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‘Best of Radiohead’ to be released June 2

As reported earlier, EMI are set to release a ‘Best Of Radiohead’ album to coincide with Radiohead’s tour. The release date has now been set and the collection will be out in 3 different versions.

On June 2, you can find three version of ‘Best Of Radiohead’ in the shops. A single cd version, double cd version and a 4 LP limited edition box. Find the tracklistings below. The double CD is the single cd + a bonus disc. The 4 LP vinyl version is limited to pre-orders only and will be deleted on release and features all tracks from the double CD (CD1 + 2) in a box.

The single CD version (and CD 1 of the double CD) tracklisting:

Paranoid Android
Karma Police
No Surprises
High and Dry
My Iron Lung
There There
Fake Plastic Trees
The Bends
Pyramid Song
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Everything In Its Right Place

CD 2 from the double album has the following tracks:

I Might Be Wrong
Go To Sleep
Let Down
Planet Telex
Exit Music (For A Film)
The National Anthem
Knives Out
Talk Show Host
Anyone Can Play Guitar
How To Disappear Completely
True Love Waits

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  • Interesting choice of tracks — pretty great, actually, save “Anyone Can Play Guitar”, eck! However the order of tracks is a bit off. Why end an album with “Everything In Its Right Place” or even start it with “Just”? It might be worth getting just to see how they ended “Idioteque” without the noise that segues into Morning Bell.

  • I suppose they just chose the tracks by random… couldn’t imagine a worse tracklisting!

    All this thing obviously isn’t getting any better… a pity

  • fucking sux….not the song listing, just that EMI is doing this…i’m not gonna buy it cause i know this wasn’t with the ‘ok’ by radiohead themselves.

  • This is a headfuck… Radiohead is now a “Best of” band…

    I need to go lie down..

  • Great song selection. not sure about the squence, ACPG —> HTDC?

    btw complaining is pointless now, no one is forcing you to buy it.

  • meh. it’s not so ugly. but i think the idea of a 4 lp version is a little much. i mean, come on… it’s a non-band-sanctioned best of including tracks that have all appeared on band-sanctioned vinyl previously. who needs a limited overkill edition?

    granted, i was just looking for something bad to say about it. sorry, heh…

  • p.s. oops… it hasn’t ALL been released on vinyl before. but still…

  • Its actually a choice of tracks that a begginer Radiohead enthusiast can appreciate getting a wide enough scope of the bands output – EMI must know that freaks like us are not going to buy it as we’ve got it all anyway – good job EMI – if I were you I’d milk the old cow of I had the bleeding rights x x

  • waste of time…all radiohead fans have this songs…please b sides would be better and raraties…FUCK EMI

  • hmm, it’s an “OK” tracklist. Most of the better tracks are on there, albeit in a pretty dreadful order. Thing is, there is nothing here to encourage anyone other than a complete novice to buy it. Which might well be there point, but if they’d chucked on a rare live take of a b side, any b side or a good version of one of the big rare unreleased tracks, it would have sold much better, cos people who are already fans would buy it.

    No chance I’ll get this. None whatsoever. I could just make myself a 20 – 24 track best of over 2 cds, and it’d be much better too!

  • @Envoy I dont think you get whats happening. Radioheas old employers are releasing the album without Radioheads consent.
    EMI own the songs so can do what they want, and this is how they feel they should repay Radiohead for such great years working together.

  • where is weird fishes and reckoner !!!

    LOL f EMI

  • Relax. This “Best of” is not intended for people posting comments on a Radiohead fan site. Think about it. It’s for the casual fan that wants to beef up their collection, the guy who hasn’t listened to these guys since Ok Computer or the person who hears from friends that “Radiohead is awesome.”

    I think the tracklists could be worse. I like that they don’t go in any kind of chronological order. Just is a great starter song, and Everything In Its Right Place is a nice way to end things. Nice to see Pyramid Song on the first disc and Let Down on the second.

  • Is this True Love Waits live?

  • I’m against this by principle but have to admit that over the 2 CDs its a good track list and would be a good introduction for people who haven’t heard their stuff.

  • I would have liked to see “Stop Whispering” or “Thinking of You” in lieu of “You”, and “Optimistic” in lieu of “EIIRP”. OK Computer has 7 songs in the 2 CD format.

  • EMI can brace themselves for a donkey punch.

  • NO Subterranean, NO Cuttooth, NO Like Spinning Plates…

    NO Thanks

  • Which of these songs have not been released on vinyl before? I thought I had everything… at least everything the bloodsuckers at EMI had any right to.

  • No the tourist……. Makes me an unhappy chappy!

    3 Amnesiac tracks? Oh dear EMI….

    NO KID A!!! As in the track “KID A”!!!!

  • boo

  • EMI is not only cheeky THEY ARE STUUUUPID!!
    Targeting casual listeners with a CD they’d sooner or later release is cheeky but expected.
    What I cannot believe is they target hardcore fans with a 4 LP box. From the trench of my keyboard I enourage all fans to boycott the LPbox. We have the power to show EMI they are absolutely wrong and that we are not 1% as stupid as they are.

  • well it’s a good song list anyway

  • Stop Whispering is a good song
    i wonder is the volume louder on pablo honey songs

  • I almost half expect Radiohead to use this as a list of songs not to rehearse, instead, digging way into the rarities and B-sides to go along with In Rainbows for the upcoming tours as a last up-yours to EMI.

  • haha- is see theres a limited edition for all the people who said they wouldnt buy it…

  • Exit Music and I Might Be Wrong should be swapped with Pyramid and The Bends. Otherwise, good choice of songs.

  • absolutely no bonus whatsoever in buying this, any self respecting Radiohead fans knows (and possesses) allf of this by now.

  • Yeah, not buying it, EMI.

    Also, as someone else pointed out… how the hell do you transition from Anyone Can Play Guitar to How to Disappear Completely?!

  • In my mind this is no different then any Radiohead bootleg out there. It’s just like the guy who sold ‘Radiohead Live 2006’ cds on ebay last year, for around $100 a pop, or people who make bootleg vinyls of Radioheads non-vinyl releases (‘Airbag’ anyone), or some schmoe printing the ok computer album cover on beach towels and tshirts to sell outside Radiohead shows. If there is money to be made, some one will make it. The only reason we are talking about this is because Radiohead doesn’t like that EMI is doing it, but i’m sure they also don’t like pictures of their face on beach towels (and yeah i actually came across someone selling this after the ’06 tour). I don’t see the point in complaining about this. You like it, buy it. You don’t like it, don’t buy it. No point in trying to get everyone to boycott it.

    And on that note, where can i preorder? Aw come on, you know there were some lurkers out their, waiting for someone to as this question.

  • Radiohead have said in several interviews that they wouldn’t do a ‘Best of’ – EMI are just a bunch of fucktarts

  • Laaaaaame

  • Radiohead is NOT a Best Of band. What rubbish. A genuine pity.

  • is not an aprils fools joke, kind of too late?

  • blehhh…..

    there’s already a best-of, it just happens to be a 7-disc set.

    a big middle finger to EMI for this desperate money-grab…

  • I’m gonna download a bootleg of it. how about that EMI?

  • If only it’s April fools… I wish the webmaster was only too late to post this as a joke, I wish.
    The cover looks uninspired, I cannot imagine it being filed among Donwood’s artwork.
    And don’t get me started on the tracklist.
    I never had a problem with the 7CD boxset though.

  • joe: i’m fairly sure i’ve not seen “talk show host” on vinyl before.

    but… I MIGHT BE WRONG. HAW clever clever.

    actually, i think i am wrong. it must have been on the “street spirit” 7 inch… and there was a vinyl edition of ‘i might be wrong’ as well, so i can’t blame my previous comments on the inclusion of “true love waits.”

    so i retract my previous revision to my own comment. ouch.

  • That is some shit artwork. I hate the fact that at ease supports this crap.


  • at ease doesnt “support” it at all, just displaying and presenting whats happening

  • I’m very surprised by the selection of tracks on here… there are many that i never even considered EMI would stick out on a ‘Best Of’. But the order of tracks is simply abysmal!

  • eeew the artwork sucks! and in my opinion i can compile 2 more cds with songs that are just as good if not better than this selection! (not that these songs are in any way bad, but this doesnt represent “my radiohead”)
    no kid a, no life in a glass house, no were i end and you begin, no backdrifts, no a wolf at the door, no bulletproof, aarghhh

  • Hahahahaha. Poor EMI. They need some lunch money.

  • NEIN.

  • If — IF! — any of the versions are different than what has been released (a studio True Love Waits, perhaps? A single edit of Idioteque? Exit Music from Romeo + Juliet [which IS different, by the way, than the OK Computer version], et cetera) then, and only then, will I consider buying it.

  • Completists or at least album completists should have no problem purchasing this. I’m assuming True Love Waits is the IMBW EP version and not a studio recording that was shelved. I’ll be buying it because I’m an album completist; however it is disappointing that at least one exclusive track or at least something really rare (like a hard to find PH b-side or something) wasn’t included at least on CD2.

  • Is that the cover design for real!? Are they even trying?

  • kinda curious if “true love waits” is a studio recording

  • Is the blatant rip-off of Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” album cover intended?

  • Great song selection. Of course there are genious songs absent, but this tracklist is very satisfactory in my opinion.

    And it’s a very good thing for new listeners. It’s easier for them to begin with a compilation than getting the 7 albums from the start. So stop your ridicolous complaints. And by the way, I like the cover design.

  • […] to, the collection will be out in three versions – a single cd version, double cd version and a 4 LP […]

  • Why?? There are already 6 best of Radiohead albums already – The Bends, OK Computer, KID A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief and In Rainbows… This one doesn’t even have any new songs…

  • Best of = Kid A

  • SO ANNOYING! The band are on record as saying that they don’t want to do this. And they chose a poor selection. In that every song should be on there. GRARARAR! EMI are utter rubbish!

  • No collection of singles and their b sides. I will pass on this. Obviously.

  • Although I am upset EMI is releasing this, I am, however, quite pleased with the songs chosen. It’s almost perfect in my opinion. I think if Dollars and Cents and Optimistic were included in this compilation with the removal of a non-single Bends track and a Pablo Honey track, I would have no complaints, minus the obvious shitty track order.

  • The artwork is hilarious. Stanley obviously won’t design anything new for the best of album, so they have to rehash something from the 90s and splash some color in it. Good one EMI.

  • Thats the color of 6 albums. great,EMI ‘s IQ > 90

  • Fuck EMI. what a bunch of bastards. And to those who say this is good for the “casual fans”: Fuck That! Either you are a Radiohead fan or you aren’t. And if you are a fan, you should know that Radiohead doesn’t want a ” Best of…” and for EMI to do it anyway is just wrong.

  • we knew this would happen anyway, just
    don`t buy it & get over it.

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  • EMI you scavengers, go to hell.
    This is a waste of time and disrespects art.
    Radiohead are not a band driven by ‘singles’ or glossy moments. They make albums. What a bloody wild concept in this day and age hey???

  • Damn! I have a t-shirt whit that drawing
    on it, they totally ruined my t-shirt 🙁

  • Why does anyone here care what is and what isn’t on this collection if you’ve got everything already?

  • Best of Radiohead.

    …because people who kinda like Radiohead are too stupid to burn a CD [or 2] with the most popular Radiohead songs…right?

  • a lot of people will boy-cott this release.

  • Let’s see whether they fuck the sound up at all when they do the volume levelling (on some ‘best of’ releases I’ve heard the tracks ‘clip’ (digitally distort) because of this!!)

    Tracklist is pretty amusing. Yes, Just should be on there, but the opener? Why the hell they didn’t do a chronological order I don’t know. The 2nd disc is OK but with a couple of mad choices – Anyone Can Play Guitar, Go To Sleep and True Love Waits obviously shouldn’t be on there…

  • Hopefully not in that order and Morning bells is missing? I an do a better job for free

  • The truth is that bands like Radiohead are not be be enjoy in “best of” releases, the albums are to be listen from start to end, perhaps with a better running order the casual listener can experience the musical evolution.

  • 🙁


    i’m not buying this. fuck EMI.

  • My eyes hurt when I look at this list and it’s obviously made by a deaf person.

  • this is the best thing ever to happen to radiohead

  • With 4lps I would do 2 lps best of, one with all the B’s and one with a live show.. but that would be asking too much…

    or something in that vein.

  • this is the track list as per cd japan [dot] co [dot] jp to be release May 28:
    1. [Disc1] Just
    2. [Disc1] Paranoid Android
    3. [Disc1] Karma Police
    4. [Disc1] Creep
    5. [Disc1] No Surprises
    6. [Disc1] High and Dry
    7. [Disc1] My Iron Lung
    8. [Disc1] There There
    9. [Disc1] Lucky
    10. [Disc1] Fake Plastic Trees
    11. [Disc1] Idioteque
    12. [Disc1] 2+2 = 5
    13. [Disc1] The Bends
    14. [Disc1] Pyramid Song
    15. [Disc1] Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    16. [Disc1] Everything In Its Right Place
    17. [Disc1] You And Whose Army (Japan edition bonus track)
    18. [Disc2] Airbag
    19. [Disc2] I Might Be Wrong
    20. [Disc2] Go To Sleep
    21. [Disc2] Let Down
    22. [Disc2] Planet Telex
    23. [Disc2] Exit Music (For A Film)
    24. [Disc2] The National Anthem
    25. [Disc2] Knives Out
    26. [Disc2] Talk Show Host
    27. [Disc2] You
    28. [Disc2] Anyone Can Play Guitar
    29. [Disc2] How To Disappear Completely
    30. [Disc2] True Love Waits (live)


  • The cover represents how record companies fuck with you, wish you are here… ie, like how they made radiohead make a best of. I don’t hate them that much i actually like them just trolling.

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  • […] ‘Best of Radiohead’ to be released June 2Apr 2, 2008 … Hector Gull. The truth is that bands like Radiohead are not be be enjoy in “best of ” releases, the albums are to be listen from start to end, … […]

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