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Radiohead at the BBC – Matinee show

Radiohead played their first of two shows at the BBC. After a soundcheck (Bodysnatchers, All I Need, Videotape, Myxomatosis, The Gloaming, Morning Bell, Nude, Optimistic, 15 Step) two hours before the show. The band take the stage at 16:10 hours.

’15 Step’ is the first track of the show, followed by ‘Bodysnachters’ and ‘All I Need’. ‘Myxomatosis’ from ‘Hail to the Thief’ is next. The band continue with ‘In Rainbows’ and band play new single ‘Nude’ next. From ‘Kid A’, Radiohead play ‘Morning Bell’ and ‘Optimistic’ and then back to the last album: ‘Videotape’. The band leave the stage and when they come back they play ‘Optimistic’ again! And that’s all for this afternoon. Radiohead will return to the stage tonight.


15 Step
All I Need
Morning Bell



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  • I thought Thom didn´t like optimistic. How great, I love that song!

  • OMG I hope they keep playing Optimistic!!!

  • Wow, 2X Optimistic, I thought that song was completely dead and forgotten.

  • EXCITED ABOUT OPTIMISTIC! I saw it once before, in the BIG TOP TOUR in 2000, would be psyched if they play this in Milano!

  • I really hope they don’t continue to play Myxamatosis this tour or at least for Toronto. Awful, though catchy, song.

  • just got home from the gig:

    what an
    awesome day:)

  • if they brought back optimistic i wonder what other songs they brought back

  • I don’t get myxomatosis at all. It’s one of the worst radiohead songs in my opinion. maybe i’m missing something.

    I liked their evening set better. It had more OK Computer! (I love Kid A and Amnesiac but Bends/OK Computer songs work much better live.

  • Myxomatosis is greeeeeat!

    Don’t get how you cannot get it…

  • I didn’t realise anyone didn’t like myxomatosis until now! It’s incredibly good.

  • Was the first take of Optimistic not good? I’ve never heard of an encore that is a repeat of a song in the set. Good song though. Big fish eats the little one.

  • I am SO glad that optimistic is back in their live set! But twice is unusual. Meanwhile, isn’t ‘In Rainbows’ called ‘Reckoner’? Does anyone know where to download this?

  • myxomatosis is fantastic. especially in toronto because people pass in the pit out and thom can save them.

  • yes the first take of optomistic went
    wrong so they did it agian. This was
    a recording for radio after all. Oh and
    Sandy, I hope you wernt the d**k h**d
    on the front row of the balcony
    who repeatedly took photos even though
    security kept on asking him not to and
    caused commotion that was spoiling it for

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