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Nick Cave: ‘Tell Thom all your problems’

Nick Cave is set to release a new album with The Bad Seeds on March 3 (‘Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!’).  In an interview with the Scotsman he talks about his music, acting as a counterpoint to the lyrics, which are “heavy – not sad, but there’s a weight to them”. With odd words, such as “prolix”, “cabal”, “myxomatoid”.

Being a huge fan of Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’, he says, disappointed: “I’m now told that Radiohead have a song called Myxomatosis.” But he draws a distinction between Thom Yorke’s apocalyptic worldview and his own. “Well, it’s better articulated than Thom’s,” he says playfully. “But I don’t think I’m the bearer of any wisdom. It’s my point of view, which I’ll willingly concede is peripheral. I wouldn’t encourage everyone to have that worldview. I’m not pretending to speak for a larger section of society. That’s Thom’s job: he’s speaking for ‘us’. I’m not. I never had that talent. There are people, great artists, who are equipped to do that, who have the capacity to be the voice of the people. Not me.” […]

As soon as Nick Cave is on stage “something magical happens and you feel godlike,” he says. “I love it. Really, though, I’m like the friend it’s fun to go out with but don’t tell your problems to. You tell them to Thom Yorke.”

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  • I can’t quite tell if he’s poking fun at our man Yorke or is honestly saying he thinks he’s a different kind of artist with a different kind of expression. It’s probably the latter, but I’m not positive.

  • Yes, I’m wondering the same thing. I think perhaps the way it’s presented is misleading… or maybe he did mean to sound that way…

  • he said that thom is a great artist in that his lyrics speak for the people, whereas his lyrics only speak for himself. i don’t think he’s poking fun.

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