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Audio and video from Radiohead at Later…

Radiohead performed at ‘Later…with Jools Holland‘. On the 200th episode of the BBC 2 show, the band performed ‘Bodysnatchers’, ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’ and ’15 Step’.

For the studio audience (not broadcast), the band played ‘House of Cards’, which means Radiohead decided not to play their current single ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’. Some of the band members were dancing, nodding and clapping along duing the performances of Mary J. Blige and Feist.

All mp3’s and videos form the show are available in the multimedia forum of the message board. A recording of Bodysnatchers can be found over at Here all the YouTube videos:


Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

15 Step

House Of Cards

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  • wicked! cool to see how they execute
    that sample manipulation bit in 15 step.

  • did anyone notice ed’s mistake on 15 step??

    no worries ed, very minor mistake but he recovered very well even with the camera in his face.

  • good recovery see 3m 12sec – 15step

  • I love Ed and Phil’s expressions during “Bodysnatchers” (about 3:55 and 3:56, respectively). Bloody brilliant!

  • Arpeggi sounds great!

    Nice work guys.

  • what mistake did ed make t?? it looked/sounded real good to me. arpeggi needs jonny on the keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit guys !

  • Flawless…suprised??

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  • This is what I hoped and expected Radiohead to do; which was to make albums and then go directly to the fans and let them inflate this idea that music can be almost free and still if the band has talent, continue to be on several live concerts and have people pay them because they are bringing in the audiences to sell their commercials. Thank you Radiohead for all the free talent and performances that the real fans get to AAW over you as you entertain us.

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  • how perfect! Theyrealy are incredble live! looking forward to seeing them again in Amsterdam the 1st of july!

  • i loved ed’s ‘must not get an erection’ face during feist.

  • Arpeggi! Simply great!

    All Hail Radiohead!!! 🙂

  • Best version of Arpeggi I’ve ever heard. Can’t stop listening to it again and again.

  • They are simply the greatest band in the world. We are lucky to have them.

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  • im amazed at how radiohead never ceases to amaze me

  • Farewell To Arms

    Well it’s been really nice not knowing you
    Thank God we never met
    A man for all seasons, well that’s a laff
    Cause you’re about as last season as they get

    Tilting at landfills in a climate of change
    You ain’t no Sancho Panza, this ain’t no home on the range
    With message board shallows and other such inconsequentials
    All shiny surface but lacking in the essentials

    So give a girl a mask and she’ll tell you the truth
    That cuts right through from the foundations to the roof
    Just so ahead of the game, I was here before I arrived
    And given the untimely paradox, it’s a miracle that I survived

    So how dare you cast aspersions on my upstanding character
    You’ve sunk so low that I just can’t find the right nomenclature
    To adequately describe the multiple dimensions of your spite
    So I’ll borrow a biro from Biffy Clyro, put pen to paper and write

    About how you bring to mind so much cheap TV science fiction
    Bleaks 7 and The Infernal Eternals, armed with your gloomy predictions
    With your fake plastic spaceship and your poor old hapless crew
    Cruising around all 9 levels of hell whilst taking in the view

    So how about this for a major corporeal shake up
    All smoke and mirrors and maybe some Maybelline make up
    I’m no more than a highly polished reflector, holding a looking glass up to you
    So if you don’t like what you see in me, then you’ll know exactly what to do

    And lucky for you that I’m not one for bearing grudges
    Or for letting foolish pride stand in the way
    So let’s turn the page and simply press erase
    Now is a present so come let’s seize the day

    Forgiveness is the highest form of Justice
    A basic requirement for balancing the scales
    And love and compassion for our friends and foes alike
    Provides the wind beneath our sails

    1emc 30/01/08


    ‘WATCH’ and ‘waits’ and others, at
    if you can’t get there, that’s because he puts blockers on me site, so try again later

  • Can’t wait 4 the tour!

  • hear that soldier groan “we’ll go at alone!”

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