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Potential ‘Radiohead Greatest Hits’ album covers

As reported earlier, EMI are set to release a Greatest Hits album for Radiohead. The news wasn’t that well received by the band and their fans, but leaves us with enough speculation from tracklistings to cover art.

Over at Best Week Ever, they took head-start on the cover art. A photoshopped selection of famous ‘Greatest Hits’ albums. Have a look here.

If you have any inspiration to share, post your album covers of Radiohead’s Greatest Hits in the comments.

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  • Looks like a classical album in which Thom Yorke plays cello..

  • melmel! that’s billy joel’s greatest hits.

  • i dig the high heels…
    you seriously didn’t know the first was billy joel’s?

  • nice boobs Thom…


  • hahaha “Creep” good one.

  • Love the Marley cover, now if we could get Thom on the cover of “Burnin” with the fat spliff.

  • LOL! Whitney Houston

  • I found a pretty desperate-looking one, that would mathch pretty well the “oh noooo”-idea…

  • That’s the greatest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

  • mine:

  • Good old EMI cashing in on Radiohead’s popularity once again…

  • Still… can you imagine someone actually buying a Radiohead greatest hits album? I wonder just how much money EMI can make on this…

  • eurhhhhh

  • Can some one tell EMI this joke isn’t funny anymore? Its too close to home and it’s too near the bone.

    Anyway, heres my submission…

  • Introducing ‘Radiohead – Fake Plastic Hits’

    Featuring the smash hits ‘I’m A Creep’, ‘Street Spirits (Rain Down Again)’, ‘The One From Romeo and Juliet’, ‘The One Where His Head Filled Up With Water’, ‘The One With A Techno Beat From Their Obscure Phase’ and ‘The Acoustic One Like Coldplay’

    Bonus tracks – ‘Lift (demo)’, ‘Big Boots (demo)’.


    Tried to post directly on this page… didn’t work.

  • Awesome…glad you guys found our story! I had fun making those covers.

  • thom the jazz player???

  • stefano, jazz? where’s that come from? That’s a piano!

    As in Billy Joel. Aaah you youngster, you!



    this one’s perfect as it is

  • And still this :

  • The only thing that really needs to be discussed on this topic is the ethics of what EMI are doing.
    I’m sure everyone agrees that a body of work such as Radiohead’s is impossible to narrow down, but
    from EMi’s perspective, the boxset didn’t work and this is possibly their last chance to save themselves, which any business would do(I am not a capitalist, may I add).
    I hope their attempt doesn’t save them because of what has happened in recent times has been poor to say the least.
    There is no point kicking up a fuss about it as this going to happen so just watch EMI crash and burn.
    As for art work, I think a similar approach to the boxset will be taken (plain white with radiohead: greatest hits)
    the tracklisting I think Guy Hands will choose (in no specific order):
    Thinking about you
    Anyone can play guitar
    My iron lung
    Street Spirit(fade out)
    Talk show host
    Paranoid Android
    Karma Police
    No Surprise
    The national anthem
    How to disappear Completely
    Knives out
    Pyramid song
    I might be wrong
    2+2=5(the lukewarm)
    There There(the boney king of nowhere)
    Where I end and you begin(the sky is falling in)

  • Definitely the greatest song…The Bends, will be on there

  • @darwinDEE

    nice reference!

  • What about High and Dry and Fake Plastic Trees? And Optimistic was on the radio too.

  • i don’t think this greatest hits should even be made. radiohead seems to make there albums as one whole piece of art and the songs should not be split up.

  • @tICM thanks, that cover was the most productive thing i did last week.

    I’m going to do something dangerous here and draw a comparison, THEN i will explain why that comparison is a poor one to draw.

    There is a greatest hits album from a band who are as loved and protected as Radiohead, the Echoes collection from Pink Floyd manages to be a good listen and manages to take disperate songs for different albums and reimagines them as a single flowing epic retrospective of some if their finest works. This was becuase it was made with the bands consent and assistance. Radiohead deserve the same treatment, and at a similar time in their career (which has to be at least a few albums away yet) they will not get this from EMI, and lets face it, an album that doesn’t include anything from In Rainbows, will be less than great. For most bands a greatest hits is the nail in the coffin. It wont be for Radiohead.

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