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Radiohead on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Apart from Radiohead’s day at the BBC this Tuesday (April 1st), the band will be making more appearances this week at the Beeb.

Radiohead return to ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ on BBC 1 this Friday. It’s not sure if an interview is included, but the band will at least play live, according the the program listing in the TV Guide: Jonathan Ross is joined by David Tennant, the tenth Dr Who to occupy the legendary Tardis, and his new companion Catherine Tate. Also featuring film icon John Hurt and live music from Radiohead.

The show will be broadcast April 4th at 10.35 pm on BBC 1. The last time, Radiohead appeared on the show, Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood were interviewed by Jonathan Ross, which included the ‘Eurovision Challenge’.

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  • awesome.

    that interview is always hilarious.

  • I hope they’ll have time for the interview 🙂

  • sweet, love it!
    by the way, what’s with the porn-y ads on atease all of a sudden?

  • Thom and Wossy must be good drinking buddies. He was only on his radio show a few weeks back.

  • Its a shame the band arn’t having a stylistic theme as in previous.

    i.e Thom’s blonde mullet phase, or the ‘fagen’ as woss puts it look for HTTT.

    In Rainbows, I say go on stage stark naked on there tour – it would work well alongside there ‘pay what you want’ episode

    Despite its overplayedness, Karma Polilce (or videotape) best tracks for me

  • shut up daniel.

  • I like the fact that RH are going on alongside John Hurt (1984). Seems relevant somehow oh what am I talking about

  • When are the boston tickets going on sale dammit???

  • What happened to eurovision!?

  • man, i love this interview. think i’ve watched it at least 10 times. plus that performance of there there that they did alongside the interview was superb.

  • I saw Radiohead perform two songs on
    Friday night with Jonathan Ross – does
    anyone know the name of the penultimate
    track they played please?

    Thanks – G

  • 1st – nude
    2nd – 15 steps

  • yeah this is very funny haha

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  • I couldn�t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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