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Radiohead to headline Chicago’s Lollapolooza

Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails are expected to headline the fourth incarnation of Lollapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park from August 1-3.

Greg Kot reports for the Chicago Tribune that promoters won’t make the lineup official for a few more weeks, but industry sources have confirmed that Radiohead has been booked as the centerpiece of the festival. The British quintet still raves about the experience they had in 2001 when they headlined a rare outdoor show at Hutchinson Field, on the South end of Grant Park. The band is expected to perform at the same location this year.

At least one other major headliner and about 100 more artists and bands are expected to be announced for the three-day festival next month.

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  • This hasn’t entirely been confirmed by the guys, which I checked, and I wonder if whether or not this is the date that Radiohead are going to play in Chicago. I hope not, because I want to see them twice!!

  • This SUCKS. This is the most fan-unfriendly move they could make. Lallapalooza is overrun by fighting, drunken, loud idiots. No one will hear a word of any ballads, assholes will be screaming ‘Creep!’ during ‘Videotape’. I know they like festivals, but this is not Coachella. Not Bonnaroo.
    This is frat boy beer bash.

    Radiohead: PLEASE also book a fan-friendly date in Chicago. What a cryin’ shame.

  • seems good

  • Lollapalooza is exactly what radiohead stands against: Corporate ownership of music. No wayyyy. DENY DENY! I’d rather just one stage, one band, Radiohead. screw the festivals

  • Very, very bad news….. so disapointing :'(
    Why don’t they play back at the auditorium theater????

  • Guys, relax, it should be fun! An “intimate gig” it was never going to be anyway; they’re too big in the States these days for that. So while I admit I’m new to this part of the world and don’t really know what Lolla is like in Chicago, I’m still really excited!

  • How do we get Thom/Jonny to understand what a bad choice this is? Can anyone get this to them? What a disappointment–in the band, in the world.


  • It’s only fan unfriendly because you want Radiohead to perform in your back yard. Sorry, you have to share – they have many fans. Any festival is as good as the crowd it draws and Radiohead will draw a more hipster, educated crowd. Corporate sponsorship is pretty much a given at all festivals.

  • Never been to LP, but this will be a good excuse to go home to Chicago for the weekend and check it out. That’s great that NIN will also be playing, their latest album is the best thing Reznor’s ever done. All Points West doesn’t have ANYONE else I’m interested in seeing. Maybe I can do Lolla instead of a second night of APW.

  • Justin doesn’t remember the 2006 tour very well..

  • this F-ing sucks sucks sucks sucks. I knews this woudl happen. I hate hate hate Lollapalooza
    I have lived in Chicago my whole life, and they best day of my life was when they played in the park, but this event is nothing like that. They need to make a show that is just them or I will cry and cry forever. Or just go to IN.

  • Whiteelephant, That is a lot of hate. Have you been to Lollapalooza since it became a Chicago only destination festival? This is not your dad’s Lollapalooza. It is a great atmosphere and the perfect place for Radiohead to play.

  • Whoa!!? My experience at Lolla for the last 2 years has been great. It’s fun. Lot’s of music. The people are friendly. The food is good. Come and see what it’s all about. I’m not a drunken frat idiot. I’m a nice woman. (btw Rowdy is my dog.)

  • I’ve been to Lollapalooza the past three years, and it’s easily the highlight of my summer. Radiohead headlining makes perfect sense, and I couldn’t be happier. Lolla is fun, friendly and diverse. whiteelephant – do you really think the crowd you were with in the park a few years ago is really any different than the crowd that’s gonna show up on August 3rd? I don’t think so.

  • I am glad i dont live in chicago. I was at LPalooza last 2 years. Pearl Jam headlined last summer. Same involved fan base mixed with mainstream interest as radiohead. Any slow, quiet, or non-‘Jeremy’ song they played, people around us shouted, talked loudly. Pushed drunkenly. They were there for Lallapalooza. not for pearl Jam. they just happened to be the band.I can’t imagine what trying to get into ‘house of cards’, ‘pyramid song’, ‘kid a’ will be like. other festivals, the crowd are music fans, if not radiohed fans. LPalooza? radio stations give tix away, drunken mess.
    Believe me, its not going to be like you want.

  • Please say it isnt so! I will just have to go see them somewhere else. I refuse to try and enjoy them at lalla!!

  • Play at an Auditorium in Chicago as well for true Radiohead fans. Lollapalooza ( although here will be thousands of true fans) will be littered with drunks who will be yelling during softer songs which will riun soe of the experience for fans.

  • All the Lolla haters can stay at home. These negative comments on Lolla are so far off its not even funny. “Lollapalooza is overrun by fighting, drunken, loud idiots.” Thats about as ignorant as it gets. You haters have OBVIOUSLY never been to Lollapalooza in Chicago since its been a 3-day festival. I have been the past 2 years and its been worth every penny. A great weekend at a superb location for a festival.

  • for anyone who happens to read this late comment – I just saw beloved Radiohead yesterday at Lolla. whiteelephant was right in both respects. that truly magical day in August 2001 when Radiohead played under a full moon in Chicago was also one of the best days of my life. I’m so happy to hear the band still remembers and even raves about that show. anyone there knows why. #1 Radiohead 2008 in Chicago was still lovely but not the same. the drunken rowdy moshers earlier in the day got beer in my eyes and upset me enough to move away from the front of the stage. during Radiohead’s set, we had to elbow around to get away from obnoxious people talking etc. I hope they will return just them!!

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