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Best of Radiohead in stores today

Radiohead Best OfToday is a historic day in Radiohead releases when ‘The Best of Radiohead’ hits the stores. EMI/Parlophone will release the compilation album today (and through Capitol in North America tomorrow).

For all the years Radiohead were signed to the major record label, a release in this form seemed unlikely as the band didn’t feel like splitting up their tracks on a single album. After Radiohead decided not to renew their contract with EMI and released their latest album ‘In Rainbows’ with smaller indie labels, EMI announced the album several months ago to coincide the release with Radiohead’s world tour. Radiohead however were not amused. Ed O’Brien said: “We won’t be doing any promotion for that, obviously.” Phil Selway just had to wait and see what the label would come up with: “It’s well within their rights to do it. [sigh]”

We’re not really bothered about it,” says Thom Yorke with a sigh that suggests quite the opposite. “If they spend a wodge of cash trying to get those songs heard again, then great, but our management tried to tell them that people don’t really buy greatest hits any more. Only in Britain, nowhere else. iTunes has seen to that. You might not make your money back. And we haven’t really had any hits, so what exactly is the purpose?

“But there’s nothing we can do about it. The work is really public property now anyway, in my head at least. It’s a wasted opportunity in that if we’d been behind it, and we wanted to do it, then it might have been good.”

The Best of Radiohead‘ is out on Single CD, 2 CD Limited Edition, 4 LP Vinyl & DVD Edition. In the June issue of Exclaim an ad was found for the release, but at the label they failed to spell Paranoid Android correctly, unless we’ve got a new song to look forward to: Paranoin Android.

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  • Crap idea. Good artwork though

  • The 4 LP version might actually make a nice collectible.

  • In Canada at least, the single CD edition spells “Idioteque) as “Idiotesque” on the back cover of the CD case…funny, after that whole “Paranoin Android” business.

  • I have a sneaking suspicion that EMI is purposely misspelling to really irk the boys…nasty breakups and such.

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