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Radiohead in Rolling Stone, Colin on 6music

Radiohead are in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Thom Yorke is on the cover of issue 1045.

The Rolling Stone issue is in US stores now with a story entitled ‘The Future According to Radiohead’. You can find an excerpt on the Rolling Stone website as well as new photos from the band. For behind the scene pictures, check Dead Air Space.

Colin Greenwood has been hiding from the radio appearances the past month. Thom Yorke and Ed O’Brien have done most radio appearances lately. But Colin will be co-hosting Marc Riley’s BBC 6Music show tomorrow (Thursday January 24). He’ll be picking some of his favourite Peel session tracks and joining Marc and Rob Hughes in the Parallel Universe. He’s also picked the live band for the evening, Clinic. The show’s on from 19:00 – 21:30 hrs.

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  • Wonder if Thom will laugh when he sees “The Fake Domestic Terror Threat” printed on his head.

  • yes Rita, and right next to his ear nonetheless. That is no coincidence either. I’ll have to read the article for further commentarty but know this: Rolling Stone Magazine, despite a few exceptions, has ceased to impress me of late; continuously surfing through advertisements and tabloidesque photojournalism is tiring. And their rating criteria for new releases is rather loose.

  • …they did, however, run a strong article with Springsteen and Arcade Fire’s Butler in December. Mainstream coverage of Radiohead, is, well, mainstream. Perhaps somewhere in this edition they can address the genius of disc 2. They should have put “Four Minute Warning” next to his ear. Or maybe use “Down is the New Up” as metaphor for our present societal trajectory

    The Belief-Action Nexus tries very

  • Oh wow. thom on the cover of rolling stone?!?

  • I screamed when I say this post.
    I ran out of my apartment and hounded my Barnes & Noble.
    Too bad the US is a day behind.
    I have to wait til tomorrow. Damn.
    I love Thom Yorke. A lot. 🙂

  • Its not “According to” its “Belongs to” you thick illiterate shitbag

  • finally!

  • except the actual article is labeled “the future according to radiohead”

    you thick illiterate shitbag

  • he looks kinda funny, doesn’t he?

  • he looks great.

  • congratulations to the best band ever.

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