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Radiohead’s BBC Radio 1 take over

Radiohead took over Zane Lowe’s show last on BBC Radio 1. Thom Yorke & Ed O’Brien were in the studio playing music for 2 hours. Jonny Greenwood & Phil Selway were called by Thom & Ed, asking if they wanted to say hello to anyone on National Radio.

Below is the tracklisting. Listen again to the show, right here.

MIA – ‘Paper Planes’ (XL)
The Bug – ‘Poison Dart’ (South Rawkus remix) (Ninja Tune)
Kings of Leon – ‘Charmer’ (Sony)
Sonic Youth – ‘Youth Against Fascism’ (DGC)
!!! – ‘Heart Of Hearts’ (Warp)
Modeselektor – ‘The Dark Side Of The Sun’ (BPitch)
Os Mutantes – ‘A Minha Menina’ (.)
Hottest Record In The World
Burial – ‘Archangel’ (Hyperdub)
Sugar Bear – ‘Dont Scandalize Me’ (Solid State)
Happy Mondays – ‘Wrote For Luck’ (Factory)

AFX – ‘Crying In Your Face’ (DGC)
Bass Clef – ‘Ballad of The Broken’ (.)
XTC – ‘Sgt Rock (Is Going To Help Me)’ (Virgin)
Holy F*** – ‘Lovely Allen’ (Young Turks)
Jorge Ben – ‘Umba-bara-uma’ (Philips)
Carl Craig – ‘Demented (Laurent Garnier Edit)’ (Planet E)

Phil and Jonny on the phone
Tomas Anderson – ‘Happy Happy’ (Bpitch)
The Damned – ‘New Rose’ (Stiff)
Asian Dub Foundation – ‘Naxalite’ (London)
Iron And Wine – ‘The Devil Never Sleeps’ (Sub Pop)
Konono No1 – ‘Lufuala Ndonga’ (Hyperdub)
Grizzly Bear – ‘He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)’ (Warp)

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  • Great show, its nice to see what inspires these guys.
    Sounds like they had fun.

  • Great show! They should do that more

  • $20 says that Grizzly Bear will be an opener for the upcoming tour.

  • two brasillian artists on the list, but they never played in here!!! Come on guys, come to BRAZIL!!!

  • I really enjoyed it! I went out today and bought Modeselektor’s second album. I’ve listened to it twice so far, and I think it’s great, so thanks for that, Thom! ; ) His contribution to the album actually makes for one of its best tracks. In my opinion, anyway.

  • Omg thank you, Thom. I’m totally obsessed with Burial, now!

  • No!!!!…please don’t convert to this overused small arial font….

  • nvm

  • […] end!  The sound and visuals on the webcast were amazing.  On Radio 1 on Thursday after the gig, Thom and Ed had a DJ set to replace Zane Lowe, and mentioned that the man in charge of this amazing webcast was none other […]

  • podcast only for UK users?…

    what a joke… where to download?

    Dales link doesnt seem to work?

  • Seriously… I am so glad that there is a website called AT EASE because I never get to the beginning of anything Radiohead does… I don’t sweat it… I just got to ATEASE.COM and get the information on my time… Thank you for the concert uplink at 93 FEET and thank you for the BBC radio cast. AT EASE I LOVE YOU.

  • They played XTC – a track off Black Sea! Pity it was Sgt Rock, though, but anyway…

  • I transcribed the show if anyone’s interested:

  • BLACK FLARES? went outta fashoin in the mid 70’s – Madchester was all about baggy, trousrs and otherwise – Loose fit etc etc etc…. God knows what club or planet you were on, but doesn’t sound like the Hacienda familiar to people who lived in the north…. greetings, junoxl5

  • “Omg thank you, Thom. I’m totally obsessed with Burial, now!”

    heehee same here. fun thing is that the song i listened to first, and love the most is in fact ‘Archangel’.

    just now i realise that mr yorkles has played it before on the webcast (i think), and now here


  • they also played “paradynamics” and “cacophony” by The Belief-Action Nexus, though unheard of they may be.


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  • Can you give a little insight to what you are saying here? I’m a little confused after reading.

  • These guys are most of the time dead on their political gambits. The Young Turks remain as a informatave view. I hope The Young Turks will continue be corageous enough to tell it like it is and oppose the GOP sponsored Fox Network conspiracy.

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