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Florida date announced, more to follow

The long-awaited dates for Radiohead’s North-American tour are expected soon. According to various rumours most of the dates will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday February 12th). But one already surfaced.

Fans in Florida can already mark May 5th in their calendars, when Radiohead will be playing the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach. This is the first of East Coast dates which will most likely take place in May, after the European tour in June and July, the band will head back for the West Coast in August. All of this still needs to be confirmed. More on that tomorrow… but keep Saturday February 16th available, when most of the tickets will probably go on sale, through Ticketmaster.

For now, where still waiting for the dates and venues for Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Seattle, St Louis, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC.

And if you need a place to park your car in Atlanta? Try the Lakewood Amphitheatre parking lot this summer.

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    Release the Chicago dates…and we’ll have it made!

  • well, if ticketmaster is doing the sale on SAT…i have this strange feeling that the tix and dates will come out the same time…which means practically all nighters for me all week…urgh..

  • edit: the same time on DAS

  • will DAS be doing a presale? or is this all going thru ticketmaster

  • Ticket are sold through WASTE btw. And i’m guessing no one knows the answer to your question yet.

  • finally the day is upon us. i hope tix master is ready with extra servers because that day will be wasr..

  • I’ve been checking the web every day since November waiting for tickets to go on sale. I will not miss this tour!

  • & the chaos ensues

  • why do they have to go to the west in august 🙁
    but still

  • Please no August show in Atlanta, thank you

  • Good to know. Thanks for the info, Adriaan.

  • Please no show in Montreal at Parc Jean-Drapeau!!!!
    Thank you

  • australia?

  • Man, if Radiohead came to Hartford, Connecticut, that would kick ass.

  • Where the fuck is Denver?
    This means everyone from middle America will have to get on a plane and fly to one coast or another.

  • oh my god that is my birthday 😮 i wish i was american. at least i get to see them in manchester 😉

  • Now Is the time to scream like girls attending a Hannah Montana Concert

  • I really hated living in this state until right about…now

  • No Denver???


  • this sucks!! now the only people who have hope getting tix are those with constant internet access. those with blackberries and iphones and god knows what else. and then the band tells us to “SWITCH OFF YOUR COMPUTER AND DO SOMETHING ELSE” in their webcasts…BUT HOW CAN WE WHEN YOU PUT US THROUGH THIS KIND OF PANDEMONIUM!!?

  • What about Australia? Thom’s voice fucked us over last time. Come on guys…. Don’t leave us out….

  • what if they released one date+venue each day for the next 22 days. hahaha.

  • They announced the Tampa show on the radio today. May 6th at the Ford Amphitheatre.

  • yeah, come on… AUSTRALIA? why, do they
    forsake us? why?

  • 35-55 per ticket god bless radiohead

  • I really hope that they play 2 shows in Chicago since have to fly from Minneapolis to Chicago and it would really suck if I went through all of that and they only play oje night. Once again, the geographic choices suck!!!

  • YES!!!!!!

    I live 20 mins from the venue!

    Any Florida fans up for a little pub pre-party?

  • wrnr in annapolis announced yesterday morning that the washington d.c. show will be on may 11 at nissan pavilion…hate that venue!

    according to wrnr, tix apparently will be on sale this weekend.

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  • i’m studying in paris until May 17th…radiohead plays IN PARIS june 7-8, I can’t afford to stay the extra 2 weeks. now they’ll probably play the east coast while i’m HERE! FUCK MY LIFE.

  • woot

  • waiting since may 06 in boston and checking every single day official and no official web pages now i have to deal with ticketcorporatethiefmasters ???!!!!!! oh my god – what a dissapoinment – and i am always ( check all my post around the web ) very positive about radiohead but this is . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr

  • that ‘s true – why – because radiohead in europe sell tickets over their onw web page and here ( usa money money money ) you have to buy either from ticketthiefmasters or any other re-seller charging millons for the tickets – then ( and i don ‘t want to hide the info ) i think this saturday the tickets will we on sale and as usual here on ticketmaster will be all fighting to see if a lucky one gets them because you know how horrible it is when you really want tickets and have to buy from ticketthiefmasters – hours of headaches and maybe only maybe you ‘ll get to do it – so the suffer it ‘s here – sad – i thought ( and i love radiohead ) they were going to be special on this tour and no . . . it ‘s the same shite – c’ mon mates !!! hahaha fuck you

    ps – hope we are all wrong and the tickts go first on sale at w/a/s/t/e/

  • Ticketmaster site has the first date up. On sale this Saturday 2/16@10am.

  • Re: Washington DC show…I can’t imagine it’s going to be at the Nissan Pavillion with their desire to make the concert metro accessible. That’s clear out in BFE.

  • Take a look at the tour date link on deadairspace…They have listed off some more venues and dates for the US.

  • I stand corrected, Nissan Pavillion it is.

  • MAY 08NORTH AMERICAMon 5Cruzan AmphitheatreWest Palm Beach, FLUSAON SALE 14 FEBTue 6Ford AmphitheatreTampa, FLUSAON SALE 14 FEBThu 8Lakewood AmphitheatreAtlanta, GAUSAON SALE 14 FEBFri 9Verizon Wireless AmphitheatreCharlotte, NCUSAON SALE 14 FEBSun 11Nissan Pavilion at Stone RidgeBristow, VAUSAON SALE 14 FEBWed 14Verizon Wireless AmphitheatreSt Louis, MOUSAON SALE 14 FEBSat 17Cynthia Woods Mitchell PavilionHouston, TXUSAON SALE 14 FEBSun CenterDallas, TXUSAON SALE 14 FEB

  • nice! see you at West Palm!
    tickets on sale thursday through w.a.s.t.e. (they always have the best seats)

  • @chris re: nissan pavilion.

    i couldn’t agree with you more about that venue not fitting into their zero carbon footprint tour. that venue is the absolute worst for accessability. two roads in/out, with ZERO public transportation.

    really disappointed with that venue selection. i’ll probably rent a room out there somewhere and just commute into work the next morning.

    *sigh* the things we do for (radiohead) love

  • i bought two tampa tickets via waste this mornging. are waste tickets general good seats!

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