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Radiohead From The Basement on iTunes

Radiohead’s performance of the band performing at The Hospital Studio in London is now exclusively available on iTunes.

VH1 broadcast 10 songs last month, which were recorded at Nigel Godrich’s Covent Garden studio. The session entitled RADIOHEAD ‘IN RAINBOWS’ LIVE FROM THE BASEMENT is availabe as 10 separate videos ($0.99 or £ 0.89 per video) on iTunes or in full for $7.99 or £ 6.99 starting today.

Captured in a day, with direction by David Barnard and sound by Nigel Godrich, the videos represent the best recorded representation of Radiohead’s live performance to date. The videos feature live renditions of songs from ‘In Rainbows’ and it’s bonus CD included in its deluxe discbox edition.

The full track listing of video performances is: Bodysnatchers, House of Cards, Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, 15 Step, Reckoner, Go Slowly, Videotape, Bangers ‘n’ Mash, All I Need.

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  • Can’t seem to find the “in full” option on iTunes, only the separate videos.

  • Please, think about what I feel, when I read these news involving iTunes. I automatically become frustrated, because itunes does not function in Brazil, this means that my access to this material is denied.

  • I’m sure these will show up on youtube some day

  • i love radiohead – i ve travelled a lot to see them – i bought the boxset – i am in awe with their message to the world – i am in love with radiohead ‘s music – but i am starting to feel confused with all the i-tunes situation and the buss. behind them in the last months – even on dead air space we have feautures that you can only see if you sign up wich i did and them i deleted myself – i am not saying this is bad but i am confused . . . hope the i-tunes deals are because of the label and it is not up to them – i really thought their point of view of i-tunes and the commertial succes was different – i am confused – not blaming on them ( of you if reading this ) but i am really confused .

    with all my respect


  • @pantrus: I doubt the guys from Radiohead make much money (if any) out of this, so I don’t think they’d bother to make a deal with iTunes themselves.

  • aioli – i understand and i am sure this is not about making money for them – at all ! ! ! – but the action of accepting this to be sell on i-tunes after everything i read months back from them about i-tunes – what i mean is it is on i-tunes because someone is making money – bussiness – and even when i am sure they don t care about making money the material it is still been sold on i-tunes – and it sounded before that they were really against all this buss – there ‘s millons of ways to make that available for free or just sell the material on Dead Air Space – i would personally maybe buy it on DAS why to give money to the corporation behind I-tunes ?

    anyway – i am not a judge – thank god i am not – but i ve been feeling touched about a lot of things lately that are very commercial oriented and i think they could be easily avoiv if they wanted to

    again and again – not trying to tell them what to do or being a judge – i am just a bit ” touched ” since i really believe in them and their words and actions

    i thank you for trying to keep me positive –

    ps: do we still remember all the talk about ” NO LOGO ” days ??????

  • umm. Myxomatosis anyone?

  • apple is one of the most anti-green companies there is. they don’t give a flying fuck about the enviornment (and while we are at it, they use sweatshops to manufacture all those ipods)

    radiohead should be ashamed that they are linked into this mess.


  • I’m watching the previews on iTunes, and is anyone else disappointed with the quality? They look really grainy. Wasn’t this shot in HD?

  • I agree with Steve. Myxomatosis? Was it not included because of its highly offensive content that just has no place on iTunes? Come on!!!!

  • Was broadcasted on VH1 :

    Bodysnatchers / Nude / Myxomatosis / Weird Fishes-Arpeggi / House of Cards / 15 Step / Optimistic / Reckoner / Where I End and You Begin

    And is sold on iTunes : Bodysnatchers / Nude / Weird Fishes-Arpeggi / House of Cards / 15 Step / Reckoner / Go Slowly / Videotape / Bangers ‘n’ Mash / All I Need.

    They’ll probably release another DVD with all the tracks this time to get some more money.

  • The HTTT tracks and Optimistic were not included because then it’s no longer just “In Rainbows from The Basement.” Similar to I Might Be Wrong tracks focusing only on Kid A and Amnesiac. I actually prefer it in this fashion.

  • I would actually prefer what Manu is suggesting. I listen to my iPod everyday (nice distraction in the morning bus on the way to work) but I never really watch it.

  • They’re all on youtube already, both Thom’s solo recordings from a while ago (Videotape, Down Is The New Up, Last Flowers) and Radiohead’s session.

  • Oh, and Analyse is in Thom’s session too.

  • The files is labeled as ‘iTunes Plus’ (= 256 kbps, no DRM) BUT… the bitrates are almost 128 kbps and the video files are protected.. so bummer. But the performance is grreat.

  • They don’t even have Where I End and You Begin. That’s the only one I really want.

  • All the From the Basement vids, including Thom’s solo performance, VH1’s broadcast and the iTunes exclusive vids are already on YouTube! 🙂 BTW – the iTunes Bangers is the version featured on a while ago.

  • no Jigsaw though, weeeak. Am I the only one who doesnt care much for Bangers? Not really feeling that one

  • Anyone know if jigsaw was recorded the same day, but not included on the vid?

  • This is not the full session. For some reason iTunes left off:
    Where I End And You Begin
    I Might Be Wrong
    The Gloaming which not many people know.

  • goood article

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