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Portishead impressed by Radiohead’s cover

Radiohead’s cover of Portishead’s ‘The Rip’ was well received by the band themselves. Talking to BBC 6Music Portishead’s Adrian Utley said he heard about the cover from an e-mail from Colin Greenwood.

Utley: “I know because Colin from the band emailed me to say they had been playing it and that they’d put it up on their site of them playing it in the dressing room – Thom and Jonny: “Thom sounds beautiful singing it, it was amazing, such a buzz.”


  • woo! and the love keeps going round.

  • this report contradicts itself. in the title it says the e-mail was sent by Jonny, in the text, by Colin.

  • Plus there’s an extraneous ” in the body text.

    I call for a revolution.

  • very informative thank you!

  • Adriaan means Colin – you can read the context here:

  • Yay!

  • aww..

  • wow, maybe this inspire them to play it live at a gig… whould love to hear the full band playing it!

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