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Glastonbury ’08 appearance still possible

In an interview with the BBC, Jonny Greenwood said that an appearance at Glastonbury might not be completely off the table just yet.

Jonny talked about their upcoming tour, saying “It’s like backpacking in enormous luxury, you get to be in a different city every day but without any of the effort of travelling,” while Thom told the BBC that he hates flying “with a passion”.

To date, Radiohead aren’t confirmed for any UK summer festivals, despite rumours that they’re being lined up to headline Reading and Leeds. Jonny says they might take in Glastonbury but only as fans.

He said: “We’re talking about probably going, whether we’ll play or do anything musical, I’ve no idea. Thom was there last year and really enjoyed seeing bands like Madness playing in the casino, so maybe we’ll do that this year.

“It’s a different thing, you’re providing a soundtrack for people having fun at a festival. It’s not a Radiohead concert and for that reason it can be great, it can be the best kind of show.”

Listen to BBC Radio 1 interview.

BBC 6 Music will be re-broadcasting the Radiohead documentary over the next two weeks. The 8 half hour episodes will be aired, 9.30pm – 10pm from Monday to Thursday, starting tonight.

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  • Okay. So, DO I have to register for the tickets? :(

  • please please please do glastonbury!

  • Not gonna happen, Eavis is after going for some rubbish bands.

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