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Phil Selway interviewed for The List

Scottish music magazine ‘The List‘ have a an interview with Phil Selway, which has also been published online. The Radiohead drummer talks about success, self-indulgence and their reputation as the most miserable men in rock.

Phil: ‘There’s a danger of trying to second guess where this concept of Radiohead should go, and not actually getting to listen to what’s happening between the five people in the room.

‘The whole process of making music is very self-indulgent anyway, spending all that time thinking about the music and yourself and then you talk about yourself an awful lot and you go out and do the shows and you are the centre of that universe. It can be very unhealthy. You have to find ways of pricking that bubble, just to remind yourselves that what you’re actually doing here is creating music. That’s significant as it is, and that’s as it should be.’

Further on in the interview: Is there a chance he and his band mates have been misrepresented by the press all these years?

Phil: ‘No, I don’t think there have been misconceptions about us really. The [miserable reputation] is a fair cop,’ admits Selway. ‘One of the big causes of that was Meeting People is Easy [the 1998 documentary showing the band being downright glum on the OK Computer tour] and that was only ever kind of one part of that year. It was a very dominant part of the year but it did have its lighter moments as well. We have always been quite a serious band and hopefully we’re a bit more playful now; I think we’re getting there.’

Read it in full over at The List website.

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  • HTTT was ‘turgid’? Weird how so many journalists are quick to write off that album since IR. Not their best but certainly not worthy of such kneejerk slagging, no?

  • Kid A not one of the “most inspired?” Yikes. I think he deserves a comment for that one.

  • I absolutely love Phil

  • Always interesting to see a band member interviewed, but that was a pretty shit article. No wonder they think most music journos aren’t worth talking to…

  • Really bad article.

  • phil is the man.

  • “focussed”? focused my friend,focused..

  • OK Computer and Kid A are the big ones. Seriously, what’s this guy on?

  • i am not a genius or a wizard but believe me – i can recognize great people with fantastic positive energy ( not too common on this times specially ) and Phil is one of those – i felt it

  • Focussed is also acceptable.

  • Three paragraphs in and this guys has already made a number of mistakes. Yikes!

  • “With the release of In Rainbows late last year, they added a third bona fide classic to their armoury alongside The Bends and OK Computer. Only REM can claim such levels of contemporary commercial and critical success.”

    I can’t be the only one who laughed here

  • This guy talks about Kid A like it was a failure or something. It was thier biggest commercial success and only half the critics didnt get it when it first came out. But in retrospect, this journalist should be able to realise that Kid A was one of Radiohead’s best albums.

  • This was a fucking rubbish interview. Left me feeling dick all by the end of it. It reads as though it is designed to be read by people who will never listen to their music. Boring Boring Boring. The only bit I liked was ‘vibrating chunks of energy’ when he describes IR. That got me a bit wet. Only a bit mind…

  • “Most common or garden international rock phenomena will manage to create one moment of truly inspired musical magic in their time: Nirvana, TRAVIS…” Ha hahahahahahahah exactly which Travis moment was that then? Fuck off you twat. What an absolute cock this guy is.

  • HTTT was ‘turgid’? Weird how so many journalists are quick to write off that album since IR. Not their best but certainly not worthy of such kneejerk slagging, no?


    The band themselves are unhappy with it also.

  • Radiohead thank you for being sooo bumbed out to save me from my own tragedy. You have lifted me when I deserved to be down. Thank you for your heart and courage to keep making music. DONT STOP. I am honored to hear your hearts and voices and gifts. I hope to hear more and more and more albums throughout my life. No matter what direction you choose to go in make it sound like Radiohead. I still find it pleasing that you are together in the direction you take the band. May the Lord Jesus give you strength to spread His Love over the world.

  • What?

    I lollered at that.


  • HTTT>In Rainbows
    Kid A>OK Computer
    this article=shite

  • that was a terribly written article by a guy who did barely any research or listened to any music. ugh.

  • I agree with Josh. HTTT is completely underrated (I don’t care if the band members don’t think so–it’s one of my favorite albums) and Kid A is their magnum opus. I love In Rainbows but it ranks almost last out of my favorite Radiohead albums (only Pablo Honey ranks lower).

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