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Best Of Radiohead also on DVD

Apart from the various versions of the upcoming Radiohead DVD, to be released by EMI in June, a DVD with most of the Radiohead videos will be out as well.

EMI have compiled 21 Radiohead videos, of which most of them have been out on DVD or CD previously, but never on one single disc. Radiohead released the ‘7 Television Commercials’ in 1998 and the Radiohead.TV DVD in 2004.

Here’s the tracklisting for the DVD, which will be in stores June 2 (June 3 in North America):

‘Anyone Can Play Guitar’
‘Pop Is Dead’
‘Stop Whispering’
‘My Iron Lung’
‘High and Dry (UK version)’
‘High and Dry (US version)’
‘Fake Plastic Trees’
‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’
‘Paranoid Android’
‘Karma Police’
‘No Surprises’
‘Pyramid Song’
‘Knives Out’
‘I Might Be Wrong’
‘Push Pulk’ / ‘Spinning Plates’
‘There There’
‘Go To Sleep’
‘Sit Down Stand Up’
‘2+2=5 (Live at Belfort Festival)’

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  • Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors/Spinning Plates? Would that be a live version…?

  • As opposed to the other lame crap EMI has been putting out like a box set or greatest hits album, this is something I might actually buy. It would be quite nice to have all the music videos in good quality on one disc.

  • No, Pulk/LSP isn’t live. It’s kind of a trippy video…

    I have all of these on my computer, but I’ll probably buy the DVD for the quality.

  • Because EMI pisses me off with their feeding off of RH, I will never buy their merchandise again. Instead, I will download it, and enjoy it for free.

  • Don’t buy this bullshit…Guy Hands and his cronies will burn in hell

  • In 1998 people bought 7 Commercials to have “all Radiohead videos in DVD quality”, but since then many new videos have appeared, so now you have to buy this new DVD to have all the videos. And this one does not even contain all the vids since the In Rainbows ones are obviously missing. Seriously, who needs this thing?

  • This is a great collection of all of their actual MTV-type videos. I’ll be buying it on release, EMI be damned. I have all of the early vids downloaded, but they’re terrible quality and I always wanted to have them. You know Radiohead is never going to release the Pablo Honey videos, but EMI sure will! 🙂

  • I really don’t want to give money to EMI/Hands, but this is a tempting offer…

  • Don’t be tempted, I’m sure radiohead will release all their videos from amnesiac onward, hopefully this will be sooner rather than later, but don’t give in!

  • […] Best of Radiohead‘ is out on Single CD, 2 CD Limited Edition, 4 LP Vinyl & DVD Edition. In the June issue of Exclaim an ad was found for the release, but at the label they failed to […]

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