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Radiohead: Live in Dallas [live report]

Radiohead are playing their final show of the first US leg of the tour at the Center in Dallas, Texas.

01. All I Need
02. There There
03. 15 Step
04. Bangers and Mash
05. Nude
06. Pyramid Song
07. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
08. The National Anthem
09. Dollars and Cents
10. Faust Arp (Phil Selway films Thom & Jonny’s performance)
11. Videotape
12. A Wolf At The Door
13. Optimistic
14. Reckoner
15. Everything In Its Right Place
16. Idioteque
17. Bodysnatchers

encore 1:
18. Fake Plastic Trees
19. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
20. House of Cards
21. Exit Music (For A Film) Thom heckles a heckler “You’re a funny guy”
22. The Bends

encore 2
23. You and Whose Army?
24. Paranoid Android

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  • Wow, just All I Need. Sounds like a good show!

  • 4. bangers

  • has anyone noticed that they havent played creep or high and dry so far in the tour?

  • soundcheck???

  • I hope they play Knives Out soon

  • Uh, they haven’t played High & Dry since 1997 or so…don’t expect it will ever be played again.


  • they havent played high&dry since 97 and if you’re asking for creep, you must be new here…

  • i imagine they’re being ironical…but i’d like to hear creep live oh and high and dry might be one of their worst songs ever (in fact i think thom said that once…but IMBW)

  • they played creep quite recently at some festival as a closer. it’s not entirely ludricrous. they haven’t played bulletproof much either but FL may.2008, there you go

  • High and Dry still blows me away. It’s not glorious, ‘oh shit i need to drop everything until this song ends’ Radiohead, but it’s still a tight song.

  • ^to me, it is one of those songs. i absolutely love it. makes me well up. but it might be nostalgia because it’s the first RH song I ever heard back in the 90’s.

  • i wish they had kept let down in the set after that last tour…goddamit..

  • I wonder if Phil will upload the video to youtube 😉

  • hey i’d love to hear let down…but i can’t even imagine how difficult that must be to play live (even just for jonny)

  • They hate High & Dry and have been on the record. It won’t ever be played again. Count on it. As for tonight’s setlist, pretty lackluster if you ask me. It’s very similar (minus In Rainbows) to the 2003 Houston show, meaning the people in Dallas who made the drive in 2003 didn’t get to see as many different songs as they should have. Then again, the last time Rhead played Dallas was 1998…so this show was quite different from that one!

  • blugel, i feel you……let down is probably my favorite all time RH song, i don’t want to make you jealous, but i saw them do it in Philly two years ago. It was probaby my single greatest live RH moment, and there have been a lot, I’ve seen them 12 times. It does seem difficult to play live, but a lot of their songs are very intricate, and they didn’t miss a note when they played it, so I don’t see why they don’t play it more often?

  • ok, phew!
    i’m was going to be pissed if they brought out something great in Dallas.
    had i got tickets to this show in addition to Houston (and Houston in 2001/2003(, i’d only have heard one new song in Dallas – Bangers.
    so maybe it turned out a blessing to not get tics.
    Radiohead are playing great though, so don’t take me wrong. i’m evaluating from hearing new stuff/less played songs perspective.
    anyone who hasn’t seen them should definitely see them. the light setup is incredible. they’d playing incredible.
    should be interesting to hear if Thom soundchecked the new “houston soundcheck song” again in Dallas.

  • you are not paying attention… wolf at the fucking door!!

  • we got fucking paranoid android-ed, im in radiohead bliss

  • Dollars & Cents…nice…Wolf at the Door…nice…two very underrated Rh songs. And a sweet 2nd encore of YAWA followed by Paranoid Android. I like the flow of this set. Looks like a good show…

  • Oh my god. I danced so hard.

  • Something was wrong with the lights tonight – there weren’t working properly!

  • Should be “they weren’t working properly”

  • Ha, I was just talking to my girlfriend who’ll be joining me in Los Angeles for her first Radiohead concert about how her favorite RH song is High and Dry. She’ll settle for Fake Plastic Trees.

    Good balance of songs this set, though still just one OKC song, interesting. Still hoping they pull out some gems later on in the tour (come on, Let Down!)

  • Just got home, pretty amazing. was my 4th radiohead show. one of the best stoked to see wolf at the door and reckoner. Bangers and Mash early in the night was a treat considering i felt they started out kind of slow, National Anthem picked things up a hit and from then on they were pure mental chaos. was really disappointed that someone ruined Exit Music, Thom said: “Oh, youre a funny guy? Why don’t you get funny outside after the show, and i’ll show you what funny really is.” During you and whose army thom’s evil stare was interrupted momentarily to tell someone in the crowd ” i love you too” just in time for the band to kick in. pretty epic.

  • So Thom wants people to heckle in YAWA but not in Exit Music?

  • theres a difference between heckling VS. just shouting “i love you thom” once, without any anticipation of a reciprocation

  • Awww I yelled out “I LOVE YOU!” during YAWA in Houston but got no reciprocation 🙁
    Course I shoulda added “Thom” to it.

  • A Wolf At The Door and Dollars and Cents.

    This is relevant to my interests…

  • What a setlist!

  • dallas has got to be one of the lamest cities on the map. 20,000 people and it seemed very few real radiohead fans made it to the show. the review said most everyone was hanging onto every note—not quite. people just were not into it. i looked around every once in a while and the crowd just stood there and barely moved at points when people should have been moving. it was my 3rd show (the other 2 being in nyc) and it just seems nyc fans “get it” better.

    other than that, wow. the band was just great and i thank them for coming to such a pathetic place. it’s funny—i was freaking out about how now one was getting into it in dallas and “coincidentally” Thom made a remark about dallas right then and there—then they went into the song “optimistic” – i wish i could be optimistic about it here… however, the songs that really apply to Dallas, TX are “fake plastic trees” – since everyone is fake and plastic here and “subterranean homesick alien” – since everyone is UPTIGHT–and seemingly living for their secrets.

  • Dude, its Texas what do you want?

  • Eight show and they’ve played karma poilcie only once… They played it at nearly every show in 2006 🙁
    I just hope they’ll ply it when I go to see them ^^

  • Oups, sorry for the mistakes I made, typing on my keyboard

  • i was at the houston and dallas shows and i am not from texas (minneapolis)… i did like this setlist a bit better (plus we had better seats, one off the pit) but the fact that the pit wasn’t full and the lack of energy was a issue. houston wasn’t much better. my next shows will be back to back in london at victoria park, i am hoping for a blowout there…

  • I ahve always wanted to hear Dollars and Cents live. They’ve been to Tampa already, haven’t they? 🙁 I guess I’m not going to see them this time around.

  • Umm, I was there and could barely hear Thom’s comment about Dallas, but i could have sworn it was a positive comment…

  • The show was amazing, the crowd was
    entertianing and you must have been in
    shitty seats because we had the whole
    section singing, dancing, and enjoying.

    Set list was a great one, as versitile
    as they could be, entertaining old fans
    and the new ones.


  • wow, dallassucks really sucks. be sure to put your nose down before you get home… glad you live somewhere else.
    The show rocked.

  • The show was AMAZING! I don’t know what that dude was talking about because everyone around me was dancing like NUTS! The show was just awesome…I LOVE RADIOHEAD

  • Seriously, the crowd was crazy compared to Houston! My seventh Radiohead show, probably ranks 4th behind both Berkeley shows in 6/06 and Dallas 4/98. This show was amazing and my section (100) was totally into it. Maybe dallasucks wasn’t there, I just don’t know what the reasoning could be behind that review? Anyway, get to see 5 California shows in August. Can’t wait!

  • If you want to put it up there, I heard them soundchecking Dollars and Cents and All I Need; my friends said they heard How To Disappear, but I was in line at that point and the wall blocked all the sound.

  • Oh! And section 100 was totally into it 🙂 I was there! Second row! Sucks that there was all that empty space in the pit though, made me really sad…

  • “DallasSucks” you are on crack. I’ve only seen RH around 25 times (a number of those in NYC) but I can tell you that the Dallas show had just as many people loving the show as the NYC ones. I met a lot of great people having a blast at both this show and the Houston show. Also, as a side note, I thought both performances were spectacular. Houston really appealed to my love of the new stuff while Dallas gave me some of my old favorites (The Bends and Exit Music in particular). One more thing: Your derision of people because of where they live is ignorant and unacceptable.

  • wow, dallassucks…way to be a downer. just be grateful that radiohead is so amazing and lets you witness them live. maybe you’re the “funny guy” who was heckling thom during exit music. keep in mind that a lot of the people who saw the show traveled from all over the country and if we were lame, then dallas doesn’t hold full responsibility for the lameness. if you had been waiting outside the gates for 5 hours before the gates opened…you’d find that many of the people in the pit were diehard RH fans. you must have had really shitty seats because everyone around me in the pit was going crazy. it was the closest i’ll ever be to radiohead and i was screaming and dancing the whole night. if the crowd were so lame, why would phil have taken a picture of the audience?

    i heart radiohead. this one was definitely one for the good days.

  • oh, i believe they also sound checked lucky and optimistic. can somebody else confirm this? i was walking back and forth a lot so i only heard snippets.

  • I got Ed’s “There There drumstick here too!!!” yay!

  • my third Radiohead show and it was amazing. i was in the pit and everyone around me was completely into the show. the sound and lights were incredible. i thought the setlist was perfect. too bad some clown piped off and heckled Thom. haha

  • what exactly did the heckler say?

  • Dude that show was fucking amazing!

  • The heckler said something, and Thom went off on him.

    “Your a funny guy, Why don’t you come back and be funny later.”

  • Malahide Castle,Dublin,7th June.20 minute train from my house.

    im gonna get sooooo stoned.

    God i hope they play myxomatosis,still havent heard it live other than on youtube.

  • I thought Dallas was great!

    All jokes aside. Not everyone dances when they are at a concert, but they could be enjoying it just as much as some one dancing like an idiot. I happened to be the latter, they could have fit more people in the pit, but it wasn’t because they couldn’t fill it. I bet there were 19,800 people that would have loved taking a spot down there.

    Second show of the tour and forth ever…It is amazing every time!!!!

  • I thought the Heckler was screaming for Creep. I was in the PIT, but I could be mistaken.

  • That was an amazing show last night! I was so excited to hear A Wolf at the Door and Bodysnatchers was perfect. I spoke to one guy after the show and he said he came all the way from Argentina for this. That’s some dedication! I hope they don’t wait another 10 years before they come back to Dallas. Thanks Radiohead!

  • I was at the pit right in front of Ed. It seemed full (you do know that they can not fill the pit for fire safety reasons, right?). This was my 4th and favorite Radiohead show. The crowd was the best I had seen and my girlfriend Gina (FakePlasticMe) who has seen them 14 times agreed. The band was in such a good mood and Ed had a rapport with our group because we were going wild. The girl that Thom said “I love you too darling” was with us. WATD was amazing. The best live version ever? Blew the Houston show out of the water in my opinion even though the venue was worse. Radiohead dedicated Paranoid Android to Liars who were good, despite sound problems.

  • I agree about the band being in a good mood…they seemed to be having fun.

  • I heard part of the soundcheck when hanging out at Fair Parks. They played Lucky twice, Optimistic twice, and Pyramid Song. I don’t know what came before or if anything came after. Their “waterboy” walked by us with a bag full of water and 5 Starbucks looking coffee cups. Good to see a rare smile out of Yorke during Army and the heckling of the heckler was funny shit. There was more to it than what’s in the setlist above. Something like showing him something funny after finishing the song or a mix of those words.

  • Apparently the heckler yelled out “Hook ’em Horns”

  • Nevermind… he yells out something else

  • Well, I can attest personally that it was an amazing concert and that Dallas did enjoy it. This was my first Radiohead show (and I imagine the first for alot of other people from Dallas considering how the band’s fan base must have grown considerably in the last ten years) It was hands down one the best shows I’ve ever seen, but I think because I was so awestruck I had a hard time reacting like a normal concert goer would. You know with all the screaming and singing along and everything. I found myself just standing there and smiling alot of the time cos I couldn’t really do anything else… But just because I wasn’t yelling out “Thom!!!” at inappropriate times does not mean I didn’t enjoy the show. alot.

    ps/see you all in seattle!! 🙂

  • The Dallas show was AMAZING. First time seeing RH and hopefully not the last. But what’s the deal with all the Dallas bashing? Who are these clowns? For a city that doesn’t have the ocean or mountains it’s a great city. The show was great and the fans appreciated it. The section I was in was totally into it.

  • just listen – you guys are like girls in school – stop deciding saying what is wrong and what is not – is fu_)_)@@@ radiohead . . . i enjoyed everything – 2 shows in SF and 2006 in BSTN – its f{}{O()_ radiohead – just listen – we can use blogs for other things – or not at all


  • Dallas and Houston suck as cities, anyone from Texas knows that. If Radiohead wants to be cool they need to come to Austin and San Antonio. Houston and Dallas, who the hell wants to live there?

  • Oh I was at the Houston show, smoking some super skunk, I have to say wow, the show rocked, but I heard the lawn was really quiet. RADIOHEAD, YOU NEED TO COME TO AUSTIN AND/OR SAN ANTONE, WHERE THE REAL TEXANS LIVE!! NOT THE GW BUSH SUPPORTERS!!

  • Here’s what I heard as far as the sound check goes (I was there all afternoon): All I Need (A couple of times), Optimistic (A couple of times), Lucky, Bangers N Mash, Pyramid Song, Dollars & Cents, and the Gloaming (I was so stoked to hear that one!)

  • Austin was made for Radiohead. San Antonio would have worked too.
    Dallas’ crowd was completely embarrasing.

    The soundcheck definitely contained:
    Dollars and cents
    How to dissapear completely
    part of bodysnatchers and part of bangers
    I’m not sure about the others because I went for a walk, but I heard those ones for sure.

    The band sounded perfect. Wolf at the door was a great highlight.
    The butchered “optimistic” but whatever, it was still sweet.

  • geez, enough with the Dallas and Houston bashing already. it’s completely irrelevant where Radiohead play because they create beauty and transform every place they go. who cares where they play as long as they keep playing? say what you will about dallas but that show rocked. not a weak moment in the set. i’m just going to relive this night in my head until i see them again for my birthday in august.

    oh, if anyone has good video of wolf at the door, please post it. haven’t found one with great audio quality yet.

  • I saw the show in Bristow, and it sounds like this one was just as good (set list).

  • I was at the dentist today; as the dentist rested her arm on my cheek that was numb from novacaine, I thought: I wish nude was on the radio as oppossed to the Pigeon Detectives. Still, at least someone drilling on the nerve of a tooth took my mind real agony

  • I think the lady screaming at us on the sidewalk (‘TAKE YOUR LAWN CHAIRS BACK TO THE CAR’, ‘IF YOU HAVE BLANKETS, GET READY TO SHAKE THEM OUT’) was a better opener than Liars.


    If you were there….you know.

  • This Dallas show was simply amazing. Sound quality was awesome. The new stage and lighting was off the hook. I was in section 101 behind the pit, and it was pure awesomeness. Check out this guys video collection of the show:

    Really, really good video and sound.

  • I’m going to gut all of the Texas bashers.

    You’re just hating cause we have the death penalty.

  • Yea but I am from Texas, just bashing Dallas and H-town is all.

  • great set, and a good show that ended up not being worth the trouble. My girlfriend and I left Denton at 630 figuring we didn’t really care to see the opening band and we have lawn tix so we’ll just sit near the back anyway.

    We cruise down I35 with no problems. Get 1 mile from I30 when the traffic starts. We hit the traffic at about 700 that evening and we’re about 4 miles from the venue. We pull in to the parking lot of the venue at ten minutes after nine. The worst traffic jam I’ve ever experienced in my life. And I’ve evacuated for hurricanes so I’ve seen my share of traffic jams.

    Seems the venue had ONE LANE OF TRAFFIC entering from our direction. So we ended up missing the first 5 songs. We stood at the back of the lawn and it just amazed me how many people were at this show who were just looking to walk around and hang out. We really enjoyed the show mind you, but it didn’t compare at all to when I saw Radiohead in New Orleans on their last tour. That was in a much better venue with better sound, and a venue that was much easier to actually get to. So in the end it was a great set, lackluster sound system, terrible venue.

  • Todd,
    That wasn’t traffic from the concert, there was actually a car to car shooting on the freeway that caused the backup. I ended up detouring around it going through downtown Dallas (thanks to my GPS) and got there in plenty of time.

  • I had a blast but I was with first timers so I mostly enjoyed watching them enjoy the show. I was genuinely concerned about the setlist until the first encore. There was a ton of overlap with Houston ’03.

  • Dollars and Cents – YES!

    Great setlist, although eliminating Idioteque is unacceptable…

  • Joe, what are you talking about? They played it.

  • Damn – best setlist of this tour so far?

  • Check out my band

  • I’ve seen all the youtube videos and looks like a hell of a concert! Amazing! I wish they would come over to Greece and I really wouldn’t care about the setlist. I hear you all moan and can’t get it, really… U’re so lucky having seen them. Appreciate it at least.

  • holy shit! i was at this one! can’t believe it. i was wanting them to play street spirit, sail to the moon, kid a, and how to disappear completely. but oh well i seen Fuckn RADIOHEAD!

  • You americans. You never really experienced Radiohead until you see them live outside of your boring country. I´ve seen RH 26 times live. I was even at the show at the Hollywood Bowl sitting next to Brad Pit and friends chick and Ed Norton and Salma. I was at the Coachella show where they DID play Creep and actually met Tom backstage as he was checking the site while the Pixies where playing. Benicassim FIB with MUSE, all over Spain, London, France, Germany… the best RH shows are in Europe becasue it is just so much relaxed and free. Yes Dallad is the lamest city in the world, and texas for all I care. I feel sorry for all of you who will never leave your stupid country.

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