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EMI to release Radiohead’s Greatest Hits

EMI are set to release a Radiohead Greatest Hits album to coincide with Radiohead’s upcoming tour. Radiohead’s former label seem determined to make some money from the band’s current activities.

When Radiohead announced the release of their ‘In Rainbows’ Discbox in December, EMI quickly followed with the release of the 7 albums (6 studio, 1 live) as a box set which included the albums as digipacks, download and USB-stick.

Now the tour is coming up (North American dates are expected to be announced next week), EMI have got another release up their sleeves; the long feared Greatest Hits album. Ed  O’Brien told Strombo [laughing]: “They’re planning to do a Greatest Hits for April, May to coincide with our tour. That’s an interesting one. We won’t be doing any promotion for that, obviously.”

In an interview with Analogue, Phil Selway quickly commented on a Greatest Hits album as well: “It’s well within their rights to do it. [sigh]. So we’ll have to see.”

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  • EMI are such fucking scumbags, it makes me crazy.

  • this is disgusting… it better be one really long album, consisting of many if not most of their songs…

  • You guys don’t get it, do you. Most probably they will release a double-CD compilation with b-sides, perhaps with some unreleased tracks – and a dvd with all the videos, perhaps with interviews the band’s comments. It will have to be a big deal out of it. The same thing they did with Blur or Massive Attack. This is a global record company and they’re know what they do.


  • money money money. With a name like Guy Hands, its fate that EMI would do something like this. Music is turning into a bad commodity. This sucks balls :/

  • oh well, have we heard much about that scam of a boxset, no,

    this’ll come out, then everyone will forget about it.

  • @ Kochas
    You’re very optimistic.
    A compilation with some unreleased tracks and interviews MIGHT be interesting, but that really isn’t likely to happen. All greatest hits compilations are aimed at people who are not avid/hardcore fans and who only want a sampler of the bands more popular work. Thus, it is not likely to have any rarities, but only the radio-friendly hits. EMI is only looking to make money. They are not aiming to satisfy Radiohead’s longtime hardcore fans. Don’t get your hopes up for anything special.

  • Reminds me of a song from many years ago. Here’s an excerpt:


    Unlimted edition
    With an unlimited supply
    That was the only reason
    We all had to say goodbye

  • guy’s hands are in his pants. asshole.

  • Fucking EMI.

  • radiohead fans are weird… isn’t the sole purpose of all record companies is to make money?

  • “(North American dates are expected to be announced next week)”

    Freaking hell yeeeeeeees!!!

  • I hate to be vulgar. But….

    EMI are being fucking children. 3 year olds to be precise. I understand that they want/need(EMI is dying, they’ve already had to sack thousands of their employers) to make money but this is just really being childish…… When I saw this I was absolutely outraged…. The whole project just reeks of buisness men with fine cigars laughing at radiohead who “dared” to leave their comfy little record deal. This is a fine message to all other artists that should ever dare to leave EMI that they have sold their soul to the devil and should they ever dream of leaving they will spit on the bands name and try and do whatever they can to ruin their reputation.


    Truely Disgusting.

    I propose a petition that must be signed by all radiohead fans worldwide. It might not do anything but we might as well try. I for one am not going to stand for this…

  • Omfg, whatta bunch ‘o twats. Fuck EMI.

  • f***ers

  • fags

  • dickheads

  • Who’s going to buy it? Any Radiohead fan has every album anyway. I make my own greatest everytime I put together a playlist on my iPod. Get a clue EMI. No wonder they left the label.


  • Creep, Paranoid Android, Lucky, No Surprises, Just, Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees, Street Spirit, 2+2=5, There There, Pyramid Song, Idioteque, How to Disappear Completely will all be on it, I betcha

  • Glory for the US dates.
    Bullshit on EMI.
    If Radiohead don’t support them, I am definitely going to boycott that load of crap.

  • I think it’s all of you who are acting childish. It’s logical that they release a greatest hits album and try to get profit from the material they have. And, besides, it will be a good introduction for future Radiohead fans. Lets hope that they choose a good selection of tracks.

  • so what. it could be radiohead’s greatest tits for all I care. I talked to a ghost yesterday and managed to record it:………..”outer marker”

  • sick

  • let it go. we already own everything we love from radiohead, who needs to buy the new packaging wrapper? im looking forward to seeing them again in LA. plus great Rolling Stone story.


  • This was always going to happen. Best to get it out of the way and move on.

  • Stop crying. There’s nothing stupid about it, EMI is just doing business.

  • the dirty dirty shits

  • Greatest Hits albums are for housewives and little girls. – Kids in the Hall

  • I think it’s stupid that fans are getting upset by this… Every great (or less great) band get their Greatest Hits sooner or later, I don’t think it’s EMIs fault. And what harm will this compilation do to anyone? The members in Radiohead are not gods…unless you haven’t noticed… You don’t have to feel the same as they do. Grow up.

  • mmm… my biggest worry is that they wont give listeners a wide array of radioheads sound… also there not the type of band where u can shove karma police on track 1, then everything in its right place on track 2 – it sounds ok, but rather some second rate (is there a first rate lol) bootleg… Ive tried randomzing radiohead tracks on itunes, and few go together well (from mixing periods too) but the majority are too juxtaposed

    But on the contrary, it WILL be interesting to see WHO is going to decide what goes on to this album… “The sound of radiohead part 1, 2, 3??” perhaps… but a greatest hits album…

    but on another contrary, I bet this album will sell a lot… i mean think about it, im an obsessive fan (the music that is, not there hair colour ect or there merchandise) any mass coverage of ur favourite band has got to be good… in a way right… giving the younger kids a taste??

    Daniel Davies, 22

  • oh update to my comment, some dude made a point about releasing the b sides on a disc, rather than getting them, like most in torrent, rather than get all the singles…. ID BUY THAT, radiohead freak or not

  • Good luck trying to narrow the tracklist down to 1 or 2 CDs!

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  • What are you lot getting so working up about? It’s just a greatest hits compilation! EMI is a record label, and record labels exist to make money from music. So what if it’s gonna coincide with the band’s tour? It’s not like people are going to choose to buy a Radiohead’s Greatest Hits CD instead of a ticket! Radiohead are one of the best bands of all time– surely the best in the world today– and the way I see it, the more people are introduced to them, the better. This is a potentially positive thing.

    … Of course, it would’ve been much more credible if the band were on board with it, but it’s not that big a deal.

  • for the people that are defending EMI…..they’re doing this WITHOUT the band’s consent. it’s disgusting. i never thought this day would come but it obviously has. fuck.

  • Sweet baby Moses. That’s absolutely revolting.

  • EMI is the funniest label I have ever seen 😀 But it’s sad that they’re dying, actually. I wonder how many people would actually buy that.

  • I, personally, have been waiting for a Radiohead record that wasn’t made by Radiohead for a long, long time.

  • its a sad day but i knew it was comming i was hoping it wouldnt can’t radiohead block it or something? the sad thing is that it will probably be their biggest selling album. Cant emi at least let them finish promoting ir before they do this? they are the scum of the earth!

  • In addition, did anyone really buy that EMI discbox for the USB stick?

  • On the other hand, by not supporting this we might be tainting Radioehad’s EMI catalog and reducing money from royalties they could use for future projects. Just a thought.

  • Fuck EMI. The record industry can suck my balls

  • I suspect some of the comments defending EMI are written by EMI employees. Any true Radiohead fan would be disgusted by a greatest hit CD.

  • Holy shit, why is this so shocking. You all must lead terribly miserable lives if you always get this upset any time a failing company tries to make a profit. Radiohead is a band, not a religion. Do you honestly expect EMI to say ‘you know what, lets forgo the millions to uphold the sanctity of Radiohead’. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. For a band that makes albums and not singles its bound to sound pretty disjointed anyway. Try listening to ‘Echoes’.

  • cmmon emi wheres the dolby true hd 7.1 surround versions, id buy that, wow a whole audio space just for jonny guitar , yessssss

  • the only way any1 could release a radiohead gretest hits is to make it 7 disks long. It jus shows radiohead were right to leave EMI. Cause there only interested in 1 thing.

  • I thought the box set was the “greatest hits”?? 🙂

  • How, exactly, do you make a Radiohead greatest hits? They didn’t really have any worldwide smash hits since they released Kid A…speaking of Kid A, how the hell do you select a song from that? How about the tracklisting? Creep and Pyramid Song on the same album? And what about In Rainbows? Jigsaw Falling into Place is the single, but does it REALLY belong on a compilation album? Odd.

  • If anyone from EMI’s reading, here’s a suggestion for a pre In Rainbows tracklist:

    cd 1

    2.Stop Whispering
    3.Blow Out
    4.My Iron Lung
    5.Fake Plastic Trees
    7.High & Dry
    8.Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    10.Paranoid Android
    11.Let Down
    12.No Surprises
    13.Karma Police

    Cd 2

    1.Everything In Its Right Place
    4.How To Disappear Completely
    5.I Might Be Wrong
    6.Knives Out
    7.Pyramid Song
    8.Life In A Glasshouse
    9.There There
    11.Go To Sleep
    12.A Wolf At The Door
    13.I Want None Of This

    Anything different, you can sod off. Cheers.

  • I doubt they will do any In Rainbows tracks – they don’t own the rights to that album. And as for Kid A, I would say Optimistic seeing as that charted on Modern Rock Tracks quite highly. And they’ll do it chronologically so that Creep and Pyramid Song on the same record doesn’t seem so weird.

    I’m pissed off about this – I will refuse to buy it, especially if they don’t do any remastering like they did with the box set. It’s kind of sad that Radiohead’s their only cash cow they have left to milk, even though they’ve left already.

  • The whole “Greatest Hits” thing doesn’t bother me that much, I have to say.

    What I hate is that EMI will pull this sort of stuff without stopping to consider what the artists want.
    And they wonder why listeners are going digital.

  • They seem like a spiteful bunch. They couldn’t wait till after the tour to release this thing?

  • You’s who is pissed about this must have an amazing life!


  • I understand the business side. EMI did give them the opportunity and radiohead did sign the contract. but it is a little sad that radiohead will have no say over the art that they created. As a radiohead fan with most of their songs will not be buying but what if EMI manage to add a few obscure/unreleased songs to the CD? Cheeky fuckers


  • There’s no need to be so angry. A ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation will get more people into the band, so that’s a plus point. After all, any release like this is directed at non/casual fans.

    It’s just a shame that EMI are such shits now because otherwise RH could have been involved in the release and we could have gotten something resembling a decent compilation. Still, what does it matter to us?

    I just can’t wait to see what they decide to put on it! No doubt it will be 1 CD possibly with a DVD. The tracklist could be (think ‘singles’) –

    1. Creep
    2. Pop Is Dead (lol, I jest)
    2. Planet Telex
    3. High & Dry
    4. FPT
    5. Just
    6. MIL
    7. Street Spirit
    8. PA
    10. Exit Music
    11. Karma Police
    12. No Surprises (like this compilation)
    13. EIIRP
    14. Idioteque
    15. Pyramid Song
    16. Knives Out
    17. There There
    18. 2+2=5

  • the most ROFL news of the year!

    EMI are a buch of tools!!!

  • To think you can chop up The Bends or OK Computer?!?!?!? Two of the greatest “complete albums” in music history.

    Gimme a break.

  • “radiohead fans are weird… isn’t the sole purpose of all record companies is to make money?”

    not always. mute records. they consequently lose money on bands, and don’t drop bands that aren’t making a profit. they’re obviously gettin by alright on their makings from depeche mode and whatnot, but still…… there are some lovely little labels out there. emi used to be one of them.

  • A record company is releasing music from my favorite band. Maybe something I haven’t heard yet. Maybe make it more accessible to people who wouldn’t normally by Radiohead albums. The release will further the sound of Radiohead in this world. Yay:)

  • Hail to the thief.

  • Die evil capitalist mother f***ers.

    Talk about back stabbing – how is this for a mighty fine example?

    If any radiohead fan buys this then they are not a fan! You should have all the tracks anyway!

  • I just hope Radiohead does not skip the tracks compiled in the Greatest Hits album (sound such a 22nd century title) when performing in this tour. Longstanding fan as I am I have never seen them live and It definitely be a plus to hear some of the tracks listed in other comments. :/

  • EMI is within their bounds, you would know that if you read the story.

    It’s not THAT bad.

    I am sure as hell not going to buy it still, unless they manage to put some really obscure track on it.

    The thing that boggles my mind is that people think I Want None of This will be on it, or tracksfrom In Rainbows. EMI has no claim to those whatsoever.

  • i seriously doubt anything from kid a/amnesiac will be included

  • Following up: ATEASE offers 15% discount when purchasing “RH greatest hits” and typing the code “greedylittlepiggy” at checkout.

  • wow i totally agree with everyone on here.

    radiohead produce such masterpieces that anyone wanna listen to radiohead should buy their albums not get a summary of it,


    and emi are rubbish

  • EMI are not tools. They are an enterprise looking to make money and this is just one means of doing it.

    To all those disgusted with the GH promo, here’s a tip: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY IT!

    If the CD has B Sides/Rarities, I for one will buy it. And I cn’t wait until every XMAS when EMI release a DVD jammed full of little goodies.

    At the end of the day, Radiohead signed a contract with EMI. They did’t have to, they didn’t have a gun put to their head.

    Yes, they made their bed, and yes, they can now sleep in it.

  • And to the person who claims ‘no real RH fan’ would buy their Greastest Hits; sod off.

    That comment is just garbage. Next thing you’ll say is that a true RH fan would say that RH have never produced a crap album or song, or performed a bad gig.

    One could also make an argument against RH for charging 40 quid forte Disc Box. Yes, I got one – but that price was getting up ino the ‘U2 rip off their fans’ price bracket.

    And don’t even mention the concert ticket prices.

    EMI are only doing what they are entitled to do, just as RH are doing to their “fans” now.

  • When Radiohead was making a crap album with a few songs and of course CREEP, Radiohead is lucky to have EMI; a big record label to allow them to sing. You guys should thank EMI for paying there way so later they would have the time to become talented in there own right. Thank you EMI for buying Radiohead and thank you Radiohead for putting up with there shit for so long and giving us fans several albums that got us through the tough and good times. I would buy there discbox because as the years have gone by my copies are all messed up; playing them a thousand times. I would like to have a good box set with all the goodies that I have missed over the years. Please release the rarities of old so I can get ALL the songs that are love to my ears and soul. Thank you Radiohead and EMI

  • […] released Greatest Hits. Their ex-label EMI got the house, the car, and the kids! They’re planning to release a Greatest Hits album that will coincide with Radiohead’s 2008 tour dates (that sneaky biotch). Even though it […]

  • I bet the tracklisting will look something like this:

    01. Creep
    02. High And Dry
    03. Fake Plastic Trees
    04. Just
    05. Paranoid Android
    06. Karma Police
    07. No Surprises
    08. Optimistic
    09. Pyramid Song
    10. Knives Out
    11. I Might Be Wrong
    12. There There
    13. Go To Sleep

    Anyone who thinks they’ll release barely-singles, UK-only singles or album tracks are fooling themselves. This’ll be the bare minimum because EMI isn’t catering to the hardcore fans, they’re catering to the people who hear the odd Radiohead song on their local radio station.

  • Its hardly as if they’re shoving it in your face as a direct insult…what reason do you have to be pissed that they are releasing this album…how does it affect anybody?!?!

    One comment says ‘EMI are such fucking scumbags, it makes me crazy.’….so if your working for a business, undoubtedly they are trying to make money…are they scumbags for trying to make money??

    No one is making you buy the album so stop whining like a bunch of little kids…sheesh

  • Low-brow headline: “Radiohead’s former label seem determined to make some money from the band’s current activities.”

    Oh, I forgot RadioHead’s former label is supposed
    to just sit on their hands and not sell recorsd that they may have the right to sell. Oh, I get it, they are suppossed to just let all the hard work they put into the band go away and let the poor pockets Radiohead do whatever they want.

    Oh, I forgot; record labels are charities….and I guess Radiohead should be one too.

  • Ok ok, let’s get this straight for all you EMI-support twats: The problem in here is clearly not that EMI is desperately trying to squeeze money from the success of “In Rainbows”, but that they are releasing this album WITHOUT the approval of the band and are aiming at counterattacking “in rainbows” sales by confusing the relative newcomer who is interested in buying tickets for this tour.

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  • […] will release a Radiohead greatest-hits collection this spring to coincide with the band’s tour, says guitarist Ed O’ Brien. Though the […]

  • […] will release a Radiohead greatest-hits collection this spring to coincide with the band’s tour, says guitarist Ed O’ Brien. Though the […]

  • “I suspect some of the comments defending EMI are written by EMI employees. Any true Radiohead fan would be disgusted by a greatest hit CD.”

    LOL. It’s equally (un)fair to say that all fans who are disgusted by EMI’s move are overzealous self-appointed moral champions for the band (they never asked for).

    That quoted statement reminds me of Bush. “You’re either with us, or against us.”

  • If you don”t want this F***ing Album, which I don’t consider like a Radiohead One.
    Please visit this petition :

  • Sorry for my last post…
    For the petition please visit this site :

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  • […] will release a Radiohead greatest-hits collection this spring to coincide with the band’s […]

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  • radiohead are wangless, spineless bastards

  • EMI is pointing ONLY to more money to their bank a/c. No wonder why they’ll release this best of now that Radiohead will be on tour. The cd will be released anyway, so f u c k petitions. But, DON’T BUY THE CD!

  • […] reported earlier, EMI are set to release a Greatest Hits album for Radiohead. The news wasn’t that well received by the band and their fans, but […]

  • Moka,
    1. Radiohead/ EMI contract = a contract that is a VOLUNTARY agreement between two parties. Radiohead knowingly signed over rights to their music. They didn’t have to. They chose to. Yes it would be nice if they had some control but if they were that concerned they could have gone the DIY route and probably be nowhere near where they are today
    2. As far as the RHGH being a vindictive attempt by EMI to confuse the newbie buyer?????…….. nice attempt, but pretty sure you are the one who is confused

  • EMI sucks my cock hard for this one.

  • I agree with the fact that EMI is just doing bizness, that’s life, you die hard fans who got all albums already don’t have to care about a greatest hits, some people can discover the band with a greatest hits album, then buy all the real albums if they love the band (and still giving money to EMI anyway…).

    One thing I don’t get is that all the fans who are upset by that and saying it because the band don’t agree with it are just being blind with all that bizness stuff.

    What is a greatest hits album? Something like a compilation of the single no? Then the band which is against a greatest hits album, still releases single. I know it’s cool because of the b-sides and stuff but still it’s kinda disapointing to me, like the itunes stuff when they want that only the whole album can be download and not just one song out of it… what’s the difference between buying a single, and just d/l one song from the album? Those stuff are just bizness… You don’t want your music into a greatest hits, make a 40min long track album.
    And even if EMI sucks with it, without EMI where would have been radiohead today, I think they realise they were too young when they sign at the beginning and that now they can’t get all the copyrights on their stuff, it’s pretty frustrating but ask the rolling stones, ask so many bands… It’s kinda part of the history of modern music and mostly modern stuff.

  • I did buy the boxset, just for the looks of it. But I’m not gonna buy this one. I agree with Jake, they’re a bunch of fuckin’ scumbags. EMI wankers.

  • There is still this petition to show how we’re against this release.

  • Why is everyone crying? You don’t have to buy it.

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  • […] num box), agora a EMI quer um pouco da grana da turnê, que começa agora em abril. Por isso, já está planejando uma coletânea em cima do material velho dos caras. E nem dá pra culpar os caras de nada, eles tão num perrengue histórico, inda mais depois que o […]

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