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Jonny Greenwood nominated for BAFTA

Jonny Greenwood has been nominated for a BAFTA. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts shortlisted the score for ‘There Will Be Blood’.

All nominees in the music category are: ‘American Gangster’ – Marc Streitenfeld,
‘Atonement’ – Dario Marianelli, ‘The Kite Runner’ – Alberto Iglesias, ‘There Will Be Blood’  – Jonny Greenwood and ‘La Vie En Rose’ – Christopher Gunning.

The awards ceremony will take place on February 10th.


  • u WIN that award jonny!!!!


  • Great movie and the music molds the film into what it is, AMAZING.

  • Jonny WILL win it.

  • And winner is:

    Jonny Greenwood for “There Will Be Blood”.

    Jonny looking very handsome and elegant in suit but so casual and cool.


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