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‘Nude’ single b-sides revealed

As reported earlier, ‘Nude’ will be the second single from new album ‘In Rainbows’. Now the b-sides and final release date have been revealed.

‘Nude’ is the follow-up to first single ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’ and will be out on March 31st in the UK. The 7″ single will be backed by ‘4 Minute Warning” and the cd version will feature ‘Down Is The New Up’ as an extra track. Both tracks were previously available on CD 2 of ‘In Rainbows’, released on the DiscBox.

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  • laaaame

  • Makes me kind of wish I hadn’t shelled out the bucks for the DiscBox if they’re just going to release all those songs as b-sides anyway!

  • having the discbox is sooo much better!!!

  • Nude is the best. I won’t buy it, but I love when my favorite songs are made singles…I get a personal satisfaction haha.

  • Wow… how fucking lame. I guess Nude will be the first Radiohead single in 11 years i have absolutely no intention of buying. Cheers guys.

  • i’m surprised that with the amount of time radiohead worked on the album they don’t have an excess of extra tracks (besides those featured on the discbox). That’s all good though, it saves me money! kinda bummed that the remix ep is only comin’ out in japan though. music is great, but i don’t room to start buying vinyl.

  • eh, ill probably still buy it, discbox or no discbox

  • well you know they did release a whole extra cd and stuff.

  • It’s been four and a half years since HTTT, and all they have is
    10 Album Tracks and 6 B-Sides ???

  • I assume Radiohead don’t actually intend on selling any copies, then.

  • I collect these things, so I’ll still buy it, but yeah, that’s the lamest Radiohead single in a while.

  • This is an insult to every one of us who paid £40 for the deluxe box. 🙁

    And its the first Radiohead single to not have any new material on it ever. I mean, it wouldn’t have take much for them to dig up an old live version of Nude or Lift or something, would it?

  • better to save new songs for an album

  • yay, I didnt want to buy the disc box or inrainbows so im glad these singles are going to have the second disc songs.

    Since theres no way to buy a discbox now I think to never allow these songs to see light again would be a crime.

    But is the Cd version going to have Down is the new up and 4 minute warning? or just one of them?
    if one that sucks.

  • Like someone else mentioned: I’m surprised all they have after all this time is the ten album tracks and 8 (well, 6) “b-sides” on Disc 2.
    Usually they’re so prolific & teeming with material in the backlogs.
    What happened to all those other songs written on the blackboard? Were they just potential titles?

  • Graddy:’yay, I didnt want to buy the disc box or inrainbows’- why the hell are you even on this site? Are you even a fan?

    As for the single release- who exactly does Radiohead think is actually going to buy this? Casual fans won’t, because they’re not interested in B-Sides; fans who are interested will already own these tracks from the discbox; fans who are interested in B-Sides but couldn’t get the discbox will already have downloaded these tracks long ago…I was surprised & annoyed at this,m sure it’s only a single but it just confirms what Radiohead are these days: a 9-5 band who really can’t be bothered any longer.


  • Karl, you make no sense. You ask someone if they’re even a Radiohead fan and then trash the band and accuse them of being a 9-5 act. I think they spoilt fans in the past with their b-sides and now anything less gets everyone ranting and raving “Blah blah blah why did I buy the disc box?” or “Blah blah blah this is lame, I want more new songs!: Jeez, there’s no pleasing you people! I’m sure releasing two tracks from the disc box CD 2 suddenly makes the entire thing a waste of money… get a grip!

  • .all I need should have been the first to breathe.

  • yes it’s weird they don’t have more tracks, but expect the unexpected with radiohead – they’re obviously releasing this for people who either didn’t want to spend money on the discbox or just didn’t get it for whatever reason. considering the number of above-quality b-sides they’ve given us over the years (a reminder, india rubber, palo alto, fog, maquiladora) i don’t see why everyone’s complaining – be grateful for what you’ve got.

  • i’m glad i didn’t splurge and buy the discbox. that’s seriously lame.

  • I just don’t get those who are haters here. Just get over yourselves and sell, give away or give up your Radiohead music collections.
    Please do us this favor.

  • Are radiohead LOSING THEIR SHIT? Making fans shell out for box sets with songs they’re releasing anyway?
    Playing overcrowded festivals full of non-radiohead fans who’ll talk thru anything but ‘creep’?

  • Are radiohead LOSING THEIR SHIT? Making fans shell out for box sets with songs they’re releasing anyway?
    Playing overcrowded festivals full of non-radiohead fans who’ll talk thru anything but ‘creep’?

  • I don’t understand why everyone here is making such a big deal. I bought the disc box and see no reason to have any problem with 4 Minute Warning being released as a b-side. People here seem to be acting as though the $80 price tag was for the extra disc alone, which isn’t the case at all. In case the rest of you forgot, it was was cost of two copies of the album, two copies of the bonus material, plus artwork and an awesome package. People here need to RELAX.

  • To clarify, I’m not complaining about the relative dearth of material; nor am I second-guessing having purchased the discbox. No regrets about getting it whatsoever.
    I’m happy with what they given us. BUT, relative to past releases, there are fewer extras lying around, at least so it seems. And given that legendary photo of the blackboard with dozens of titles, it’s easy to see why people might have expected more, or still do expect more…

  • Yeah. This is another disappointing Single release.

    They’re my favorite band but I’m starting to lose interest. Especially after the disaster that was the unlistenable cd release of “In Rainbows” with the ridiculously hot levels and clipping that plague the whole fucking album.

    First, Nigel did a shitty job of recording this album. Then Bob Ludwig had to go and fuck up the Mastering of the album.

    I love the band still, but they need to start working with some new people, which I know is what they were trying to do in the early stages of recording this album.. but they need to try again.

  • luke, lol…

    you fail.

  • Relative dearth of material, really?

    Amount of B-Sides from each album:
    Pablo Honey: 5 (if you count Pop is Dead)
    The Bends: 14 (if you count The Iron Lung EP)
    OK Computer: 8
    Kid A: 0
    Amnesiac: 7
    Hail to the Thief: 5
    In Rainbows: 6 (so far, and if you dont count MK 1 and MK 2)

    It seems to be the case that there are rather small amount of B-Sides ever since Kid A. But hey, Thom and Jonny made a few extra albums in between those times, too.

    It depends how you see it. The emphasis of the discbox seems to be the artwork, the bounded box, the 12″ vinyls and super-sized artworks, not just the CD2.

  • Errr… for my part :
    Pablo : 12
    The Bends : 18
    OKC : 10
    Amnesiac : 8
    HTTT : 10
    Isn’t it ?

  • @ Accountant

    Pablo Honey – 12? I’ve counted only 10.
    The Bends – 22
    OK Computer – 11
    the rest seems right:
    Amnesiac – 8
    Hail to the Thief – 10

  • I certainly won’t be buying the single, seeing that I already own all the tracks on it. Like many others who have commented, I find this to be a sadly disappointing release.
    I don’t know what’s going on with this band, looks like they don’t give a shit about their fans any more. Well, I don’t really care any more either.

  • “well you know they did release a whole extra cd and stuff.”

    Half a CD, really. In Rainbows CD1 and CD2 are 70mins of music total and could have been released as one CD if the band had wanted to.

    (Not that longer is always better, and the band said they felt they let HTTT get too long and compensated for that with IR, but CD2 is good so I think it would’ve been fine to release the whole thing as one album/CD.)

  • The DiscBox is a work of art, all the songs in CD 2 are available on the internet anyway, so if you want to “build” CD2 by burning the songs in the same order well they can, so why not release the songs as B sides?, many people may have the songs off CD2 but they do NOT have the DiscBox, I don’t think other songs complement In_Rainbow like these songs do, paz y amor…cuiden el planeta o nos jodemos todos.

  • @Josh, explanation for 12 B-sides

    Pablo Honey singles :
    “Creep” + Inside My Head (1), Million Dollar Question (2)
    Japanese “Creep” + Yes I Am (3), Blow Out (remix) (4)
    “Anyone” + Faithless (5), Coke Babies (6)
    Aussie “Anyone” + Pop is Dead (7), Thinking About You (EP version) (8), Killer Cars (9)
    “Stop Whispering” (remix) (10) + Creep (acoustic) (11)
    “Pop is Dead” + Banana Co (acoustic) (12)

    I didn’t go for “Drill”, which I’m not rich or crazy enough to have in my possession.

  • Curious about “OKC” B-side #11 anyway

  • I stand by the “relative dearth” comment. Maybe “dearth” sounds a bit negative, but even with the counts given, it looks just so…there are fewer b-sides so far with this one than most others.
    And though I don’t know exact counts (seems to be some disagreement above), I thought there were quite a few more than given in the first claim/estimate…but i’m including official & unofficial b-sides, remixes, officially-released live stuff, as well as the soundtrack stuff for Lying Mouth…
    Also: how come I’m the only one curious about all the extra song titles from the blackboard photograph?

  • Very poor form. I have personally trained my 2 year old to call our stereo his “radiohead”, and then this nude-b-side bollocks happens. Not impressed. You guys (who I know will never read this) had better announce some dates in kiwiland this year. Loyalty has lasted ten years without a show, and it’s stretching pretty thin.

  • Great song.Disappointing song selection for b-sides.There’s a huge array of(officially) unreleased material that is top notch.Something from the podcasts would have sufficed.A missed opportunity methinks.Hey guys!Is it too late to heed the pleas and cries of your true fans and change those b-sides?C’mon you’re Radiohead!You can do whatever you want right?Please!

  • Oh, dear God! Radiohead release a CLASSIC new record, and all you can do is be this goddamn petty about b-sides on an upcoming single release?! If your claims that they mustn’t care much about their fans anymore are in fact true, then I can’t say I’d much blame them!

  • Wow, the negativity here is astonishing! Yes, they’re making tracks available from the discbox, which many of us (myself included) already have. But really — they’re finally back, with a brilliant new album, a gorgeous discbox, and a decent tour coming up, and all you folks can do is complain?! Bloody hell. If you’re so disappointed by the singles, then don’t buy them; why slag off the band? Did you all forget how much they *did* do for us with this new record? This was the first time there was more than one webcast (if my memory serves), let alone a live gig being webcast (if you couldn’t attend) — we’ve had 3 webcasts for this record, not to mention all the radio programmes and things. Come on, people — enough with the petulance. Enjoy the new record and have done with it.

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