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Behind the scenes of Scotch_Mist webcast

RADIOHEAD MONTAGE FROM SCOTCH MISTAdam Buxton had posted some behind the scenes info and pictures from Radiohead’s latest webcast on his website. Adam helped Radiohead with their first 2007 webcast ‘Thumbs_Down’ and was also involved with the second one, ‘Scotch Mist‘.

Adam helped Garth with the webcast video for Nude filmed on a special camera that shoots 100 frames a second enabling you to slow the footage right down without losing quality. “We got each member of the band to thrash madly about as fast as they could for 7 second bursts. The stuff flying around in the final section is fake snow, which we chucked at the band to make it look festive. When I look at it now it looks more like there’s a chicken being brutally dispatched off camera but that’s still Christmassy in a way isn’t it? There’s not much to it but it’s kind of moving I think. Having said that, when you’ve got a song as lovely as Nude, you could pretty much film a hairy arse in slow motion and it would be moving. Maybe we’ll do that for the next webcast if I’m invited…

In between the songs are little bits of the band running towards the slo-mo camera away from a sign that says ‘Good Night’ with fireworks on it. This was actually what Garth hired the camera for in the first place. He had set up loads of fireworks around the sign so that the band would be running from a wall of fire and sparks as the sign lit up but unfortunately we got our timing wrong and the fireworks only went off after everyone had left the frame and the 7 second filming window was closed. Garth was gutted but it still looks good I reckon. His idea of the woolly hats being pulled off as they ran worked a treat. Here’s a montage of a few photos I took just before the fuses were lit. That’s producer/technical genius Nigel Godrich skulking in the back.

At some point I imagine they’ll put out a DVD of a lot of the webcast stuff, which I hope would also feature some of the unseen behind the scenes footage we shot as we went along. That’s pure conjecture but if anything more solid materialises I’ll let you know.”

Read more at Adam’s website.

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  • so that was what the feathery things were for…

  • I love this picture.
    Very funny guys.

    Look like group of burglars 😀

    Beautiful.As always.

  • 100 frames per second? It looks more like it’s shot on 1000 fps.

  • he did say 1000fps brenny

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