I’ll go and sing along to my Radiohead fav’s with these guys anyday……

  • I hope someone is gonna tape it and post it on the forum… 😀

    well… thats it !

  • I never understood the concept of tribute bands…especially those that perform whilst the band is still active and creative. They appreciate the music, but they also devalue it by covering songs etc.

  • I’ve seen these guys before at Lion’s Den and they are so f*cking special! They blew me and my friends away! Put on a killer performance of OK Computer and they sound remotely close to the real thing….Cheers to The Karma Police for bringing us Radiohead when we all need them most!

  • Hmm. Give me the real Radiohead. Where Thom is the shortest 🙂

  • people on here are funny. who cares how tall the singer is! its a tribute to radiohead’s music, not a tribute to thom’s height!

  • There’s a radiohead tribute band in Philadelphia called Meeting In The Aisle that f’ing sounds just like The real thing.

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