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Liars and Underworld to open for Radiohead

Liars will be opening for Radiohead in May. The Los Angeles band have released their latest album in August last year.

While the support has been confirmed for the first leg of the North American tour, Underworld are heavily rumoured for the opening slot on the second leg of the North American tour, which takes place in August. [thx David, Daily Swarm]

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  • No Liars for the second leg of the tour?


  • damn, im so fucking glad dallas is on the first leg of the tour, i just started listening to liars recently but this should be kick ass!

  • Fuck Yes!
    Underworld & Radiohead?
    That’s a dream bill, that’s awesome.

  • Underworld and Radiohead? OMFG!!!
    I just hope it’s more of a double bill rather than an opening act. Underworld are too good to be just an opening act.

  • Liars for the UK tour, please! Pretty please!

  • i never thought that this would
    come true….AND IT HAS.

    Underworld + Radiohead = bliss. 🙂

  • I like Underworld, but I would definitely prefer Liars.

  • I just got really excited and the really upset within a split second. “Liars opening for Radiohead!” “Oh my god! Oh my god!” “Not coming to Boston?” “Damn it all to hell!” Well I’ll keep an open mind maybe this will lead to a cool collaboration in the future.

  • holy shitlords…really pumped liars and radiohead in VA.

  • aw man underworld are incredible. i hope they do the UK dates

  • Underworllddd!!!

  • […] Rumour has it that a UK band called Underworld will be opening for the August portion of the Radiohead tour. […]

  • Please, please PLEASE let Liars support them in the UK as well?!?! I’d wet myself. My two favourite bands together. Argh!

  • Man that would fucking rule if Liars came to Seattle. Looks like we get Underworld. 🙁


  • Aw dammit!!! I wanted to see Liars…well I guess Underworld is will be fine =/

  • […] AtEase the Liars will be the band that will open the gigs of Radiohead for the first leg of the Radiohead […]

  • I wanted Liars for the 2nd leg!!!


  • OMG!!!
    eeeks, this is going to be the most amazing show I will ever see!!! and then my life will be complete : )

    <3s to Underworld and RADIOHEAD!!!

    This is so wonderful I think I am going to faint!

  • People really like the Liars? I saw them open for Interpol, and maybe it was just the songs they played, but my friend and I thought they were an absolutely horrible band.

  • I approve Underworld opening for Radiohead. It’s going to be crazy! Please don’t play Cox Arena in San Diego! It’s such a horrible venue. Sports Arena or Embarcadero please. 🙂

  • What great news…

    Liars started as Australian lads, so why not come down for the (cough cough) eventual tour here in aus (cough cough)….that would be awesome…


  • I just want Radiohead to come to NZ….

  • Both Radiohead and Underworld are distributed by ATO so I see where that connection came from.Aren’t Underworld usually a headline act though?The Liars is a pretty good match for Radiohead.

  • sounds to me like either band would be great. i wonder who uk is getting

  • Yussa wrote: “Liars started as Australian lads.” I think the only Aussie in the band is the singer. The formed in Los Angeles and New York.

  • […] Liars have been confirmed as the opening up for Radiohead on the May leg of its tour; Underworld is rumored for the second […]

  • OMFG

  • I wish it was Underworld the first half. Liars isn’t too much of a hit with me.

  • sweet. can’t wait to see the liars in may. oh and radiohead too of course..

  • Amsterdam, July 1:

    Support: Bat For Lashes

  • […] time last year, we were getting all giddy about the prospects of Underworld opening for Radiohead. While that didn’t end up happening, the English outfit did make its way to the U.S. last […]

  • […] Una de las bandas que creo ha dejado de ser una promesa a convertirse en realidad es Liars.   Digo, si Radiohead te escoje como telonero en su gira  no puede ser malo. Su sonido, no es fácil de describir.  Más bien diría que no tienen.   Están por todos lados, […]

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