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Radiohead: Live in Nimes – Night 1 [live report]

Tonight, Radiohead will play the beautiful Arenes de Nimes in France. This is show number 6 of the European tour and the third in France.

People are already queueing for the show since the morning. Of course we’ll keep you updated on the setlist later on.

Soundcheck: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, Myxomatosis, Where I End And You Begin, There There, Talk Show Host, No Surprises, Bangers and Mash & Reckoner.

For the die-hards, here’s the soundcheck of Arpeggi:

Here are some photos from the Arenes de Nimes:

Radiohead Nimes
Radiohead Nimes
Radiohead Nimes

The band took stage at 10 pm sharp.

01. Reckoner (Thom: “Bonsoir”)
02. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
03. Myxomatosis
04. All I Need (Thom: “Messierus et dames merci!”)
05. Pyramid Song
06. Nude (Thom: “I want to see the people in the top”. House lights are turned on.)
07. There There
08. The National Anthem
09. Faust Arp
10. Videotape
11. No Surprises
12. 15 Step
13. Where I End and You Begin
14. Idioteque
15. Everything in its Right Place (Thom lets himself fall on the front off the stage. Then sits himself down during the song)
16. Street Spirit (Fade out)
17. Bodysnatchers

18. House of Cards
19. Talk Show Host (False start. Started again after one minute)
20. Exit Music (For A Film)
21. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
22. Karma Police

23. Bangers and Mash (Thom: If you don’t know this song then just dance. Or laugh at my drumming.” Jonny fell over at the end of the song.)
24. Planet Telex (Thom: Merci tout le monde. Bonne nuit”)

Bangers and Mash:


  • beautiful!

  • What a coliseum rip off.

  • There are quite a few of them, actually. Used to be quite ‘en vogue’ in Roman times ;)

    But, it is definately gorgeous. And no doubt the acoustics are great as well.

  • Tres magnifique. Lucky bastards.

    Methinks “Like Spinning Plates” would be particularly moving in this venue.

  • damn what a venue!

  • In 2000 I saw them play in the superb Roman ampitheatre in Arles. A great night is guaranteed.

  • talk show host sucks bag

    i wish i was there
    they should camera this show

  • god, i went there last summer, in that arena….damn, wish i was there now!!!!

  • nice… it’s cool to get a chance to hear the soundcheck

  • Sounds and looks great. Wish I was there.

  • Would love to see Radiohead in such a venue.

  • die hard = videos soundchecks :P

    Wonderful place, lovely day. :)
    (and gorgeous Ed singing :wub: )

  • In the video, where the hell was the person recording it? was he/she sitting up on a tree? it sure looks like it to me. Hah.

  • Nope, hotel room with a nice view ;)

  • Wow, that is insane. I wish we had arenas like such here in the states. Closest thing I know is the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA.

  • That’s an awesome venue!

  • Holy shit! No Surprises! OMFG! Sooo excited!

  • 01. Reckoner



  • Talk Show Host again. Montreal or Boston. Montreal or Boston. Montreal or Boston.


  • 25 reckoner pa pa pa pa

  • Why were they all falling over?

  • end with PLANET TELEX !!!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play Climbing Up The Wall tomorrow !!!

  • Jonny, Bangers and Mash isn’t Just.

  • Why does Europe get the best set lists?

  • Was there. Best tune : TSH, really insane !

  • ‘No surprises’ and ‘Talk Show Host’…


    Now hoping you play… ‘Let Down’, ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’, ‘I Might Be Wrong’, ‘Subterrenian Homesick Alien’, ‘Bones’, ‘Go To Sleep’, ‘Kid A’, ‘Knives Out’ and ‘Electioneering’!!


  • bangers and mash isn’t just…it’s ten times better! worth falling over for, certainly

  • That is an AWESOME setlist. Hope both dates at Victoria Park can be something akin to that.

  • No surprises, TSH and Karma Police?? I’m jealous!

  • noooooo !!!
    karma police on the 14th ? and I’m not there :’(
    Let’s just hope they’ll play it one more time tonight ! PLeeeeeaaaaaasssseeee !

  • I think I still don’t realize that I was there, and that the 5 person moving and playing on stage were actually Ed, Colin, Phil, Thom and Jonny :)

    We started to stand up for the entrance at 18h30. Radiohead started their show at 22h00 and it ended at 00h10.

    The show was video-recorded. The setup for recording the scene was already installed when we entered the arena. A guy arrived later, and hooked up his Apple (*)Book laptop to the camera to do some video-checks, and record the whole show on it I suppose. So, if anyone knows if it is available, or will be, then please tell us. I want this video ! :)

    The scene lighting is marvelous ! The suspended “neon” produces some absolute feeric effects. During “Everything in its right place”, the lyrics of the song was scrolling on the tubes in big red letters.

    The video system on stage was also great. On the back of the scene was a large wide video panel showing 5 square : one for each Radiohead member, that provided close-up video of them.

    The weather was fine and sunny, but a little bit chilling as the night started to fall. So, get some clothes for tonight show.

  • So great !
    Exit music : Le silence de 25 000 fans, j’avais des frissons (I had chills ??)

  • They also played part of a pixies song from doolittle during the soundcheck, a mere 30 second or so, towards the end of the soundcheck they also played the outro to optimistic

  • wow, interesting setlist. opening w/ reckoner? myxamatosis in the middle of several slower-paced songs at the beginning? you can’t accuse them of not mixing things up.

  • Before Bangers n Mash, Thom said : “If you dont know this song, …just dance. If you wanna have a laugh, watch me drumming.” and then added “Guess you don’t understand what i’m saying” :D mais si Thom, on a compris !

    And Jonny had a problem at 15 step 2nd verse. His guitar didn’t do any sound, and thom stopped singing.

  • They soundchecked a riff of a Pixies song too: “Caribou” (just the guitar intro)!!!

  • [...] sixth show of the Radiohead European tour took place in Nimes at Arenes de Nimes. According to AtEase the band soundchecked Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, Myxomatosis, Where I End And You Begin, There There, [...]

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