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8 North American dates on pre-sale Feb 14

The North American Radiohead tour is slowly taking shape. Eight dates have now been announced for May. Venues and dates for West Palm Beach, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Bristow, St. Louis, Houston and Dallas are now available.

W.A.S.T.E. will be doing a pre-sales for those shows on February 14 through It’s unclear what time tickets will go on sale. In the past, times have not been announced and it’s not expected for Thursday either. They usually don’t go on sale before 10 am (UK Time). The general sale date is on February 16 through Ticketmaster.

It has now been confirmed that the shows in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver will all take place in August 2008. Dates and venues for these cities will be announced later on.

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  • BRISTOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NISSAN PAVILION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIVE 2 MILES AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love today.

  • Anybody going to Atlanta show?

  • What time (Eastern time that is) does the presale start?

  • I cannot go to any of these shows because they occur over my finals.

    Here’s looking towards august.
    Hope everyone has fun this may.

  • also wondering what time presale starts.

  • Charlotte on a Friday, last day of exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i. need. to. find. out. the. toronto. date. like. NOW! arghhhh i can’t wait any longer.

  • Bristow! I am in NOVA and cannot wait. Let’s hope I can buy tix thru the pre-sale.

    This is gonna be great hopefully their impression of US will be better after the warm reception they will get from us FLORIDIANS!


  • nissan pavilion is terrible…so much for environmentally friendly touring…the other ampitheatre in the dc area (meriweather post pavilion…even though they’re both an hour away) has legendary sound…i don’t know why they wouldn’t just play there.

  • AHHHH!!!

  • Yea, the environment part of this tour is funny with houston, the woodlands pavillion is a 35-45min drive from downtown houston.

  • Yea, the environment part of this tour is funny with houston, the woodlands pavillion is a 35-45min drive from downtown houston.

  • Are you kidding me with the times? I need to plan my life. I just had a death in the family and we can’t set the funeral time until I know what time the damn tickets are going on sale. I understand why they do it but a little help here for the hard core fans would be nice.

  • Can’t wait for the Atlanta show. This’ll be my first time seeing Radiohead… so excited!

  • I have recurrent nightmares about the tickets going on sale and being away from my computer while it happens.

    for the love of god, somebody announce the CA date for the ticket’s sale.

    -it’s not funny.

  • St. Louis!!!!!!!! And I can actually make it!!! Thank you for not putting it on the 13th!!!!

  • that god theyre not coming in may, i feel so relieved

    august is going to be the best month ever!

  • WTF no Red Rocks show???

    This is really unfortunate, hopefully they’ll change their minds (seems unlikely now).

    Now I have to scope out a city to fly to, and probably deal with some sub-par amphitheater.

  • So, does this mean there’s no miami show

  • So, does this mean there’s no miami show

  • I noticed on Ticketmaster some venues are going to have GA pits in the front. Thats kinda nice and as long as you get tickets through WASTE you should be good. Don’t have to worry about being first.
    Of course not enough venues do this.


  • By the by, ticket prices are on the respective Ticketmaster pages.

    Hopefully I get me some W.A.S.T.E. Tickets, even if that means stayin’ up all night and all day on the 14th. It would be the best Valentines Day present ever.

  • charlotte! wow o.O this will be my first time seeing them if I can go

  • So is it possible that they might end up playing at Lollapalooza? That would be fine with me since I might go there regardless.

  • do I have to sign up to buy tickets from Waste on Feb 14th? Help is appreciated, thanks.

  • Awesome! I’m so glad it worked out that Vancouver (and Montréal) are getting shows in August! Gonna have to rent a bus….


    thats all i need, Radiohead on a burnout from a long summer tour..

  • OMG!! Thank you for coming to Charlotte…I’ve been waiting so long!

  • See ya in Charlotte!!!!!!!!

  • what about miami man

  • I emailed about the sale time. Here’s the response:

    This is an automated response but hopefully it will answer your
    question! We will read every message and get back to you if it doesn’t.

    Some North American dates have been announced, more will follow at a
    later date, on Dead Air Space, via

    They will go on sale on the 14th Feb, via the w.a.s.t.e ticket shop,
    follow the tour dates link on Dead Air Space. WE CANNOT GIVE OUT AN ON

    If tickets are shown as ‘sold out’ on the shop that refers to our

    We don’t expect to increase our allocation of any tickets but refunded
    orders will go back up on the shop for re sale, as and when we receive
    the requests.

    We are happy to make address changes and will do so as quickly as
    possible – We’ll send a message to confirm that the change has been

    Unfortunately we cannot combine orders and post together. Each order
    will be posted individually and a dispatch e-mail will be sent at the
    time of posting.

    We expect to dispatch tickets in March/April but cannot guarantee a
    dispatch date at this time as we are unsure as to when we’ll receive the
    tickets from the promoter.

    If you have purchased the wrong tickets by mistake, unfortunately we
    cannot swap them for another show but please go back to the shop and buy
    the tickets that you do want (if they are still available) then contact
    us with both orders numbers. We will then refund your initial order.

    We will contact all customers with refund requests as quickly as

    Kind regards


  • -> Kevin

    I liked your comment, was precisely trying to figure out what touring in North America had to do with decrease of CO2 emmissions… and couldn’t! Its a bit disappointing

  • if I buy from will I
    have to pay in pounds? Cuz the exchange
    rate will kill me! But it’ll be worth
    it to be 2 days ahead of the ticketmaster

  • I have to wait til AUGUSTin Chicago??? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Whatever, as long as I get my ticket through W.A.S.T.E i’ll be happy. Ticketmaster is the bane of all things evil.

  • To everybody who’s not happy about “Miami”… Give me a break! West Palm is good enough! Honestly, if you can’t make it to West Palm, from Miami, than you’re just not trying hard enough.

    Be happy we’re getting Florida shows at all. I had to drag my ass from Broward County, to Washington DC to see them in 1998. And to San Francisco and Atlanta in 2001. because they didn’t play Florida.

    Radiohead in Florida is pretty rare overall. In fact, Other than the Hail To The Thief tour, the only other times Radiohead made it down to Florida, were short sets opening for Belly in 1993, and opening for R.E.M. in 1995.

    They skipped Florida for all of OK Computer, and again for the Kid A/Amnesiac eras.

    So, please stop your moaning and get your West Palm tickets! Jeez!


  • WTF!!!!!

    Radiohead tix are already up on stubhub. HOw the hell did they get them already?!?!?!?!

  • Fantastic!

    I was there the last time they were in West Palm Beach, FL, and we were a great crowd. Now, they’re in Florida for two dates. Radiohead is definitely showing Florida some love 😉

  • So it’s after 11am UK time…where the *%#@ are the tickets. Come on WASTE!

  • what time have past tickets gone on presale?

  • seems like NEVER!
    Come on w.a.s.t.e.!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think it was 7:00 am our time, the last time.

  • I have a flu. And a fever. But I’m up. I NEED THOSE TICKETS!

  • I’m getting a fever and my butt is getting sore!

  • Ummm…”the bane of all things evil” would mean that Ticketmaster was good.

  • A little bird told me they go one sale today @ 10am EST. Been up since 5am and could use a nap. Must stay vigilant!

  • ON SALE NOW!!!!

  • Its up but crashed.


  • Sold out!!!!!!!!! Got tix for HO though….but i wanted for dallas as…i’ll have to wait and give my money to the devilmaster.

  • Trade???I really wanted to get tickets to the Houston and Dallas shows but after I noticed they sold out I bought 2 reserve for the St louis show as well as 2 reserve for the West Palm Beach. Anyone in the same situation looking for what I gots?

  • Does anyone know who is opening in Tampa?

  • does anybody know where the GA STANDING tickets are at the Nissan Pavillion. Is that the same as the pit???

  • HOUSTON PRESALE: I stayed up all night hitting refresh. from midnight to eigh am. the checkout page froze and gave me a “page cannot be displayed.” i shit myself. I opened a new window and they were sold out. i kicked the desk and almost closed all windows and died. i hit refresh on the bad window and it took me to checkout. i got tickets. the shock has not turned to happiness yet. i still feel sick 2 days later. but i’m going.

  • At 10:00am the st. louis show went on sale and all there was was lawn tickets. This is totally a bunch of crap. How can all the good tickets be gone before they even go on sale? If all there is is lawn tickets we should be informed before wasting time in hopes of getting a ticket. I’m really pissed, I don’t mind not seeing the show but let me know before hand what the hell’s happening. Ticketmaster-you SUCK. And so does anyone who buys tickets for the express desire to turn a buck. Fuck You.

  • Now I see it was Radiohead that did the pre-sale. Thanks for not making everything even for everyone. Up yours and fuck your music now. You were the only band I listened to anymore but I guess I’ll give you up too. Assholes. Don’t allow companies to put out that tickets go on sale at 10am Saturday, Feb. 16th when they actually go on sale the 14th. Fuck your English music-you are fucking Creeps

  • Why does RH always play Woodlands?
    It has like the shittest concert seating arangement ever.

  • I woke up at nine after falling asleep…
    ran to my computer refreshed the page, and managed to get presale tickets for both Florida shows…
    I think so…
    Does anyone know what the quality of these tickets are. I assumed they would be the best in the house… Is that the case

    Oh yeah… Fuck ticket master. I tried to buy tickets two days later (for my sister, not to scalp), and the seats were horrible at second the tickets went on sale…. and the excessive fees…

  • what about chi-town???!!!

  • when the heck are radiohead going to annouced the seating arrangement for these pre-sale tickets now?! i’m dying to know if i’ve got decent seats for the west palm show.

  • have any Bristow people recieved their presale tickets yet?

  • Frist show at tampa,FL and i am going to die happy. I just moved from florida to arkansas and me and my girlfriend are makeing the 1000 mile drive so i can see my mates and enjoy everything that is oh so amazing about radiohead and 1000 miles is along drive inside a car. favorite radiohead song- vegitable

  • test

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