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Radiohead Live in Glasgow [live report]

Radiohead have only one show in Scotland scheduled. The band will play Glasgow Green tonight, which is one of the scarce UK tour dates of the World Tour.

Before the show, Thom posted a picture of one of the rainbows that appeared at the start of the European Tour at Dublin’s Malahide’s Castle earlier this Month. Thom: “Malahide in rainbow. today in glasgow its raining. sometimes this happens in glasgow. it doesn’t matter. bring a raincoat. and i f the sun comes out it may look like this. this is from the first nights show in dublin. just before we went on. alan mcdermott took it.”


01 15 Step
02 Airbag
03 There There
04 All I Need
05 Nude
06 Arpeggi/Weird Fishes
07 The Gloaming
08 The National Anthem with Hunting Bears outro
09 Faust Arp
10 No Surprises (Thom: “There was a guy showing me his nipples in that one”)
11 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
12 Reckoner
13 Just
14 Bangers and Mash
15 Everything In Its Right Place
16 Fake Plastic Trees
17 Bodysnatchers

Encore 1
18 Videotape
19 Paranoid Android
20 Myxomatosis
21 Optimistic
22 Karma Police

Encore 2
23 Like Spinning Plates
24 2 + 2 = 5
25 Idioteque

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  • in rainbows

  • Haha that is so perfect.

  • wonderful

  • if they play talk show host tonight i will kill ’em

  • Very nice

  • You’re welcome!

  • wow great photo alan!

  • its funny cause during the concert they will be “in rainbows”

  • No way, really?

  • Probably the best set list so far

  • wow. they played optimistic. damn. i was hoping they’d save that for manchester

  • encore 2 is unreal! 2+2=5!

  • wow, Like Spinning Plates, 2+2=5 and then Idioteque! That would have been amazing. I hope they play that exact encore in Manchester 😀

  • they play this at one of my shows and I promise I won’t complain about the setlists 🙂

  • best setlist this their whole tour

  • Karma Police, Just, Paranoid Android AND Fake Plastic Trees??!! Lucky bastard

    I went to both London shows and would’ve loved to see Fake Plastic Trees

  • no house of cards!!!!!!!!

  • god damn it! stop playing the gloaming… thats a horrible song!

  • I like The Gloaming. But they should probably replace it with something better off that album, like Go To Sleep.

  • I’m so jeaulus they played ‘Like Spinning Plates’.

    They should play and oldie like ‘Blowout’!! 😀

  • I was there. Best night of my entire fucking life EVER.

  • i like the gloaming, so glad house of cards was dropped, it’s being overplayed a lot.

  • This is the best set list so far.

    I would giz my pants to if i saw this.

  • I’d trade The Gloaming for the occasional IMBW

  • Gloaming = very good

    no House of Cards = lucky you !

  • You spoil us. All the classics and the new ones sound great live especially Jigsaw. The gloomy weather added to the special atmos even if Mr Yorke suggested we move down south (which brought out a chorus of boos inc Ed) 🙂

  • it seems like every night people say it’s the best setlist. i think that’s cool, it means they’re on top of their game. at this point they have such a wealth of great songs to pull from it’s really difficult to play a bad set. best band in the world.

  • thanks life for this gift

    the gig was FUCKING A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    id call it a perfect circle.
    nothing missing, no left overs.

    un be lieve able

    thank you, thank you …

  • Hunting Bears outtro.. Sounds really nice.

  • Why do people curse on these boards so much?

  • How was it?

  • The comment for the Scottish fans to go liiii live “down south” ( admitedly just to get better weather) went down like a lead balloon with fans who had waited a couple of hours in the rain – despite the set list, it took another hour or so to really win back the fans. Glasgow is a hard audience to win over – the two encores were brilliant. I think Radiohead should just stop these outside concerts in the UK and play proper halls where the music sounds a lot better.

  • The gig last night was too good. Me and my mates were the guys with all the cups, you may have seen us. We collected 650 cups and made 65 quid for more drink!

  • Gotta disagree there, everyone around me were going crazy from beginning to end. The fans loved every minute of it, the atmosphere was fantastic. The rain was fine, we topped it up with cups of water. It just made Paranoid Android a whole lot better. Amazing gig.

  • great photo!! i hope noone has complains from Radiohead Glasgow setlist

    when RH play paranoid android i am always satisfied from the setlist!!

    and 2+2=5 and There There and almost the whole in rainbows..(except for house of cards)

  • yeah i agree carson
    was watching a youtube vid crowd seemed so into it
    never bothered going to it oh well

  • No Surprises Glasgow Green

  • You shoulda went, it was simply amazing, best thing ever!

  • I must confess that I was more of a casual Radiohead fan before this gig – and it was up there with when I seen the Pixies (who are my absolute idols), just absolutely stunning. My mind is still tingling from such an awesome gig, so, so good!

  • Gloaming = EXCELLENT live
    House of Cards = most underrated Radiohead song on IR. It’s great!

  • I know the guy who showed his nipples. Pretty much someone showered us with piss, and the nipple man flashed thom as at the time he had a jacket and no t-shirt on.
    Also i thought the crowd and public transport was appauling couldnt of asked for more from radiohead though

  • It was a great gig, despite the rain. Thom’s ‘down south’ comment was a little misjudged to be honest, even if meant with light intentions. Never thought I’d hear a crowd boo Radiohead! They made up for it though, with a great set and a great performance.

    I agree that the public transport after the gig was shocking, it took me over an hour to find a that would let me on. By the time I finally got one my all-day ticket had expired and I had to pay full price.

    Still it was a great night and Radiohead are still the best live band I’ve ever seen!

  • 06 Arpeggi/Weird Fishes? WTF is that? Is it so hard to spell the song properly at least once during the whole tour?

  • The boo was light-hearted and said with a joking tone, Ed started the booing..

  • […] show was really good. Ben tried to memorise the set list but I don’t know if he succeeded; here’s one on a fan site. The wonders of the internet! They played everything off the new album except House of Cards, which […]

  • what a perfect setlist this time!

  • […] setlist was superb. Majority of tracks were from In Rainbows but there was a couple from The Bends and OK Computer […]

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  • Setlist was close to perfection, absolutely wonderful set.

    Kudos also to Bat For Lashes, she was wonderful.

  • Martin
    June 28th, 2008

    stop talking out you arse, the crowd was loving it start to finish, and if you can’t handle some banter you probably should move down south, preferably somewhere half way between France and England.

  • I was there.
    It was the best live performance I’ve ever seen.
    The setlist was perfect.

  • I am a huge Radiohead fan – but are some fans not able to be even slightly critical? – a bad mind set . Glad someone wants me to move to The Channel Islands!!

  • By far the best gig I’ve ever been to the band were amazing. Setlist has pretty much everything I could have asked for and even my radioheadphobic girlfriend seemed to be enjoying herself, despite the weather.

    I have to say though I’m bloody glad I drove, from what I saw public transport was as horrendous as I feared. Parking was easy, right next to the venue and a nice warm car/heated seats were invaluable lol.

  • And the rain poured, not that I cared. Mind blowing genius the best gig I’ve ever been to well worth the 90 mile journey to get there

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