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Line-up grows for Radiohead’s Daydream Festival

One of the more interesting shows on the upcoming Radiohead tour, is the one at the Daydream Festival in Barcelona. Today, more bands have been added to the line-up.

The one-day festival (June 12) in Spain is a tribute to Radiohead, with artists which have influenced Radiohead and the other way around. Allegedly, Radiohead even handpicked a number of the bands playing the festival at Parc del Fòrum Auditorium. Liars, Low, Bat For Lashes, Modeselektor and Clinic have all been added to the bill. All of these artists have supported Radiohead on their tours in the past or will be opening for Radiohead on several dates on the upcoming tour.

Daydream also scheduled an exclusive performance by the Ensemble Nacional de Música Contemporánea de España presenting “Off Computer”. A repertoire based on Jonny Greenwood songs (some of them to be a worldwide exclusive). The orchestra with 14 musicians, conducted by the Acting Musical Director of ENEM, Sergio Alapont, will offer a recital playing a classical version of OK Computer.

Tickets for Barcelona’s Daydream Festival are still available at

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  • Wow, that sounds pretty cool, if a little (and deservedly) egotistical. 😉

  • wish i could go….D:

  • I was umming and ahhing whether or not to go to this? I’m sure I will now. It looks good. I just have to figure out a cheap way to get to Barcelona from the south of Spain.

  • i’m surprised that radiohead would encourage/sponsor a festival. that seems like it wouldn’t really be great for the environment…

  • this has got to be the most interesting date on the tour, next to lolla if the rumors hold true

  • A festival tributed to Radiohead sounds like the coolest thing in the world 😀 Could’ve been better if close to Werchter..

  • whatever turns thom on.

  • oh i reaaaally wish i was there.
    it sounds lovely.

    Low is one of my favorites too.

  • this is a festival that needs to come to the United States!!!

  • Nice, nice, nice!
    Too bad I dont live there.

  • I have my ticket already, but I think that Sigur Ros playing just before Radiohead (as in Werchter Fest) has no comparison

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