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Radiohead return to Mansfield Tweeter Center

While we’re still waiting for a confirmation on the dates and venues for the second leg of Radiohead’s North American tour, another one just slipped through.

Radiohead’s Boston show will take place at Mansfield’s Tweeter Center. The band will play the venue exactly 5 years after their last show: August 13 2008. Apparently, tickets for the show go on sale April 12th. [thx Scott]

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  • Apparently? More like fact, for all shows….

  • so much for playing at a venue accessible via mass transit…

  • WHY? So Weak. What is the point of making a conscious effort to make sure there is public transportation when Boston has over 4 venues that would work for this that are ALL accessible by public transportation. Horrible choice…and a weekday…awful. Wheres Thom? Let me pop his other eye.

  • looks like im not seeing radiohead this summer.

  • Seriously. Very obnoxious. I guess you can get there by commuter rail plus an hour long walk!! What a fuckin joke. I hate that venue.

  • Just curious… What’s wrong with this venue?

  • Well primarily – you have to drive there. there is no mass transit option. It’s in the middle of nowhere, about 45 minutes from Boston. the parking lot is a nightmare to exit. It took *several hours* for me to be able to drive out after their last show in 2003, and i vowed to never to back.

    given the band’s focus on playing at venues accessible via public transit, i don’t understand why they picked this one. i guess they wanted to play a shed instead of an arena (or a racetrack like they did back in 2001), even if everyone will have to drive there.

  • What Thom says in interviews and what Radiohead actually does? 2 different things. We’ve all been played by this band’s PR BS. Starbucks deals, suburban shows only, not a single urban arena–they want to be U2, they want the soccer moms. Just listen to the IR verson of ‘reckoner’ vs live ones.

  • I would’ve loved to see them return to the Pavillion in Boston, or even the Garden. But I’ll settle for the Tweeter Center. AUGUST 13TH COUNT ME IN.

  • you’re all nuts. the tweeter center is a great place to see radiohead. outdoors – it’s the only way to see these guys…

  • I agree with everyones comments so far. But, you have to understand thats the way it goes in the US. The people responsible for booking can only do so much. It would be so much better if they decided to play smaller venues. But, seeing as how they are playing so few North American dates they probably want to play for as many people as possible.

    Just becasue i dont know.. Where else could they play in/around Boston that would be better?

  • The Garden (aka Fleetcenter aka TD Bank) what have been awful!

    Pavillion? yea? but too small

  • haha bostonians, you are so self centered

    This venue is much easier to get to than downtown boston for hundreds of radiohead fans like me in between new york city and boston, most people have to drive to get anywhere in this country

  • Lollapalooza 2008 headliners confirmed
    Lollapalooza’s Austin, Texas-based promoters C3 Presents are not scheduled to make their official announcement of the acts performing at this year’s weekend-long music festival in Grant Park until Monday, but the Sun-Times has confirmed through industry sources all of the major artists.

    Art-rock giants Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, the reunited Rage Against the Machine, Jack White’s side project the Raconteurs and hometown heroes Wilco and Kanye West will headline the main stages on Aug. 1-3.

    The Raconteurs, Wilco and West will each be making their second appearance at the reinvented destination festival. Other repeaters among the more than 100 acts on this year’s bill are Gnarls Barkley, the Black Keys, Broken Social Scene, G. Love & Special Sauce, Blues Traveler and Mates of State.

  • I’ll be coming out of town to see the show. Do you think the best way to go would be to take the commuter rail to the Mansfield station and then walk/cab/hitch-hike from there? Its just 3 miles to the venue from the station.

  • […] we’ve added the Tweeter Center in Mansfield (Boston) to the Radiohead tour schedule. Today we have another date and venue for you, but on the other side […]

  • It’s been five years? Well, I’m officially old. See you all there.

  • I agree, 5 years? wtf. Old isn’t even the word.

  • anyone need a ticket? i have a seat ticket from a friend who ducked out and i’m trading my other one for a lawn ticket. i’m willing to negotiate but i’ll go as low as 60-80 bucks.

  • lol Twitter must be outranking other social media websites

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