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Weezer (and fans) cover ‘Creep’

In an earlier report, we told you about Weezer asking fans to bring over their instruments for the bands Hootenanny. The result is already available.

In Portland quite a number of Weezer fans joined the band playing Radiohead’s Creep. Here’s the video:

Weezer cover Radiohead’s Creep, live in Portland from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

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  • Wasn’t that Fantastic!!!??

  • everybody looks so bored. especially rivers.

  • ?!?!? Woh… strange but nice !…

  • That’s was actually pretty good.

  • that looks so fun

  • That’s cool! Cool beans.

  • it would sound better without the off-the-tempo percussion..

  • At least someone is playing it.

    But I still think this will be played live by Radiohead before the year is over.

  • the tempo’s too fast…

  • it sounds great but the percussion is proper n00bish – something tells me theyre playing percussion because they dont actually play an instrument.

  • How long till Prince has it removed?

  • Portland I LOVE YOU! It’s cool to see
    something like this and it’s nice that it’s my home town.

  • Sounds awesome.

  • how cool was that?!?

  • boobs covering creep at summercamp, sing your own songs Weezer

    Portland did okay though…

  • Sad and fascinating in equal measures.

    I watched/listened to the end. Anyone see the idiot play B minor accidentally….

  • Like someone else said. At least someone is laying it.

    Pretty cool stuff!

  • that was the best cover of creep i have ever seen

  • Coolest ever cover of “Creep”.

  • That was awesome. Turned it into sort of a folk thing.

  • This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen


  • That was actually cooler than I expected. Although I didn’t see any female guitar players for some reason.

  • ha ha! so funny how everyone is making money out of this song, except for the owners 🙂

  • hell yeah that’s awesome. strings and flutes too!

  • kinda creepy….

  • Wonderful. And no Paul, there wasn’t an idiot making mistakes – only someone playing a guitar, having fun, and honoring a great band. Radiohead must be touched by this gesture.

  • I’d be interested to learn what made them choose to do this song. I mean, it’s a great song and everything. But with all due respect to Radiohead, it certainly is no “Imagine” or anything. Especially when the lyrics deal so strongly of self-loathing and despair.

    It’s basically a song about someone with an inferiority complex.

    It’s not really a song to be celebrated. As great as the lyrics might be.

  • The chicks with the violins are so hot man.

  • […] Something really unusual happened during the Hootenanny tour of Weezer in Portland. The band had asked the fans to bring their musical instruments and play/jam with them! Dozens of fans came and the band recorded a live cover of the popular Radiohead song, Creep. I don’t know if you find it usual! I found it really original! Violins, guitars, violas, percussions sets and more were there to give a special cover of Creep. Enjoy the video (many thanks to AtEase): […]

  • really cool idea. is always neat when bands interact with fans, but i’m just so tired of weezer.

  • I love the guy with the ukulele.

  • that was beyong lame

  • that was beyond lame

  • that was so awesome!

  • I’m tired of sex.


    Nice version @ Yahoo

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