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Tickets for Outside Lands Festival at WASTE

Tickets for the San Francisco Outside Lands Festival are now available through W.A.S.T.E.

W.A.S.T.E. has tickets available for the festival where Radiohead will headline the festival together with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Jack Johnson. The festival will take place from Agust 22 t0 24 at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. There’s a limit of 4 tickets per person on the 3 day passes, which are priced at $ 233.25.

Collect your tickets here:

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  • Holy cow… tickets for Outside Lands don’t even go on sale until Sunday. I’ve got mine, though, so score!

  • Yay $235 for Tom Petty! Thank you Radiohead. I love smelly hippies at outdoor summer shows.

  • i love all the “fans” who complain about other artists…IT’S A FESTIVAL = more than 1 band!

    I love RH as much as the next dude/dudette, but come on…if you don’t wanna pay or don’t like other artists – that’s your prob!

    Otherwise, I’ll see everyone for an exciting festival in one of the greatest public parks in the world! (not to mention 2 blocks from my apt!)

  • Did you ever think that some people dont have a lot of money and if you want to take your significant other its going to cost $500+ to see Radiohead?
    I’m sure there “fans” more die hard than yourself who won’t be able to go.
    Its been discussed in the forums as well. Festivals for the true music connoisseur are the worst of both worlds.. Terribly far distance from the stage unless your willing to mark your spot 6 hours in advance. Sound worse than the ipod headset that comes in the box with the device.
    I think given the choice most people would opt for a two band gig with prices in the $35 neighborhood.
    OK, so if we’re gonna get stuck with $250 festivals at least give us some good music. Did you see the Radiohead 2004 Coachella lineup? Enjoy three days of people twirling. 🙂

  • I really hate how they’re doing the sales for this show. I’m only going to be able to take friday off from work (I work at a bar accross from AT&T park, and Friday starts one of the week-long home games). Plus I don’t have the almost $300 to pay for a 3 day festival. I could swing friday and $60 though. So hopefully most people don’t buy these three day passes, and we can have a ton of single day passes available… however, I’m kinda turned off by the whole situation so far, so I’ll probably leave this show for all of the rich non-students to enjoy. Bastards.

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