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Guardian journalist vs. Thom Yorke

The Guardian journalist Paul Lester posted an article on the newspapers website, revealing some of his bad experiences with Thom Yorke years ago.

Lester wondered back then if Yorke was ‘next to go’ after legends Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain and Richey Edwards. Thom Yorke was not amused. Years later, Lester wrote up on what he thinks of Radiohead’s current mythical status… Read onor not.

Oh, and then there’s always Thom Yorke’s Fake Blog.

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  • i think i just got rickrolled

  • forgive me if i’m wrong, but hasn’t there just been a film about the rolling stones? and a bob dylan biopic? are both of these artists still very much alive and kicking? oh, wait, yes they are.

    whilst i agree with some of this guy’s points, it’s stupid to suggest that because thom yorke hasn’t topped himself radiohead will never be worthy of a biopic. i’m not saying that it will happen or even that it’d make for great viewing, but clearly it COULD happen, and his suggestion that it couldn’t is fucking stupid.

  • whata fucker

  • So this guy had to dig up drama from the mid-90’s to come up with a story in 2008?

    Wow… he must be hurting for attention.

  • This guy is fucked up. I’m shocked that a publication would even consider running an article glorifying suicide – both back in ’95 and then again today. Journalistic integrity.

  • It seems like Mr. Lester feels like a bit of a douchebag about the whole thing and is trying to justify his actions so he can feel better about himself. Thom had every right to react the way he did.

  • yeah… you know, i was with him until the end of the article, when he all but says “and i still think he should kill himself.”

    see, the thing is that suicide is a cop-out.
    he has a point about elvis because elvis had started to suck.

    thom and radiohead got old and continued to not suck, and THATS why they’ll deserve your fucking biopic.


  • poor frustrated journalist…!

  • Somehow getting Rick Rolled removes any feelings you had about anything.. its like “anti-rant”!

  • and who was he again?

  • I find it disgusting that he was so supportive of suicide in order to prove to everyone how tortured the artist was. i mean, jesus, it sure proves that what they were singing about was real pain, but how selfish can you be? “If you’re so messed up why don’t you kill yourself? Oh my god, he just did it! The poor soul, why did he take his own life?!”

  • The issue: Simple-minded journalist is so incompetent at his job that he mistakes Thom’s commentary on the world around him for introspective self-loathing…

  • So basically the guy told Thom Yorke to commit suicide and then was surprised by the reaction? Heh.
    Also, this journalist should himself commit suicide. Fast. If he does it now, he will be immortalised as the guy who upset Thom Yorke and then was hated by RH fans so much that he couldn’t go on. So tragic. If he lives, I won’t even remember his name tomorrow. The choice is simple.

  • you know, i don’t much like this guy either…

  • i can’t hear this shit about radiohead’s depressive attitude and style any longer: i listen to the music of radiohead probably every day and i’m far from any suicidal tendencies. mr lester’s stupid suggestions are hard to bear.if he gets a perverse fascination about the death of certain artists, then it’s his own problem. he shouldn’t bother others with this crap. he chose thom for his cry for attention only because radiohead make good headlines at the moment. i guess he never even listened closely to the music.

  • Is this Paul Lester insane? What is he trying to do.. talking people into suicide? What kind of sicko is this! When he likes sentation.. let he be the center of it. Paparazzi-talk.

  • Thanks for the link guys. This Lester guy’s blog post is an example of some rock journalist trying to get hits by dredging up some old controversy.

  • this is an example of bad taste journalism. the man doesn´t realise his thoughts back then were stupid; he´s still standing up for them. he should apologize to thom.

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