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Radiohead at the BBC – Evening show

Radiohead returned to the stage of the BBC Radio Theatre after Thom & Ed finished their radio interview. This is their second show of the day for BBC Radio 2.

Mark Radcliffe announced the band while the band members are waiting for Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life’ to finish. Phil stares concentrated into the audience. Thom mouths the lyrics to Jonny: ‘Here comes Johnny Yen again (…) Hey man, where’d ya get that looootion?”… Jonny just looks confused.

The band kick off with ‘Bodysnatchers’. Followed by ‘All I Need’ and ‘Nude’. Three tracks from ‘In Rainbows’ and then the oldest to date for they played so far today: ‘Airbag’. One more from the latest album ‘Reckoner’, with the whole band on shakers and tambourine, Colin shakes his bottle of water near Ed’s mic. Then back to a surprise from 1997: ‘The Tourist’. Two more tracks from In Rainbows: ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Arpeggi’. It’s OK Computer night: ‘Lucky’ is next. Where the afternoon gig was all about ‘Kid A’, we still get ‘Everything In It’s Right Place’ with a false start. Thom fakes the three next false starts: ‘No again, no again…’ When it’s all go: the audience claps along immediately. Thom leaves the stage first, Colin and Phil follow quickly. While Ed & Jonny finish the song sitting down, Mark Radcliffe can’t wait to get it over with, probably because it’s near 10 pm for the news. It was ‘Just in time’.

The audience wants an encore. Radcliffe: ‘I’ll go and ask’. It’s just Jonny and Thom who return. Jonny moves to Ed’s spot on the stage, both play their acoustics for ‘Faust Arp’.


All I Need
The Tourist
House Of Cards
Everything In Its Right Place

Faust Arp (Thom & Jonny)

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  • Here you can listen to the shows:

  • I’m sooooooo jealous you got to see the show.

  • Awesome!

  • You can’t listen to the shows, they were live only. When are these going to show up on the web I wonder?

  • Sorry. The matinee thingie is actually the radio interview… Hadn’t noticed.

  • ahhhhh . . . feels so nice . . . / the tourist / ? / great exectations for the concerts then / pantrus [ will be going to both tampa and west paml – call for car pooling –

  • i meant expectations sorry

  • i meant west palm sorry bis

  • The Tourist? OMG! I’d love to hear that show.

  • the shows are on “listen again” (in the UK?)

  • Airbag is actually before Reckoner. The matinee show was excellent, I think I like it even more. Myxomatosis was especially awesome. So was Optimistic.

  • I noticed the water bottle on the webcast. I think it’s full of rocks though, not water, although I’m probably wrong.

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