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Thom Yorke to guest DJ on NPR’s All Songs Considered

Thom Yorke will be a guest DJ on NPR’s ‘All Songs Considered‘ Thursday February 14th. Thom will also talk about In Rainbows, The Eraser and how he discovers new music.

So after you’ve scored your tickets for the first leg of the North American Radiohead tour, you can listen to Thom spinning the wheels. How’s that for Valentine’s Day? Pitchfork reports that Yorke follows in the paw prints of past “All Songs Considered” guest DJs like Conor Oberst and Joanna Newsom. To find out what time this episode of “All Songs Considered” will air in your area, head here, and look out for a downloadable podcast version come Thursday afternoon here.

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  • sounds like fun!

  • Definitley have to hear this. Who knows what kind of foolishness might happen?

  • all things considered is an awesome podcast, can’t wait to hear it

  • Nice. I love NPR.

  • MY V day will be brilliant now.

  • Listening now. Really love to hear the process. LOVE it! It gives us a glimpse into the inner workings, and for folks who get into Radiohead (raises hand), it’s a gift.

    Thanks Thom (and NPR) for this:)

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