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Radiohead live in Amsterdam [live report]

The band continue their European tour back on the continent as they play at the Amsterdam Westerpark today, part of the ‘Live at Westerpark’ concert series.

Their last show in Amsterdam was on August 28th 2006. At the Heineken Music Hall Radiohead played the last show of their world tour playing new material which ended up on In Rainbows, released last year. Today, Radiohead soundchecked Everything In Its Right Place, Fake Plastic Trees and The Gloaming.


01 Bodysnatchers (Thom: “Cool Beans, Good Evening, Hi”)
02 All I Need
03 The National Anthem
04 15 Step (Thom: “Dankjewel”)
05 Lucky
06 Nude
07 Street Spirit
08 There There
09 The Gloaming
10 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
11 Idioteque
12 Faust Arp (Thom: “Lik Me Reet! – That’s rude Jonny. You can’t say that”)
13 Videotape
14 Just
15 Bangers and Mash (before song, Thom puts on safety goggles. Ed: “Hey, That’s the shit man” Thom: “That’s the shit right there brother”. Ed: “What you been smoking man?” Thom: “Safety First, Safety first. That’s what I always say. Safety First”. Hits glasses with drum sticks: “No Problem”. At the end of the song he falls over comically)
16. Everything In Its Right Place (Thom referring to his B+M tumble: “That’s showbizz folks. Thats what it’s like”)
17. Reckoner

Encore 1
18. House of Cards
19. Climbing Up The Walls
20. A Wolf At The Door
21. Jigsaw Falling Into Place (While Jonny is tuning his guitar… Thom: “Hurry up Jon Jon! – Play it like that – If you’re not in tune mate, you need to tune up. Well, it hasn’t stopped you before, has it?”)
22. Karma Police

Encore 2
23. Super Collider (Thom: “This is a new song. It’s called Super Collider”)
24. How To Disappear Completely
25. Planet Telex (Thom: “Thanks Everyone. So we’d very much like to thank Bat For Lashes for supporting us tonight. And for the past 4 weeks”. At end of show: “Thanks everybody. Thank you for coming. Danjewel”.)

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  • Yeah looking fwd 2 it! Waiting for the doors to open @ Ketelhuis across the park. They just soundchecked Bodysnatchers!

  • i wish i was there πŸ™

  • I can’t believe it’s nearly 2 years since that Amsterdam show!!!!

  • I smell new material for tonight!!!


  • ya they just soundchecked a new song–driving hard guitar–chorus goes like ‘I’m okay, how are you, thanks for asking, thanks for asking.’ really uptempo rocker. sounds great.

  • obvious troll etc

  • Pretty sure that’s palo alto.

  • Palo Alto!! OMG. That’s amazing!!

  • Too easy

  • My friend’s sister second cousin’s plumber told me that they soundcchecked a song that could not be dentified.


  • I would like to be there also, with all my heart…

  • encores to die for. though i still wouldn’t trade them for our lucky third encore xD

  • wow !

  • those encores are amazing, but no, i think i prefer lucky from manc, more epic than planet telex, only slightly.

  • Awesome opening with Bodysnatchers.

    Safey googles? wtf

  • climbing up the walls and a wolf at the door!

    thats nice, very nice …

  • Nice setlist.

    Almost as good as the LCCC setlist… can’t beat Lucky as a closer though. πŸ˜‰

  • Wow…nice setlist.

  • i just got home from the concert… it was really great!!

  • they played such a a fucking A version of the gloaming!!!

  • I was there, and it was fucking amazing. A dream come true. First time I’ve seen Radiohead live and already needing more…

  • it was great. but i can’t remember radiohead not playing paranoid android. i missed it slightly.

  • Excellent Encores πŸ™‚

  • They also soundchecked Just!

  • They complete my life.
    Ahhhhhh Wolf at the Door! πŸ˜›

  • Fine setlist

  • This is the best set they have done all tour! πŸ™‚ and I mean that this time. Better then the second Paris show!

  • aww… jon jon πŸ˜€

  • I love Bat for Lashes πŸ™‚

  • Great show, especially liked wolf at the door!!

  • It was the 3rd Radiohead show I attended but was by far the best in all aspects. Really loved it!!!

  • “Safety first …”

    lol, Love it

  • Jigsaw was fucken’ A

  • Omg, did they really soundcheck with Palo Alto? I wish I could’ve heard. Didn’t arrive untill Bat For Lashes’ soundcheck.

    But what an amazing show! This was my 4th and they just keep getting better and better. I did kinda miss Paranoid Android, but the freaky dancing and flashy lights made me forget about that. :p

  • Fantastic gig, thanks all you people I met at At Ease over there.. for the people who were there, I’m the guitar guy! Fantastic gig, perfect setlist, very great first radiohead gig!

  • super collider and a wolf at the door. if P A was included it would be juuuuuust fine

  • Oh my GOD, ‘Climbing Up the Walls’ AND ‘A Wolf at the Door’?! What a setlist!

  • Just got back from ‘Dam – Wicked gig!! Super Collider has changed in my opinion – sounded rubbish the first time I heard it (on youtube) but live at the event it was fantastic – has amazing potential.. AND! How to Disappear OMG !!! JOY JOY JOY!

  • I think the absolute highlight of the night was Climbing Up the Walls. Jonny started with a crazy orchestra sample he took from the radio. Wow, it was amazing …

  • it was like magic

  • Briliant performance, Nude was my favorite!!!

  • DAMN, one of the best setlists of the tour. Opening with Bodysnatchers and closing with Planet Telex?!?!?!

  • It was my fourth RH in 2 years (2xHMH and
    Pukkelpop)but it was the best by far. The
    only songs i missed were Fake Plastic Trees
    and Optimistic. Super Collider, Wolf At The Door,
    Street Spirit, Videotape and Jigsaw where my
    favorites. And the venue+sunshine made it
    a night to remember.

  • I found the first half a little too sleepy like bodysnatchers was slower etc., but from Just until the end it was AMAZING. I couldn’t hope Planet Telex and then bang they just play it.
    Jigsaw was the best live version I heard so far. No kidding. Wolf atthe door was brilliant too.
    I would’ve traded the gloaming for up on the ladder or down is the new up though, too bad they never ever play those. They’re the best of the In rainbows CD1/CD2 combo.

  • That second encore is pretty good

  • Hey, we spotted Michael Stipe at the concert. He was sitting in the tower in front of the stage. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

  • It was incredibly amazing, better than any drug..

    Thank You Radiohead..!

    ‘Everything In It’s Right Place’ and ‘Reckoner’ MP3:

  • Great show. I’m still on high about it.

    Here are some movies I’ve made (great sound if I say so myself). And yes, climbing up the walls is there.

  • fifth time I sat them. they seem to get even better everytime. First time on the pot during a RH gig and it made it even more beautiful and intense…but I did have a hard day at work the day after..;)

  • First time Radiohead for me, it was unbelievable…
    Fantastic gig.

    @ Weird~Fish:
    OMG 😐 you got more ?

  • I was there. Great to be able to type that. Yes Radiohead did great as expected, but just as wonderful were the Dutch people. What a great group. Very well behaved, but also they know how to party, dance, get into it, etc. Everything was perfectly organized. My wife and I were able to walk around the floor area with no problem – strange to have such easy access when there are so many people. As such, it was a joy to be able to see and hear RH from various angles. The weather couldn’t have been better. The vibe was amazing. There were loads of folks just outside the concert area on the surrounding hills also enjoying the show. The park location seemed to be right in the middle of a neighborhood. Very interesting indeed. The Dutch and Radiohead – awesome combo!

  • you are so right!

  • wow, seriously epic gig. my fourth radiohead one now, manchester on sunday was my 3rd and they just get better and better. i really didnt think they could beat the 3 encores of manc but htdc, planet telex, cutw and wolf at the door were unbelievable

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