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Radiohead, Portishead… and Britney!

A week overdue, but Radiohead talked to BBC Radio last week and spoken about the recently released Portishead album, naming it ‘their best album’ yet.

Portishead actually take more time to release an album than Radiohead. The gap between the second and third was more than a decade. But, apparently worth the effort when Thom Yorke and Ed O’Brien called ‘Third’ “incredible” and “mental”.

Thom Yorke: “It’s dark as man. Definitely their best record, there’s no doubt about that”. Ed O’Brien commented: “It’s so beautiful; it’s so beautiful in parts. I have to say I actually think it’s my favourite Portishead record.”

In other news, Britney Spears is getting her Radiohead collection together. Three years ago we spotted her shopping for Radiohead’s first album ‘Pablo Honey’. Yesterday, the troubled singer was seen with a copy of the band’s latest album ‘In Rainbows’… [photo:]
Britney In Rainbows Radiohead

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  • Oh geez…don’t go into a meltdown trying to assemble the CD and stickers Brit.

  • You would have thought she could be creating better material herself with such a good taste in music. Maybe a bit of ‘Reckoner’ will chill her out a bit.

  • you guys obviously don’t understand Blackout. It’s better than that Portishead record

  • Is that BBC interview online? I can’t find it!

  • and this is not photoshopped?
    i wonder if anyone asked her about the album and what her comments were.

  • dam she is hot! i’ll do her anyday!

  • bless her the poor darling

  • “It’s not the band I hate, it’s the fans”

  • Thom keeps using that word “mental”. I guess it’s supposed to mean “cool” or “great”, but I immediately think “crazy-sounding” or that the person who composed it was insane for having made it because it sucks. I dunno.

  • I’m guessing you’re not from England, Muldfeld? The use of mental in this way has become ubiquitous of late.

    I have heard that Timberlake is a fan as well, I’m sure the influence of Radiohead seeps in somewhere, I just don’t know where.

  • Britney holding In Rainbows? Looks like a bit of a publicity stunt to me, along with the Dasani sponsorship… Britney’s cool, introspective edge… but then I am cynical 🙂
    Portishead’s new album is brilliant – totally agree with the other ‘Head’s analysis. Saw them at Hammersmith Apollo last month.

  • I just threw up a little in my mouth looking at this picture.

    Portishead is and always will be amazing!!!!

  • I love Portishead.

  • How dare she not buy the DiscBox!

  • Don’t you know that I’m toxic?

  • That’s kinda creepy.

    Not the Portishead bit, o’course.

  • radioportis

  • shopped!

  • 5 months after the album comes out brit finally gets finally gets her hands on i.r but I guess at the time she was a bit preoccupied what with the drugs and being sectioned an’all!
    Btw don’t they have bags in america or is this her laughable attempt at being seen to be “credible?!”

  • I laugh at how this post says ‘troubled’, and in the picture she is clearly grinning her face off.

  • I had no idea how to approach this before—now I’m locked and laoedd.

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