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Radiohead play first gig at 93 Feet East

What had to be an instore performance at London’s Rough Trade East record store, turned into a Radiohead gig at 93 Feet East, where the band played ‘In Rainbows’ in full.

The police made the band move to nearby venue 93 Feet East, which has a bigger capacity. But due to the move, Radiohead started over two hours later at 22:20 hrs (UK time) with ’15 step’. Thom Yorke then probably realized what they got themselves into: ‘What a fucking day!’ and then the band played ‘Bodysnatchers’.

It looked liked the band were going to play ‘In Rainbows’ in full and so Thom already said: ‘Guess what’s next’… The band went on to play ‘Nude’, ‘Arpeggi’, ‘All I Need’, ‘Faust Arp’, ‘Reckoner’, ‘House Of Cards, Jigsaw Falling Into Place’ and ended with ‘Videotape’.

Thom came back for the encore to play ‘Up On The Ladder’, after which the full band joined to play ‘You and Whose Army?’, ‘The National Anthem’, ‘My Iron Lung’ and closed the set with ‘The Bends’.

NME have a series of photos online from last night’s show as well as some quotes from 93 Feet East Events Manager Sean Hitchings about the last minute venue switch.

Here are all the videos from 93 Feet East:

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  • This was supercool.

    Long live Radiohead!

  • Wish I was there. Although even having the webcast made me feel part of it. Thanks Radiohead for truly spoiling your fans! we are not worthy!

  • Holy crap. I was at 93 feet east a couple of months ago. I saw this in the paper on the way home and thought ‘nah… I’ll never make it in time.’ Now I wish I’d gone.

  • The performance is already available on

  • Radiohead… You’re my hero. Thank you YouTube for helping a retarded person like me not miss the concert.

  • here is the actual link to the video

  • wow. wish i was there =/

  • I was there but didn’t make it in, it was a bit odd in that it seemed as though they weren’t prepared for the numbers that would turn up, which seems a bit short-sighted to me. It was quite hellish outside the gig especially when we waited to see if the venue switch would result in more people being allowed in. Plus, I felt really sorry for all the fans who would have read the announcement whilst trapped in their office chairs and been unable to turn up until after 17:00, when there was no chance of getting in. All in all, I feel like it could have been far better organised, and that perhaps an online element should have been introduced (bar code passes printable by the first people to read the online announcement, for example) so that things like this don’t turn into the kind of frenzied mob scene we witnessed today – something I’m sure the band themselves don’t want to encourage. That said, it was a free gig so you can’t really ask for too much, and one must factor in my sour grapes at having missed out on the gig and waited around only to discover that they wouldn’t be broadcasting it outside the venue either.

  • The problem if you do an online thing is 500 people will sign up in .5 seconds and how many will actually show up or live in london is another question.
    They should just make an announcement, “capacity is 500 and if you are past this point yer not getting in unless someone just leaves” Of course no one leaves when they say that. Wonder how long after the announcement was made and the last person let in got into line.

  • they played “my iron lung” wow…

  • I was there. Waited 5 hours to get my wrist band (number 47 sweeeet).
    Then another 3 hours and a change of venue and people were getting a little annoyed. But the crowds around Rough Trade where massive (Im sure youll see pictures of that soon)
    People did start to get a little annoyed after 10 hours of queuing and not much information, but once inside and as soon as the band walked on everyone cheered up and enjoyed an amazing show.
    It was good to see the band having a laugh on the stage, especially during You and whose army when Thom was trying to “have a serious moment.” 😀

  • Well done Rob! Wish I could have left work this afternoon…

  • I was there! I didnt get a wristband along with 20 others, and we sat it out in the bar next door till they let us in through the back entrance, straight into reckoner!

  • Great performance, glad to see them going into the vault of great music at the end for all the fans. veiwed it on the webcast from the U.S. and cant wait to see them in Tampa, Alanta, and Charlotte.

  • “Thom Yorke then probably realized what they got themselves into” what they got themselves into wtf? what about all of us that waited for hours while they dithered about changing the venue i wish i hadnt bothered going i could have watched it in the comfort of my own home instead of waiting 6 hours to see them only to be turned away. No speakers no tv screens it was so badly orgainsed it was a joke i just hope the people that actually saw them had a good time they deserved it. The police and security were evil and a disgrace. After spending £51 to see them in victoria park they pull a trick like this so soon after tix went on sale? I never thought id see the day rh would cheat their fan like this -im bitterkly disapointed.

  • thom yorke is a wanker X

  • anon is CORRECT

  • To disappointed Anon: They could have pulled the whole gig after the police shut it down, it shows their fan dedication that they went through with another show. You should forgive the delays, it’s very hard to arrange a concert in another venue last minute.

    In that kind of ‘everything must change’ situation you have to take what they can give. I think they gave extremely well.

  • I wonder if they’ll webcast all their live shows on their next tour….

  • I’m moving to England.

  • Bottom line guys, you were very lucky.


  • Bottom line guys, you were very lucky.

  • I sympathize with those who were disappointed, but keep it in perspective. You love Radiohead, that’s why you went to stand out in the cold. Sorry you didn’t get in, but don’t take it out on the artists – they don’t owe us more than we’ve paid for (CDs, Concert Tickets, Tshirts, whatever)

    This concert, the Web casts, all of it is being paid for by Radiohead. Sure, the fans pay their way, but in the past four months this band has done more “free stuff” for their fans than just about anyone.

    For the record, although I’m not a big fan, the Grateful Dead were probably the all-time most generous band when it came to their fans, but Radiohead’s doing a good job online. If they keep it up with online album pre-releases, YouTube Web shows, and free concerts, maybe they’ll become “the Dead” of the internet age. I guess that makes us all “‘head heads.”

  • Yeah, I was there, and am very happy about it (no108!) – though we did have to wait about 9 hours outside it was absolutely worth it. 🙂 Excellent and intimate gig – and the band were in great spirits.

  • Bravo Oneman~ You never happy unsatisfied fans that bitch and complain piss an moan about how this band doesn’t do enough, give enough, put out records fast enough, can all get out their favorite spoon and eat my shit!!

    Just be happy they haven’t broke up or something you little complaining shits!!

  • a zip featuring mp3s of the entire show can be found here:

  • You can tell Thom is drunk during this gig.

  • I was there. It was incredible.
    Took some photos if anyone’s interested

  • well, i waited for more than 8 hrs, i ‘ get a fucking wrist band!!, but with a fake one, and i manage to get in, but from the pub to the gig area, i was kick out, with 3 other girls, i just felt like a left bride in the altar, crying rivers U_U

    but i still love you radiohead, is just that this days has been dificult to listen in rainbows.

  • […] up (surprise!) at Rough Trade East for Radiohead’s smallest gig in forever. So the popo had the band move find a slightly larger place and move the fun to 93 Feet East (name of the venue, not how far the […]

  • all hail radiohead!! vivement paris et nîmes en juin!!!!

    we love you so much! !!!!

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