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The Most Gigantic Flying Mouth for some time

At Radiohead’s Dead Air Space a new message was posted, regarding the upcoming tour launching a new part of all about the fans and the band’s carbon footprint.

“Radiohead take to the road on Monday (via a plane, unfortunately) to start in Florida with the first show of their 2008 tour. Following on from their posting on the 19th December and the commissioned report on touring and CO2 generation, we’ve developed a new section of the site that gig goers can visit: the most gigantic flying mouth for some time.

Here you can try out our carbon calculator and compare different transport methods for getting to and from the venue. The list of tour dates will give you public transport information where available, and where not, there may be venue incentives for car sharing. There will also be weekly postings from Radiohead’s production team on how the band has addressed their own touring carbon footprint and made it easier for fans to reduce theirs. You can discuss our successes and more importantly, our failings at waste-central, post up more local travel information where we haven’t and make friends with other people going to your show. 

Hopefully see you on the tour!”

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  • I’ve heard them take a con stance on carbon offsetting, so I hope they do something more hands-on with regards to alleviating their tour damages.

  • Listen Radiohead… Enough is enough… Stop worrying about the planet and its CARBON FOOTPRINT… Another Government buzz word for us to trip over. There is nothing we can do about it. The United States of America has been taken over as well as your country. It’s the final step toward a New World Order. They don’t care about carbon dioxide. And neither should we. The most important thing is to spred the Word of Jesus Christ and tell them after death we will inherit this Earth and be able to live in a FREE FREE society where Jesus runs things with Love. Stop counting carbon and start counting all the beautiful souls that walk in and out of your life on a daily basis. Tell them of the Lords love and his want for all of us to be with Him in paradise. Electric cars will come out but the pollution pumping will increase because of the fact that oil is a cash market that has been tapped for over a hundred years and will continue to be until the end of this WORLD. Tell peole of the Love. Thats it The Love of Jesus Christ. Radiohead you have 20,000 people in front of you in these concerts tell them please.

  • Huh … I suggested swimming, if I remember well.
    I live in London, hence I’ll be going to the concert by bus… just in case Thom is watching me. I’ll also, switch off the laptop NOW. Bye

  • dont worry.
    we’ve got Ed.


  • Hey Raymond, you can shove Jesus up your ass


  • people, they have the right to their own views, and really, at least their not like Bono pushing it in ur face all over the mainstream news and such….

    so get the fuck over it, if u don’t like their opinions, than just shut it out….

  • i think jesus would want us to be good stewards of the earth.

  • Jesus likes Coldplay.

  • Here’s what they should do in a simple ten step plan-

    Step 1: Band and crew to ride bicycles at all times, no cars/buses etc. Each band member has their guitars strapped to their backs, drums held in a bike-pulled trailer.

    Step 2: Fire Ed.

    Step 3: Steal/borrow/reuse/timeshare lights, speakers etc. from other bands.

    Step 4: Stop smoking weed on tour (with Ed gone this should be less of a problem…). Every time you light up it affects the planet.

    Step 5: Go to a gas station, buy $10,000 worth of petroleum, pour it all over a forest and light it.

    Step 6: Have orgies rather than seperate sex sessions.

    Step 7: Fire Ed.

    Step 8: Only eat Dharma-brand food and drink, especially peanut butter.

    Step 9: Shorten the set to one song – Faust Arp, with Jonny on acoustic guitar, Thom on vocals. That way no amps are needed.

    Step 10: Do a normal tour but lie about the carbon footprint details to make yourselves look good.

  • I go to Milano on horse.
    Eat only beans from cans heated on gas.
    All horse poo I will use as fertilizer.
    So traveling to concert won’t do no harm to environment!

    I would say they have too much of free time on their hands.


  • Raymond: Send me a line to and I’ll give you my personal adress so you can come talk about jesus on my door and I can bitchslap wisdom out of you.

  • why fire ed? does he not like the environment?

  • Enough with the Jesus talk already Ray!I think you should have logged on to the Creed website.That’s where the Jesus talk belongs.Either that or try a humanist approach.I’m also sensing some anti-Ed sentiment from Mr.performingmonkey.Please explain yourself.This is a house of worship.(Ray,please ignore that last line.)

  • We all know Ed drinks kerosene, pisses on trees, and lights them on fire. He’s actually mother nature’s worst enemy.

  • Reform yourself then Ed!No more enlarging your carbon footprint or I’ll take your place in the band!

  • I’m the world’s biggest loser. Basically, I never leave the house.
    So I’m guessing me carbon footprint is pretty low (not that I care!!)

  • We’ve been reading your blog posts and really love it. thanks for the great reads! do you ever do any cycling ?

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