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Radiohead set to work on new material

Radiohead have made plans to start recording on new material soon, Colin Greenwood revealed in an interview with Pitchfork.

Colin: “We’re actually gonna be working with Nigel again soon– we’ve reserved time and we’ve got stuff we want to do. It’s like having and old-school executive producer that’s talking about the bigger picture and booking time to be creative. (…) It would be really nice to be able to put out releases that wouldn’t be conditional upon an album format, and just put out music in different ways.”

When Pitchfork asked if they would consider a different producer, Colin answered: “It depends what we’re doing. The thing about working with Nigel is that he’s brilliant with psychology. What really struck me about him during the last sessions was he’s got that ability to be generous and patient when he’s making a record and then he can be objective as well. To have the ability to be utterly supporting in the studio and then make a call later is a real skill.”

Radiohead will announce details of the second leg of its North American tour on Monday. It’s not certain if the band will play new songs on the upcoming tour. Colin just doesn’t know yet. “Thom came in with a list of 70 songs we’re rehearsing for the tour and it’s like, fucking hell! So it’s been real difficult to remember stuff. We should’ve gone onto YouTube to remind us how to play the songs.”

Read the full interview over at Pitchfork.

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  • New stuff already. Nice.

  • big boots.

  • 3 more years beore we hear it then

  • before*

  • 70 SONGS!!!!!!


  • I am making my version of Big Boots, so even if they don’t bang it out, I’ll help ya out Specialist. It’s been way too long

  • Monday…. finally

  • 70 songs!! wow, that would make brilliant setlists!!

  • FINNALY!!! They are going to announce the rest of the summer US dates on Monday. Now I can get on with my other plans. Just hope I will be able to be where they are…

  • This band is unreal!

  • well put Gregoire!!!

    they are really the BEST!!

  • This is very exciting. Thanks for the tip, Adriaan.

  • OMG….I’m so excited!!!! Monday for the 2nd leg of the US tour!!! Heck yes…

  • I hate how it’s referred to as a US tour, when they are also coming to Canada. Can it not be called North American tour?
    Anyway, of course they will be playing new material!

  • 70 songs? Wow…can’t wait to see them live.

  • They better squeeze all 70 of those songs into the SF Outside Lands performance.

    That would be a nice little treat, considering im dishing out 250 dollars. 😛

    I hope they continue releasing their materials through unified albums, a string of single releases would be nice because its immediate, but Radiohead is quite good at packaging their material into blissful synchronized works.
    I’m willing to wait two to three years for another ‘I just got kicked in the face’ album than “oh here’s another single, its quite good!”


    Good news, though, really good.

  • nice it would be very cool to hear a lot of variation in their setlists. since they are rehearsing on a shitload of songs, this can be possible 🙂 hope they’ll play motion picture soundtrack and knives out more often !

  • i came!

  • bands always say this shit and then nothing…

    whatever…i’ve still been listening to In Rainbows like it was released last week.


  • *Pearly*

  • Follow me around. Do the world a favour.


  • i hope they come to colorado

  • They really are the greatest. CANNOT wait until the second half of August. I think about it several times each day I’m sure. I’m glad that they’re running on all cylinders (by the sounds of it). I hope they never stop writing music… not to mention performing it.

  • Big Boots Indeed…….

    Pretty please?

  • Follow Me Around! Yeh, yeh, yeh!

  • yessssssssssssssss

  • Out of those 70 songs they could probably reel off about 30 of them in their sleep. I’m talking about the mainstays of EIIRP, PA, TNA, No Surprises etc.

    Surely they’ll have chance to rehearse new/unheard material like Come To Your Senses, Burn The Witch, Magpie et al. I hope those are the tracks they get down with Nigel in the next few months and we hear them by Autumn!

  • Something tells me we’re going to have an EP of new material before the end of the year…

  • I’m hoping for even more really good new songs

  • Lift. Oh God, let them record Lift.

    But, let’s not kid ourselves. We knew pretty quickly after Hail to the Thief that they were working on new stuff. Took almost five years.

    Would be sweet if RH did an album a year. Now that’s work ethic. Because, let’s face it, ten songs will only hold us over for about, say, a day.

  • Details of the second leg please ????

    Lets go !!!!

  • Okay… so it is Monday at 8:24pm Eastern time… Where are the updates???? I’m desperately waiting concert dates!!

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