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Tickets for Radiohead’s May shows on sale now

The tickets for the first leg of the North American tour are on sale now over at W.A.S.T.E. So if you plan to go and want to secure your tickets, you better go NOW!

W.A.S.T.E will be selling an allocation of tickets for eight shows in West Palm Beach, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Bristow, St. Louis, Houston and Dallas. All shows are scheduled for May this year. You can buy up to 4 tickets per person. The largest batch of tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster outlets and on Saturday February 16th at 10am (Dallas at noon).

Update: Tickets for all the shows have now sold out. For those who missed out, refresh the tickets page cause some tickets return now and then. And there’s another opportunity this Saturday through Ticketmaster.

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  • West Palm Beach, here we go… 4 tix for the low low price of $278. the website is painfully slow.

  • Had to leave for work at 8:25, get in at 9 AM and Charlotte is already sold out, ugh. This might be the first time (5 concerts) that I’m not in the front of the pit. Guess I’ll have to get on Ticketmaster early on Saturday and hope.

  • 2 reserved seats for nissan pavilion.

    and, yeah…the waste site is a mess. i’m sitting next to a friend who is just in an endless do-loop of entering his email address and password…with 2 tix just sitting in his basket…won’t let him buy them. :\

  • well my heart just pumps purple piss for you, cheinonen

  • Guys, please keep checking waste. tickets become available again, sell out, available… etc… keep refreshing

  • All pre-sale tickets sold out in about 20-25 minutes. Damn 10 o’clock rumor UK time. Should have left for work 15 minutes earlier.

  • so what time did they actually go on sale?
    eastern time?

    im trying to be ready for the second leg

  • Adriaan,
    I see what you are talking about. But it appears this is a bug because when you try to add tickets, waste tells you that none are available. Still trying tho!

  • Trade anyone? I really wanted tix to the Dallas and Houston shows, but those went faster then the ones I ended up getting…2 reserve tix to St Louis and 2 reserve tix to West Palm..anyone want to trade???

  • Europe feels your pain

  • WOO!!! Man I’ve woke up every hour on the hour to see when they would go on sale! And I got em!!! They better be good seats!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congrats to all of you.
    Now, it’s our turn for the second leg.

  • I was purchasing atlanta tickets and when I went to check out there was a website error. When I went back to try to buy them again they were sold out. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • @ mONSANTO: yes, that happens too… but sometimes they are actually available. don’t give up just yet.

    @ Riccardo: check the ticket trade forum for trades

  • Did I mention I am sooo excited!? It’s been over six years since they’ve been to Houston! Best valentine’s day present ever.

  • Hey Ricardo! Im from Honduras
    I’ll buy you those 2 West Palm tix!

  • I just got my tickets by the refresh method. It’s not a joke, adriaan is telling the truth.

  • I was checking the website every hour on the hour as well. Kept waking up could not sleep thinking I’d miss out. They at 9:00 am EST I refreshed the web page and Bam! Got 4 tix to the Tampa show. I am PSYCHED!!!!

  • 8:52am EST Tickets hit waste. Bought 4 pit tix for Charlotte. Holla!

  • I’ve also seen available tickets throught the refreshing method but when i was supposed to check out there were no tickets!

  • If In Rainbows was a big fuck you to the industry, then ticket prices are a big fuck you to the fans. Lame.

  • I second that Popoyt

  • 2 for Charlotte….sweetness

  • for anyone complaining about ticket proces…$41 – $60 for a major concert is not at all
    out of line. you’ll pay $12 to see ‘epic movie’ which ran 80 minutes…but will
    complain about paying $40 for a ga ticket to get 3-4 hours of great music?

  • I paid $150 to see argentinean band Soda Stereo in Panama, $80 to see mexican band Mana. Prices are perfect to me.

  • $65 + fees? Sorry boys, not this time around. I’ll be cutting my carbon emissions by listening to the bootlegs of these shows in the comfort of my own living room.

  • amazing to me. the damn album was virtually free if you chose, and no you complain about $60 tix. maybe they should come to your house and play a private show for free. sheesh!

  • My boyfriend wrote a program to track the website every minute starting at 2am. If any changes occured to the html, it was set up to text both of us three times. Low and behold, at 8:53am, our phones started going off. Best. Valentine’s. Day. Present. Ever.

  • I check my computer for 3 hours this morning waiting for tickets to go on sale. I have to leave for my class at 8:50, get to campus at 9:15, check the website at 9:25 and see that its SOLD OUT!!!!! Life is a fucking unfair bitch. Im 22 years old and i feel like crying like a 5 year old

  • Prices are almost double last tour. Crap. No it isn’t worth it.

  • After 2006, I learned how the game worked
    on the waste site. Tickets went up at
    8:35 EST (kept obsessively refreshing) at
    work. I now have 2 reserved seats for
    Nissan. Anyone know where these seats
    usually end up being?

  • what the hell?!? $70 for a concert is not expensive anymore. years ago it was, but now that’s pretty standard. how can people complain about that? it’s a big show. i understand that gigs in your local club are cheaper, but seriously. to go to a big venue for a big band, i’d say these are on the cheap side. neil young’s CHEAPEST tix were more expensive than this. Tom Petty’s cheapest tix were this price, with most MORE expensive. Roger Waters’ cheapest tix were more. even RHCP was more when I saw them… jeez louise, stop complaining!

  • U2 Vertigo Tour $175/ticket
    Police Reunion $100+ a ticket

    Stop complaining…the tickets are fairly priced!

  • This is just depressing. Now that I have the money- I can not get a ticket. Why do they put the tickets on sale when only losers with no job can buy them. “any man who does not contribute to society is not fit to be a citizen”- Mary Shelley

  • People are complaining about the price of tickets? I just wanted to see the band rock out. Wow. This really is depressing. Why are you on a fan website if you won’t pay 100$ to see the band?

  • Noting that these inflated ticket prices are slightly less than other inflated ticket prices is a non-argument. These are overpriced concert tickets any way you slice it.

    Devotion and fandom doesn’t mean that money is no longer an object. There are limits, and a $71 concert ticket is where I draw mine.

  • Anyone know where the seats will be for the tampa show?

  • Then don’t go to the show and let someone
    who is more appreciative have the ticket.

  • Guys, stop complaining. The tickets that you bought with WASTE will be near the first row(reserved seat)!!!
    It’s worth more than 70$

  • So for the Nissan show… the “GA standing” tickets on WASTE today were for the pit in the front right? They were 61 like the reserved, so I imagine they are… just want to make sure. This will be my fourth Radiohead concert, and FINALLY my first not in the rear!

  • No, I think it’s on the back. The lawn area. I might be wrong……

  • That wouldn’t make sense though… why would those be presale tickets???


  • OK, so has anyone gotten presale to Nissan before? I’ve looked at all the seating charts, and I think the one on ticketmaster is more correct than the one on livenation because it includes the set up with a pit. The lawn tix are also half the price of the GA pit and the reserved seats (according to livenation), so it really doesn’t make sense that it’d be lawn. I’m just wondering if someone’s had experience with it.

  • According to Ticketmaster, for the Nissan show: “This event has a GENERAL ADMISSION PIT. There will be no seating in the pit area and location is on a first come, first serve basis. For the location of the pit, please use GENERAL ADMISSION PIT seating chart.” So you’re probably going to be in the pit. It would be kind of weird to have presale lawn seats, but Ticketmaster has been wrong before. I went with reserved seating to be safe, but that’s just me.

  • I’m in the same boat as the other Nissan guys. I think I am getting an ulcer over if i just paid double for lawn and didn’t opt for the seats. fingers crossed.


  • I just barely made it on in time, but could only get one ticket for the Charlotte show. I appreciate their push to reduce their concerts’ carbon footprint. If anybody is in the Raleigh area, or if it’s on the way for you, I’d like to carpool to the show ~

  • Does anyone have any idea how many tickets, per show, that WASTE sets aside for the presale? Will Ticketmaster have any good seats available?

  • I’m terrified about the second leg ticket sale. What time do they usually go on sale? I am going to DIE if I don’t get to see them in Chi. I despise ticketmaster and do not want to have to deal with it. Here’s to hoping that they get more pre-sale tix.

  • You guyss aren’t willing to pay $60 to see Radiohead?

    c’mon guys? that’s so cheap it’s almost like they’re paying me! I would have paid $200

  • When does the presale for the 2nd leg of the tour start?

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