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Stanley Donwood exhibits in Amsterdam

Stanley DonwoodRadiohead will play Amsterdam at the Westerpark on July 1st this year. On the same day Stanley Donwood will start a new exhibition in Amsterdam: ‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays’

Stanley Donwood previously had an exhibition in The Netherlands at V!P’s Gallery in Rotterdam: ‘Department of Reclusive Paranoia’ V!P’s have opened a new gallery at Spiegelgracht 8 in Amsterdam, where Stanley will exhibit some new and older work.

‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays’ is a line stolen from Buzzcocks, says Stanley. “I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to put in it, but there will definitely be some paintings of asthma inhalers, the 4 metre-long Kozo print of London Views, and the first showing of the large Fleet Street being destroyed by fire and flood linocut that I chiselled out earlier this year.”

Four new ‘bear’ screenprints will be part of the show as well. You can visit the exhibition at V!P’s Gallery at Spiegelgracht 8 in Amsterdam from July 1st to August 3 2008.

Stanley Donwood

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  • Very cool. Makes me wish I was in Amsterdam this summer.

  • *cries*

  • Yayy stanley!

  • Hooray! I’ll be missing the show (shakes fist) but I’ll be back home in Holland in time to see this.

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  • I wish I could go.

  • I just saw an issue of “The Word” with Thom Yorke on the cover and it’s at least a few pages worth of an interview with Radiohead!

  • Guess who will be in Amsterdam? Guess who lives there? Guess who will go to that concert and maybe also that exhibition? … Did you guess? It’s me…

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  • The line “Everybodys happy nowadays” was taken from the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Probably the only book the members of The Buzzcocks ever read..

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  • it says the reception is july 2nd, do you think this is reserved only or anyone can go??

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  • seen it today – i thought there were going to be some sketches as well, but hey. i thought the etches (i’ve never seen before) were breathtaking. so were the prices for most pieces (14.000 for the long woodcut, anyone?) got the book, cause i’m a collector i guess.

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