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Thom & Jonny play Portishead’s ‘The Rip’

Radiohead have soundchecked Portishead’s ‘The Rip’ various times on the first leg of the North American tour in May, but the song from Portishead’s latest album never made it to the setlists.

Colin Greenwood posted a version of the song on Waste Central, performed by Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood. Have a look:

Find more videos like this on w.a.s.t.e. central

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  • Not a big fan of portishead, but it sounds good. What the hell is waste central though?


  • my god. i’d die for a double bill.

  • […] jonny do "the rip" , Portishead song. The vid is on waste.. here’s the link from atease:Radiohead At Ease [In Rainbows]

  • […] covering “The Rip”, a song off Portishead’s lastest album, Third. According to At Ease, the song has been performed during recent sound checks, but never before in front a live […]

  • Im in love

  • Amazing. They should really add this to their setlist. It would be really great to hear this when I see them in Toronto!

  • Ha they’re just as bad as the rest of us on youtube.

    (not bad as in performance but as in doing a cover and posting on interwebs)

  • Awesome

  • third is one of the best albums that I’ve heard since a couple of years, and these guys are just amazing. see you on Daydream

  • That’s awesome.

    I saw this song’s music video on TV and I didn’t know who it was but I loved it!
    I made sure to wait until the name popped up on screen but my dog distracted me as it happend and I only got the end of it as it zoomed off screen. Somehow my brain caught the word “Portishead” and I typed it on youtube and found it!

    Now one of my fav bands are covering it!


  • this is so cool!


  • Radiohead are the best, Portishead are the best, this is the best!

  • very Faust-Arpy wouldn’t you say??

  • […] (via Radiohead At Ease) […]

  • […] (via Radiohead At Ease) […]

  • I keep watching and listening to this video. I really appreciate the fact that they posted it up for us.

    A proper b-side or compilation release for this song would be great

  • this reminds me of those funny youtube videos with a fan in front of a webcam making a fool out of himself trying to passionately cover his favorite band

  • Thanks Thom and Jonny! x 🙂

  • Oh Colin for recording!

  • […] of Jonny, he and Thom did an impromptu live performance of “The Rip,” a track off the new Portishead album, Third. It’s a nice […]

  • Third is an AMAZING album. I hope they record this properly or play it when i see them in New Jersey.

  • actually this is a mac ad

  • […] emailed me to say they had been playing it and that they’d put it up on their site of them playing it in the dressing room – Thom and Jonny: “Thom sounds beautiful singing it, it was amazing, such a buzz.” | […]

  • That is dynamite. So beautiful.

  • i do and i don’t regret to say this… portishead’s version is still 2 chafillijonion times better. it feels so raw. “disappointed and sore.” wow, what a line.

  • […] Nick Uff, here’s an interview. Here’s a version of the song performed by Thom Yorke and Jonny […]

  • […] Nick Uff, HERE for an interview. HERE is a version of the song performed by Thom Yorke and Jonny […]

  • […] out a version done by Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood. […]

  • Thanks for the remix!

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