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Two women, Three covers

Time to throw in some Radiohead covers, as a balance for all the Dublin bootlegs. Two female vocalist this time: Olga Bell and Emily Neveu.

Olga Bell leads the New York band BELL from and performed an interesting cover of Radiohead’s ‘Videotape’ blending in with Thom Yorke’s ‘The Eraser’. Calico Horse singer Emily Neveu has covered Radiohead’s ‘Idioteque’. The San Diego band have just released a new album.

For both tracks, head over to Fine Fine Music.


  • Can’t profess to be a fan of that idioteque cover…… Loses energy and doesn’t make up for it.. The harmonies really start to annoy me after a while….

    Still think this is one of the greatest idioteque covers

  • Anybody know how I can download that cover of Videotape/Eraser? I thought that was a pretty cool cover!

  • booyashaka. Videotape/The Eraser mp3:

  • Dont like the Videotape/Eraser cover but think the idioteque is really good, sounds beautiful.

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