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Thom Yorke Launches Europe Wide Climate Campaign

A Europe-wide climate campaign was launched today (Wednesday 27 February) by Friends of the Earth Europe and Thom Yorke. The Big Ask Europe aims to get governments and the European Union to commit to annual cuts in carbon dioxide emissions.

Thom Yorke launched the European campaign in Brussels where he presented a symbol of The Big Ask to the European Environment Commissioner, Stavros Dimas.

Yorke said in a press release:

“We will never wake from the nightmare of climate change unless our national governments and the European Union act. They are the only ones who can put the structures in place that will help us tackle climate change. That is why we are launching The Big Ask in seventeen countries across Europe. By committing to annual cuts in our emissions at a national and European level we can play our part in tackling climate change, and set an example for the rest of world to follow. Hundreds of thousands of people want to see their governments doing more about climate change. If you are one of them you can find out more about The Big Ask campaign in your country at”

The Big Ask Europe brings together Friends of the Earth groups from 17 European countries each of which is asking its government to commit to legally binding annual emissions cuts. Together they are asking the European Union to force all member states to cut their emissions year-on-year through a strong compliance system.

Thom Yorke has been a key advocate for The Big Ask in the UK which he launched in May 2005. The campaign has successfully persuaded the UK Government to introduce a ground-breaking Climate Change Law. The UK law, which is currently being debated in the House of Lords and should be introduced in the summer, will make the UK the first country in the world to set legally binding targets for cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Friends of the Earth is campaigning for the law to be strengthened so that it covers all emissions, including the UK’s share of emissions from international aviation and shipping. Thom Yorke is now bringing the campaign to the rest of Europe. Around Europe people are being asked to send a message to their politicians. Individuals can find out more about their national campaign at the Big Ask website.

Countries across the continent have been marking the start of the European campaign. In Finland campaigners held snowman rallies in 22 towns and cities while in the Netherlands activists built a dyke in front of the parliament building and invited politicians and celebrities to fill the gaps with sand-bags.

The Big Ask calls on the European Union to commit to at least 30 per cent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions within Europe by 2020 and 90 per cent by 2050. Friends of the Earth Europe has criticised the European Union’s recent proposal to cut emissions by only 20 per cent by 2020 and for giving no guarantee that these targets will be met.

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  • the earthquake last night is a SIGN


  • I live in Washington D.C., and there already has been two record breaking temps in Feburary and in Janurary. Those temps reached to 75 degress and 72. The average temp in winter here should be around 25 degree f. I think that is another sign, that we really need a carbon emmisions bill in the U.S.

  • I meant to say 35 degrees not 25

  • I was half an hour away from Thom. Asleep. *sigh* Anyway, I hope they’ll get some response to this, it’s extremely important. Go Thom and FotE!

  • Thom Yorke truly is the saint I claim him to be. I am so proud of his valient efforts. Go Thom! 🙂

  • Canadian government is planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent by 2020. the province of British Columbia is about to unleash the most aggressive green campaign in North America. they’ve already introduced carbon tax. i hope the US follows the suit.

  • Thank you so much Thom!
    I am very proud of your efforts!

  • i’m really pissed about this 🙁
    i live near brussels and today i was in brussels city, but i haven’t heard of this event until it was already done :s
    this truly sucks i could have seen thom :/

  • I don’t live in Europe 🙁

    But I’m gonna try to make some changes where I live.

  • Dear People Of Mother Earth,
    Asking governments to change CO2 emmisions is an impossible task. If Britian or USA would ask China to stop burning so much CO2 in the air, this would be their response: Look at you dirty people causing most of the pollution through the industrial age and now your ASKing us to burden our economy. We are enemies. Do you want to fight about it!! Or if China ASKed India, or Japan ASKed Korea!! What a flop this is going to be for years to come. How do we chage this issue. Just like every other economical burden is relieved when people can’t afford it. THE RICH BUY HUGE AMOUNTS OF IT AT STEEP PRICES… HINT; electric cars, solar panelling for their everything. Wind mills that produce electricity. Start businesses that sell these things on the corner just like every other commercial markets do. Take the money out of the car, now ASK for the rich to give them away. The price would drop and then the poor would get to it then the Multi National Companies would have to change suit. Tesla is a fully electric car, There are solar panel companies that will put paneling on your roof. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME. Field of Dreams quote. Thom… buy a hundred cars from Tesla and your friend buy a hundred cars, then sell them at a discount. The rich must do this if this is going to go anywhere.

  • the big ass

    our country (US) is too fucking arrogant to even consider climate change a problem

  • The climate is not effected so much by CO2 as it effected by the bodies of planets in our solar system. There were Ice ages and globle warming long before there was tail pipes and factories emmiting them. The layer of the Earths atmosphere is only 6 miles high and then distance from the North Pole to the South pole is about 6500 kilometers wide. Maybe it has some to do with the core of earth and its relation to the planetary bodies. There are three different magnetic poles in the South and in the North. Maybe it has to do with something bigger than a 6 foot creature walking on the Earth. Hum… You think?

  • Raymond Swartz, somehow your paragraph isn’t really convincing

  • Friends, thank you. Contributions to Japan

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