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Signed ‘The Eraser’ up for Farrell charity auction

Thom Yorke made a signed promo copy of The Eraser available for an auction to raise money for Evan Farrell’s family. The auction also features a printer’s proof for the New PornographersChallengers bearing the signature of Mr. A.C. Newman, a signed copy of Joan of Arc‘s classic Live in Chicago, 1999, and a bunch of awesome posters and rare screen-prints from Jay Ryan and Mat Daly of Chicago’s own Bird Machine printmaking collective

Pitchfork reports; Former Rogue Wave bassist and Magnolia Electric Co. touring member Evan Farrell died late last year in an Oakland apartment fire. Farrell’s untimely passing has weighed heavily on many, and none so much as the wife and two children the beloved musician left behind. Most of the current auctions end on the evening of Sunday, February 17, and all proceeds once again go to Evan Farrell’s family. You may also still donate directly to the Farrells via PayPal by clicking here.

Thom Yorke also posted a video on the band’s Dead Air Space today. The video features Radiohead’s ‘Videotape’ which Thom and Nigel Godrich worked on [watch below].

had a niggling feeling that this never really got seen much.
Its a kind of video thing to go with Videotape using lots of wierd techniques we were messing with.
Nigel and I really enjoyed making it at the end of last year.
It appeared at the end of a webcast which i think was lost due to transmission problems.
So here it is (roughly) for you to see again.


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  • the belief-action nexus gets niggling little feelings all the time. like when listening to “outer marker”

  • I like the video – all those columns and cubes, and the tiny blip at the end.

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