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Digital Nude single available now!

Radiohead NudeRadiohead are set to release the second single from ‘In Rainbows’ next Monday (April 7), but the track is already available at the digital stores.

The follow-up to ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’ is available at the Radiohead Download Store (powered by 7digital) and features Nude (256k MP3) and a high quality artwork (PDF) for £0.79. ‘Nude’ is also available for download at the UK iTunes store. Next week the single will be out on CD (with bonus track ‘Down Is The New Up) & 7″ vinyl (backed with ‘4 Minute Warning’).

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  • Vagina power!

  • What?

  • I hope the Cd version of Down Is The New Up has been re-mastered since its discbox release; it could really do with sounding a little better. Other than that, what the hell’s the point of forking out for this?

  • if you dont have the discbocks

  • The point of buying ANY single is having the single. You know, if you collect singles. That’s what singles are for these days. And I’m going to buy this one, although it really does have a huge vagina on the cover.

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