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Radiohead to headline 2 All Points West nights

Last month, we reported the rumours of Radiohead performing at an East Coast version of the Coachella Festival. As it looks now, the band will play even two shows at the festival.

URB reports in their newest issue that Radiohead will headline two of the three nights at All Points West, the New York City Festival. The festival, being put on by Coachella organisers AEG Live and Goldenvoice, will take place on August 8, 9 & 10. Technically, it’s not in New York, but on the other side of the Hudson: New Jersey’s Liberty State Park, where Radiohead played two headlining shows seven years ago. [thx Tim]

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  • wow, they’re going back to LSP. i remember hearing how special the 2001 shows were…

  • That blows. I hate festivals. I guess we’re not getting MSG shows.

  • What a nice birthday gift Pelski 🙂

  • I think this will be reat. Gives more fans a chance to attend the show, evne f we’ll have to suck up ome 59 bands before they stake the stage

  • deng! looks like im going to the east coast this year

  • book me a flight. i’m there!!!

  • You know, it’s not every day that I get the chance to ride my bike to see Radiohead play.

    Maybe the fellas can all come round my apartment for drinks after the show.

    Jersey City: It’s everywhere you want to be.

  • I will be there!!!!!!


  • i actually might happen to be in new jersey right about then

  • Well this sucks… I have a feeling they’ll be playing the VFest in Toronto if this is how things are going. In that case I probably won’t be going to see them.

  • gonna def try and go to this (nosurprises11)

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  • FUCK YES!!!

  • […] to Comments Radiohead continue to excite fans by adding more gigs to their schedule. Ateaseweb reports that the band will headline two nights for the All Points West Festival, held August 8-10 in New […]

  • animal collective and radiohead on the same day!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they tour together (at least for east coast shows) for real too !!!

  • Can’t wait to see them at APW.

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